Casual Lace Wedding Dress Anyone? | Dreamers and Lovers

Breathtaking, amazing, vintage-inspired, 1970s, boho, hippie-chic are all precise words to describe our new lace dress. This dress is the epitome of quality and uniqueness. Funny enough, when my pattern-making team was presented with this design, one of them quickly said, this dress is the GEM of your collection. I am bias as I am the designer and I do think all pieces are museum worthy:-) This lace dress with its 1970s hippie bohemian feel immediately captures the attention, as it has a distinct look to it.

First, this dress is ultra, ultra, ultra special, if for no other reason, the time it took to make from start to finish. I remember when we were ‘auditioning’ one of our seamstresses, (yes, seamstresses goes through audition too, in LA it’s not just models and actors, everyone is auditioning here;-), we gave her this dress to make, and just by looking at it, she said “I can make it exactly like your sample”. My husband, aka, my business partner and I were relieved we had found someone with superb talent, because two seamstresses prior to her FAILED miserably at this dress. Needless to say, they didn’t get cast for the job. Well, when we went back three days later to review the final product, we were stunned, we were unable to tell the dresses apart. The dress she made and the sample were identical. Well, she was happy that we were happy, but, after the short-lived happiness faded, she shared with us how complicated the dress was to make, even using our pattern. She said it took her three days to ‘perfect it’.


The fact that it took her three days, and two other ‘experienced’ seamstresses failed at perfection, we thought, maybe this dress would be too complicated and costly, and we even discussed possibly not including it in our line-up of lace dresses. We are happy to report that not only has our seamstress ‘owned’ the technique, we now have another two seamstresses who are champions of this lace dress. We were beyond elated that we were able to keep the price of the dress very competitive at $325. This is the beauty of selling directly to the public, versus wholesaling, we are able to keep our prices competitive. Shown here in ivory, it is also available in black, and is available in two sizes – XS/Small and Medium/Large. Follow the link to see the measurements and other details of this patchwork lace dress.

For this amazing vintage-inspired dress, it is crafted from 100% cotton lace, 100% cotton for the solid portions, and the two contrasting lace trim used throughout, is also made from cotton. The bell sleeves are nothing short of AH-MAZING, and the overall workmanship makes this dress a true gem.

I am sure we could have had this mass-produced in China, but I am even more sure this dress would be sub-par and lackluster, and much of the home-made details which contributes to the uniqueness, would be lost. Beyond that, I might never have known how truly talented and persistent my seamstresses are.

As with all of our lace dresses for women, this would make a stunning casual lace wedding dress. It is the answer for the girl in search of quality, one-of-a-kind design, and at a fair price.

Do you agree that this is a fabulous choice for a casual lace wedding dress?