A couple weeks back when Mitzi sent me photos from her wedding I was speechless. The sheer beauty and perfection of everything blew me away and to think she planned it in just two weeks. Funny enough, I receive many frantic emails from many to-be-brides with weddings happening in under a month and they all seem to gravitate towards this bell sleeve hippie lace dress. Mitzi chose it in the true white and it is just perfect on her. Prior to her wedding she had emailed me and told me she received the dress and was in love with it. I remember her telling me that when she tried it on her mom cried. I might have felt a tear or two fall down my face when I read that, it was so beautiful I thought. I have a tender heart and so when I hear these type of stories, I tear up and get a bit mushy.

So, here are the photos to enjoy. Once I learned that Mitzi was an artistic and talented song-writer, I immediately understood why a traditional cookie-cutter would not match her style. Her wedding defines everything I adore about a bohemian styled wedding. It is simple yet stylish, it is fun and unique, and it has a free-spirited vibe to it. I am in love with her flowy freely done hair and how she highlights it with fresh blooms. This goes without saying, but I will add it anyways, I think her crochet lace dream-ers dress is luscious and oozes the 70s free-spirited hippie look adding culture and depth to her special day.

Did you notice her barefoot? This is a rad detail that I am in love with. I am so in love with it all. Special thank you to Mitzi for sharing the beauty of your big-day with us, and for choosing the dream-ers hippie styled lace dress.