Our new arrival – the sleeveless ivory lace maxi dress with deep v ruffled neckline- has me thinking of destination weddings. This dress is perfect for the bride planning a non-traditional wedding, and therefore needing alternative wedding dresses. Before becoming an accidental dress designer, I always associated destination weddings with clear blue seas and lustrous white sand. I now know the difference, and that it spans more than the beach, and the options are endless. Destination weddings include picturesque hillsides, romantic country sides, and the ever popular Las Vegas.


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I personally love the ocean, because of my childhood ties, I am from the tropics, and grew up witnessing many brides flying to the island for their dream weddings. So for me, this would be my destination of choice. In fact, many modern brides, who have destination weddings, usually choose a city that either them or the groom, might have grew up in or lived in for a long time.


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Other reasons why destination weddings are popular to most who goes this route is the intimacy. I think it is so amazing, that you invite your closest friends and families, and have them spend the next few days after the wedding with you in a vacation-like setting. Not only will the wedding be memorable, but the relaxing time spent together will draw everyone that much closer. As a bonus, once everyone goes home, the newlyweds can stay at the destination for a while longer and have their honeymoon there without any additional cost. I have been to a few destination weddings, and they are the ones that creates the feeling of nostalgia for me. They are truly special.

Now that I have made the case for why every bride should have a destination wedding, it might read that way, but that wasn’t the intent:-), lets talk about the dress that prompted this post. This dress like most of the dresses from the dreamers line is made in a gorgeous and timeless cotton guipure lace, and this one in particular has a romantic feel, due to the pretty ruffled neckline, and this one is notably more plunge than our very popular long sleeved lace version, shown directly below. This dress like many of the others are available to be purchased in size XS through XL, however, we offer a CUSTOM MADE option, and this is available to you at no additional cost. As a special note, all of our sheer cotton guipure lace dresses comes with a nude stretch slip liner, it is sent with the dress, but not sewn in the dress. We do this because we understand that not all brides will wear the dress with a slip. On the other hand, if you would prefer to have the lining sewn in, then we will happily accommodate your request.


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One of my lovely clients purchased the long sleeves ivory-colored lace dress for her destination wedding, and then purchased the ever popular boho bell-sleeved mini dress for her bridesmaids. If you choose to go with a similar option, then the dress can be dyed in any color you choose. Also larger bridesmaid orders do qualify for a discount. If that is an option you are considering, then send us an email, you can do so, by clicking the link here. Below is a photo of the lace bell sleeve mini dress. I think it is GENIUS to use this as a bridesmaid dress, especially for a non-traditional wedding. I am assuming if you are reading this , you or a loved one, are probably planning a fabulous destination wedding.


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the perfect destination wedding bridesmaid dress?

I love everything destination wedding, and the pictures below are inspirational photos that I think would be complementary for a destination wedding.


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Are you planning a destination wedding? We would love to hear about it. What kind of alternative wedding dresses do you have in mind?


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