The maxi dress is a crucial player in a woman’s wardrobe, it is versatile, most can be worn year-round depending on where you live, but also importantly how it is styled. Have you ever had one of those days where you stare in your overstuffed closet, and you just had nothing to wear? If you are like me, then you have had way more than one of those days.

Next time you are having one of those days, reach for your maxi dress, you will be pleased how chic you’ll look in a flash. Here on this blog, and in my online store, I am always stressing the importance of effortless chic, and the maxi dress should be filed in that category.


99.99% of people will look incredible in a maxi dress…..I was tempted to write 100%, but I know there is that 0.01% who has sworn off wearing one, and maybe they are reading, so I digress. This does not mean that I am convinced otherwise. Chances are the people who believe they are the exception, are probably choosing an unflattering print, length, or inappropriate weight. I hate to get this technical because, it should be effortless, and it is, but there are a few guidelines to note, especially if you are petite, tall, etc…..anything outside of the ‘average’. Also note, I am way outside of the average being 6 feet tall, so you get the drift.


As a petite woman, you may have being told, or may have thought that you would look best NOT wearing a maxi dress…myth. Yes, this is a myth. The reason why this myth has become somewhat a mainstay, is based on the notion that petite women looks best with at least three inches of their leg showing, while this may be partially true, it does not disqualify you looking flawless and sumptuous in a maxi. The key here is to choose a light and breathable fabric. Chunkier knits, or heavier fabrics may not be the most flattering, but think a ethereal boho maxi dress, or a close fitting soft viscose draped jersey number. This would be so luxurious and chic. Furthermore, maxi dresses are known for creating the illusion of being taller, so if you don’t mind looking a bit taller, then I would say it’s a go. It is also advisable to choose a pattern or cut with a vertical orientation. Generally speaking, petite women looks irresistible in monochrome designs, and a deep, and if you are daring enough, a plunging neckline version.

As a tall woman, the maxi dress should be your best clothes friend…it is definitely one of mine. The maxi floor-length skirt is still reigning supreme in my closet……although, the tug of war continues. As pointed out before, a maxi dress will make you appear even taller, especially when worn in a monochromatic color, this is a great thing, although not all tall woman will favor this. If you are one such tall woman, you may need to take this in to consideration. Tall woman may also find that adding a belt balances the waist and creates a flawless silhouette. Being tall, you are able to wear ultra full silhouettes and really fun frills, ruffles, and prints.

Plus size women should embrace and own a selection of maxi dresses, as they are uber flattering. Many maxi dresses are ethereal and flowy, and this would make for a flattering fit on a plus size woman. You will be pleased with how these dresses will minimize the hips and legs, and creating a fabulous silhouette. Like tall women, adding a belt around the narrowest portion of your waist will heighten the wow factor. Finally, choose a print that is larger, rather then teeny tiny ones, and when choosing solids, darker colors are always a winner.


If you are a woman of the average proportions, then chances are you own quite a few maxi dresses, and now you are thinking of adding more to your collection. In this case, visit our online store for an array of maxi dresses, both vintage and new.

Every body type will benefit from knowing that a maxi dress does not mean dressy, it can, and should be also worn casual as well. It looks great worn layered, or wearing with a more sensible high heel, with flats for a more casual look, or with boots for a boho flair.


Do you own quite a few maxi dresses, and do you agree with the above guidelines?