The Ethereal Journey of Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

The Ethereal Journey of Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

A Match Made in Dreams: The Unforgettable Experience at Dreamers & Lovers

When a bride steps through the doors of Dreamers & Lovers, she steps into a haven designed to bring her dreams to life. The testimonial from our grateful bride, Denise, resonates deeply:

“Dreamers & Lovers is everything and more! I am so blessed to have crossed paths with them and chosen their wedding dress for my special day. They went above and beyond for me, so I can never repay them. The dress is unmatched – comfortable, stunning, and unique. The staff is warm, welcoming, and accommodating to your personal vision. You feel right at home there. I love them so much! I can’t thank everyone enough for making my dream wedding dress.”

This heartfelt sentiment echoes the brand’s commitment to making each bride’s experience exceptional, from the warm embrace of the staff to the moment she gazes upon her reflection in the mirror, adorned in a dress that is an extension of her soul.


The Callista Dress: A Canvas of Dreams and Love

Among the enchanting dresses that grace the racks of Dreamers & Lovers, the Callista dress holds a story that beautifully exemplifies the brand’s philosophy. Bride Denise’s words illuminate the connection between her and the dress:

“‘Callista’ was my chosen wedding dress before I knew she existed. As soon as I stepped into her, a moment flashed before my eyes of my husband seeing me on our wedding day for the first time. ‘Callista’ made me feel effortless, timeless, serene, and peaceful.”

In these words, the essence of the Callista dress comes alive – a gown that doesn’t just dress a bride but intertwines her vision, dreams, and love story. The bride reveals, “There is a reason I found ‘Callista’ at Dreamers & Lovers. For she represented the dress of a dreamer, me, and the vision of a lover, my husband.”

Empowering Freedom and Self-Expression

At the heart of Dreamers & Lovers lies a profound belief in the importance of freedom and self-expression. Every bride possesses a unique story that deserves to be told authentically. The brand’s ethereal dresses are more than just fabric and lace; they become a canvas for every free-spirited bride to paint her own portrait.

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress

Dreamers & Lovers’ vision is that every bride should have the freedom to be herself, to choose a dress that reflects her most authentic essence, and to embrace her individuality on her most special day. The Callista dress is just one example of how a dress can transcend its material form and become a manifestation of dreams, love, and authenticity.

Rental Wedding Dresses That are Guaranteed to Please, Think Comfort & Ease

Rental Wedding Dresses That are Guaranteed to Please, Think Comfort & Ease

Say Heck-Yeah to Dreamy & Affordable Style: The Benefits of Wedding Dress Rental

Are you a unique bride looking for the perfect wedding dress rental option for your big day? Do you want to make a statement with an amazing, nontraditional dress without paying the total price tag? Look no further than our wedding dress rentals! Our California-based company offers the ease, convenience, affordability, and peace of mind that comes with renting your wedding dress. We’ve made renting a wedding dress so easy by offering you the option of trying on the dress before making it official. The in-studio or at-home try-on experience eliminates the guesswork of whether your wedding dress will suit you. You know the exact fit of the dress you will receive for your special day. You can try the gown in our showroom in Southern California. Another detail to love is that we make all our wedding dresses locally in our Torrance, California, design studio. Our rental wedding dresses are of the same high-quality Dreamers & Lovers have been known for since we first opened in 2012.




Unconventional Brides Celebrate: Our Rental Wedding Dresses Offer Comfort and Unique Designs

Renting your wedding dress has many benefits, especially if you are a bride planning a nontraditional wedding. Whether planning an outdoor wedding, adventurous elopement, or intimate wedding, our rental wedding dresses will provide a gown that perfectly fits your unconventional wedding. Brides like you fall in love with the comfort level of our dresses. They love the super unique designs, and the laces are cotton, soft, and easy to move around. If you plan on moving around loads for photos, dancing, and just having fun, Dreamers & Lovers rental wedding dresses are for you! Our best selling Hayley wedding  dress rental is the ideal dress to frolic around in, in the outdoors. The silks are breathable and breathtaking. Comfortable, dreamy wedding dresses are all that we do.

Affordability, Convenience & Ease: The Benefits of Renting a Wedding Dress

  One of the main benefits of renting a wedding dress is affordability. The thought process from many of the brides we speak to is, “Why spend thousands of dollars on a dress I’ll only wear once when I can rent one for a fraction of the price?” For brides on a budget, renting a wedding dress is the route. Some brides dream about storing their wedding dress and putting it on yearly for their anniversary. The decision is personal, and most brides buy more than they rent, but the rental is the perfect solution if you have a wedding budget that exceeds the price tag of the dress you fall in love with. Our rental options are a great way to stay on budget without sacrificing style.

Renting Wedding Dresses Gives You Options

Not only is renting affordable, but it’s also convenient. If you are a bride eloping and need a dress in a week, renting a wedding dress from Dreamers & Lovers could be a dream come true. We encourage brides renting their dresses to commit to the rental online, as rentals are subject to availability. If another bride has chosen your dream dress in your size and with a similar wedding date, your dress may be unavailable. We offer two rental options: a 4-day rental and a 7-day rental. The two turnaround options are great because some brides may have a destination wedding and need more time to return the dress to Dreamers & Lovers California studio.

From Showroom to Rental: How Our California-Based Company Is Listening to Brides’ Needs

At our California-based company, we’re all about connecting with our brides, and listening to their dreams, wants, and needs. After working intimately with brides directly in our California showrooms and online, many said they wish we would offer rentals. We were still determining what that would be like logistically. We’re happy we listened and trusted because near and far brides have used our wedding dress rentals. We’re the first bridal company in the boho/bohemian bridal space offering rental wedding dresses, and we are excited that we can provide this dream for our brides. We want to ensure you stand out on your special day, and renting a unique wedding dress is the perfect way.


Renting a Dress is Easy and Stree-Free

Our rental process is easy and stress-free. We ship our rental wedding dresses from California throughout the U.S., so you don’t have to worry about visiting a physical store. You can browse our online selection of rental wedding dresses and find the perfect one for your big day. Once you find your fave or favorites, you can use our home try-on, where you can try wedding dresses at home. Don’t let the stress of finding the perfect wedding dress detract from the magic of planning for your special day. Renting a wedding dress from our California-based company will give you the ease, convenience, affordability, and peace of mind to make your wedding day unforgettable. Give it a try. Try renting a wedding dress today and experience the freedom and creativity it provides.


Rent Your Dream Wedding Dress Today

“Renting my wedding dress from Dreamers & Lovers was the easiest decision I could have made. I used the extra money I saved towards my dream Italian honeymoon. My photos are stunning, and I will always have the memories from my wedding in my gorgeous Ruth gown. Thank you D&L for making this girl’s dreams come true. What a brilliant service!” – Bride Ali who wore the Ruth Wedding Dress Rental

YAYA LACE AND SILK WEDDING DRESS - Cotton Lace & Silk Flowy Wedding Gown

Small Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas: A Beautiful Intimate Ceremony in a State Park

Small Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas: A Beautiful Intimate Ceremony in a State Park


Despite the challenge of planning everything in just two months, newly-wed Kalyn and her husband managed to pull it off and had their dream wedding. They chose a beautiful state park in Florida as their venue and had incredible vendors like a vintage cocktail camper bar, a VW photo booth bus, and a wood-fired pizza food truck. The bride’s favorite vendor was their photographer, which shows through their breathtaking photos. The couple advises future brides not to be afraid of doing things a little untraditionally to make their wedding day more intimate and stress-free. Kudos for sharing with brides-to-be how to plan a small wedding. Read on for unique small non-traditional wedding ideas and the bride’s perfect wedding dress for a small wedding.


In middle school, they were just friends. In high school, they started dating. And after years of love, fun dating, and commitment, he proposed to Kalyn at a stunning hotel on the Gulf of Mexico just a few days before they moved across the country. Their wedding planning was different than most. They only had two months to plan everything before the big day, which took a lot of work. They were determined to have vendors they truly respected and liked, and they pulled it off.







The couple had always dreamed of having an intimate wedding ceremony with only their immediate family present. When it’s your dream to have an intimate wedding, you must quickly become an expert on how to plan a small wedding. Questions start swirling in your head, like, “how to plan a small wedding?” “How much does a small wedding cost?” “Where to have a small wedding?”


“When we knew I needed to get a dress and get one fast, I thought it wasn’t an option. Luckily I could get a standard-size gown right in time for our event.”

The couple chose a beautiful state park in Florida, Anderson Park, Tarpon Springs, as their venue. It was a hidden gem in their hometown, surrounded by beautiful woodland. For her dress, the bride had always loved the Dawn dress she saw on Pinterest and Instagram a few years ago before she was engaged. To her surprise, she found the perfect shop, Dreamers & Lovers. She made an appointment in the Venice, CA, location, just an hour from where she lived. She tried on several dresses but fell in love with the Samantha dress, which made her and her mother emotional. The perfect wedding dress for her small wedding pairs with the venue beautifully, and the sleeves and fit are incredibly striking on Kalyn.



Their vendors were unique and perfect for their special day. They had a vintage cocktail camper bar, a VW photo booth bus, a wood-fired pizza food truck caterer, an event stylist, and a ceremony photographer who understood the assignment of capturing once-in-a-lifetime dreams. The bride’s favorite vendor was their photographer. She went above and beyond to capture their day perfectly, exceeding all expectations.



Their wedding day had too many beautiful memories to recall, but the one that stood out the most to the bride was seeing her husband at the end of the aisle. (It’s refreshing to hear this from Kalyn because we listen to it consistently from brides when describing the most unforgettable part of their day) She felt blissful and at peace on her special day, surrounded by her loved ones. They had written their vows, which were sweet and personal, making them both cry as they read their promises to each other.




The couple advises future brides to be confident in doing things a little untraditionally. Having only their immediate family present for their ceremony made it much more intimate and special, allowing them to be fully present in the moment without any stress. As for what’s next for them, they have an adorable ten-month-old baby and are enjoying parenthood. They hope to have a honeymoon after the 2023 football season ends, continuing their journey together as husband and wife. Thanks to the couple for sharing how they planned their small wedding and their non-traditional wedding ideas. What a stunning couple and family! We wish them continued love and pure joy.





PHOTOGRAPHER: Charlotte Hoos Photography

DRESS: Dreamers & Lovers Samantha Bell Sleeve Wedding Dress

VENUE: Anderson Park, Tarpon Springs

BAR: Vintage Cocktail Camper


FOOD TRUCK CATERER: Corvo Bianco Wood Fired Pizza

EVENT STYLING: The Orange Styling




Walking on Clouds: Low Heel and Flat Comfortable Wedding Shoes

Walking on Clouds: Low Heel and Flat Comfortable Wedding Shoes


Are you a bride-to-be on the hunt for comfy wedding shoes? When it comes to your wedding day, comfort is key! At Dreamers & Lovers, we craft our business model around comfort. All of our wedding dresses must pass the comfort test. The funny thing is when you think of a wedding dress or shoes, the tradition is anti-comfort. The famous saying comes to mind, ‘beauty is pain.’ The reality is brides no longer have to suffer from being beautiful. Modern brides have choices. As a bride, you want to enjoy every moment of your special day without worrying about sore feet or blisters. Having the best day requires you to find the perfect comfortable wedding shoes that will keep you feeling good from the walk down the aisle to the last dance of the night.

The shoe should be the ideal accessory that looks great in wedding photos and pair well with the dress, but you shouldn’t be aware of them. In the perfect pair, there is no rubbing or breaking in, or blistering. Some brides will opt for a higher heel for the ceremony and later switch to a more comfortable pair. If you get lucky and find a comfortable pair, such as a comfy flat wedding shoe that looks incredible, you can wear it for the ceremony, reception, and even your honeymoon. During fittings in our wedding dress studio, we often see brides with flats they hope won’t show underneath their dresses. They either are not fans of walking in heels, are taller than their fiance, or just never like stilettos. We usually encourage these brides to choose beautiful flat wedding shoes because even though the dress covers the shoe, it does show as you take steps. Why not find the perfect pair? Remember how we mention that comfort is our business model? Yup, we designed both the ideal low-heel wedding shoes and comfy flat wedding shoes in three colors..


Dreamers & Lover’s Luna Lace-Up Low Heel Wedding Shoes for Comfortable and Unique Bridal Style

A low-heel wedding shoe is perfect if you’re not used to walking in high heels. Low heel wedding shoes provide just the right amount of lift without sacrificing comfort. The Dreamers & Lover’s Luna lace-up style dotted mesh shoe is an excellent option for brides who want to add a touch of elegance to their look while still keeping their feet comfortable.
The dotted mesh material looks beautiful, allows your feet to breathe, and prevents them from getting too sweaty or overheated. The lace-up design of the shoe ensures a secure fit and prevents your foot from slipping forward. The low heel makes it easy to move around and dance the night away without discomfort. Whether you wear a bohemian or a traditional wedding dress, this shoe style works excellently. Many non Dreamers & Lovers brides have worn the Luna and loved it with their wedding dresses. This thoughtfully designed pair boasts leather soles, upper, and cushioned insole. It is literally the ultimate comfortable wedding shoe for a bride. Available in both off-white and nude colorways. Brides generally pair the off-white with a white or off-white wedding dress, regardless of the liner color of the dress. Many brides choose the nude color with dresses with champagne or flesh-colored liners. The nude is neutral and will go with any color wedding dress you select because of its versatility.





Satin Flat Wedding Sandals with Ankle Wrap Ribbon for Comfortable and Stylish Bridal Footwear

A satin sandal with ankle wrap satin ribbon is a perfect option if you prefer a flat shoe. Flat wedding sandals offer the ultimate comfort and ease of movement, making them an excellent choice for beach weddings or outdoor ceremonies. While some flat leather sandals can come off as being too casual, a luxe fabric like Italian satin will elevate the look.
The satin material of the Dreamers & Lovers Arielle flat wedding sandal is soft to the touch and gentle on your feet. The ankle wrap satin ribbon provides extra support
and ensures the sandal stays securely on your foot. The security the wide satin ribbon straps offer is critical if you plan to dance the night away! It’s your wedding and a big party, so we’ll vote that you will dance the night away. Your feet will thank you for this. The flat sole also provides a stable base for walking, allowing you to move gracefully and confidently throughout your wedding day. While the sole is flat, there is more support than in a satin slipper. The sole is leather, so it is a substantial shoe that will have excellent wear. The simple and elegant design of the satin sandal with ankle wrap satin ribbon complements any wedding dress. Whether your wedding dress is minimalist silk, tea-length, or romantic lace, you will wear the Arielle in dreamy shoe territory. The shoe’s versatility means you can wear it again for other special occasions. We suggest wearing it on your honeymoon and to all the fun dinners you will have. Available in various colors, you’re sure to find the perfect flat wedding sandals to suit your style. r.




-Ivory satin
– Nude-colored satin (think champagne colored)
– Off-white satin
Price at time of writing: $135
Available sizes US 6-11.








-Ivory-dotted mesh
– Off-white dotted mesh
Price at time of writing: $168
Available sizes US 6 – 11.

Both pairs are available to purchase on Dreamers & Lovers website.




Dreamy Bohemian Destination Wedding in Taos, New Mexico: A Couple’s Dream Comes True in an Outdoor Ceremony and a Magical Lace Dress

Dreamy Bohemian Destination Wedding in Taos, New Mexico: A Couple’s Dream Comes True in an Outdoor Ceremony and a Magical Lace Dress


Andrew and Amanda met in Albuquerque and married seven years later in Taos, New Mexico. Their wedding is epic! Browsing their photo gallery was like being transported into a bohemian wedding dream. The wedding fits the couple’s personality perfectly. From the cake to the bride’s hair to the venue. What an amazing venue! It’s filled with divine colors, textures, and an earthy Spanish vibe! Amanda found her dream bohemian wedding dress on the Dreamers and Lovers website. Their ceremony was quick (because it had to be), with the couple writing their vows and a close friend officiating. There were 150 guests, a 3-tier cheesecake (yummmm) made by Amanda’s mother and grandmother, and a close friend playing guitar. Dream wedding alert! The biggest challenge for the couple was planning the wedding from 2000 miles away without a wedding planner, but they managed to overcome it. They planned the wedding while living in Oregon. The couple plans to move back to New Mexico. Amanda and Anthony’s marriage proves that while a destination wedding can be challenging to plan, it can also be fun and adventurous.


Andrew & Amanda Met at a Bar

Andrew and Amanda met at a bar on a Tuesday night in Albuquerque. It was Amanda’s first night out after moving to the city to attend graduate school, and they had just finished their first day of classes. Amanda celebrated with two classmates, who eventually became their best friends and bridesmaids at their wedding. Andrew claims it was his 1001st night at the bar, and he finally found what he was looking for. Yay, the bar visits paid off. The two of them bonded over their love for Taos, and seven years later, they got married in Taos.





The Couple Gets Engaged on Scenic Drive in Portland

The couple got engaged in December 2021 while driving to Amanda’s parent’s house to celebrate her stepdad’s birthday and later attend a holiday party with college friends in Portland. Andrew preferred taking the scenic route, which added two more hours to the trip, but Amanda agreed due to the excitement for the weekend of celebrations. After the first big snow of the season, they stopped at a parking lot to hike out to a waterfall, but due to the heavy snow, they decided to visit a closer one. Amanda turned around as the sun was setting and shining through the clouds to see Andrew down on one knee in the snow, proposing. It was a perfect moment, made even better by the opportunity to celebrate with their family and friends over the weekend.





A Personal and Intimate Wedding Dress Fitting Experience

Amanda started searching for her wedding dress online after her engagement. She had a specific vision. She was looking for a lace dress with an open back and not a high neck. Her search led her from Pinterest to Etsy and eventually to the Dreamers and Lovers website. Initially, Amanda was planning to try on dresses at home, using D&L home try-on service (Yes, that’s a thing) but decided to use flight credits to make a trip instead. The fitting process ‘exceeded her expectations,’ as it was personal and intimate, just as she had hoped wedding dress shopping would be.




Their Dream Wedding Comes to Life with the Help of Talented Vendors and Family Members

The couple’s photographer David Jesse and his second shooter were terrific and resourceful to have the day of the event. The photographer team helped Andrew and Amanda keep things moving, get the photos they wanted, and ensure the day went well. The couple had a local distiller (Rolling Stills) who did their bar and provided an excellent bar while keeping everything within their budget. Amanda raved about the fantastic bartenders, and the couple was happy to have them there. Our wedding cake was a 3 tier cheesecake made by my mom and my grandmother. The wedding toppers were handmade dolls that resembled the couple to replicate those Amanda’s parents had on their wedding cake. What a tremendous sentimental touch! The pair had a close friend play guitar for the ceremony. They sent him some songs, and he created his rendition, which was perfect. Most of the flowers for the wedding were from Amanda’s grandmother’s neighbor. She has a Dahlia farm and used to sell flowers at the farmers market but has stopped doing that for the past couple of years. She gave the couple ALL of the flowers, which was just amazing. Wow, that is an incredible gift!


Amanda’s Advice to Other Brides

“The small details probably don’t matter. Find the meaningful things to be there and spend money or time on those. The little kitschy thing you pick up at Target and spend more than you should probably isn’t worth it.”

MORE INSPIRATION: Laura and Ryan’s Countryside Wedding


Planning a Destination Wedding and the Challenges of Distance and Lack of Professional Help

The biggest challenge for the couple was trying to plan a wedding that was 2000 miles from where they lived without the help of a wedding planner. Andrew and Amanda showed up in New Mexico a week before the wedding, and there was a TON of stuff they had to do really quickly. Amanda admits some of the tasks did not get done, but in retrospect, those things really just didn’t matter.



The Next Chapter Unfolds in New Mexico?

The newlyweds are currently living in Oregon. They are hoping to move back to New Mexico to be closer to their family and community and start to build a family of their own.





PHOTOGRAPHER: David Jesse Photo

Taos, New Mexico Distiller: Rolling Still