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The Light Behind Lumina – Boho Simple Wedding Dresses

The Light Behind Lumina – Boho Simple Wedding Dresses

Our Lumina collection is exclusive surprise with just six styles. I’m so excited to share this new line with you, featuring styles, which evoke romance and the effortless spirit of boho. Easy-going brides opting for a relaxed, intimate wedding, with a finish that’s still chic, will be in love with these dresses.

This collection marks a break from D&L tradition; we’ve chosen to keep things fresh throughout the year, with a series of mini-collections instead of the annual large collection to which we’ve grown accustomed. This just feels right and authentic to whom we are as a brand.

On the subject of sizes, it can be so easy to fall into a groove, thinking, without realizing you’re doing it.  In retrospect, I don’t understand why we listed our sizes as 0-14, when in reality we create size 16 and 18 on a regular basis for so many of our brides.

That’s why, the Lumina collection is our first collection where our samples will be offered in sizes 2-18. It feels so good to do the right thing and while I know that there are many sizes we aren’t covering, unfortunately change does take time, and this will be something I will be keeping in mind going forward.


The design for this collection was slightly different. Rather than create a storyline, and then design each dress to fit in to that story, we created each style individually. The only constant was the dresses each had to fit in the narrative of the easygoing bohemian bride. I took many of our best selling favorites, tweaked their silhouette, expressed them in different fabrics and most importantly worked on getting the best possible fit for each design.


A core focus during our creation of Lumina was achieving the most flattering fit for each style. I worked diligently with my team to perfect the fit of the foundation garment; while bride-to-be’s visiting our design studio/showroom, employees, and friends tried the garments in different sizes…we literally studied each fit. This is the part we can never get wrong that remained the same in this collection.

Designing this collection felt enlightening and liberating.  I’m a self-taught designer, who went to school for Fashion Merchandising rather than design. Interestingly, my first ever collection, which I created some 5.5 years ago, was designed similarly to this one… and I loooooved it. No formal approach taken, just on a mission to create the best fitting, romantic and gorgeous silhouette I could dream up. I certainly hope that Lumina excites you as much as it does me.

The Styles of the Lumina Simple Wedding Dresses

Our new Anais is a spin-off of our best selling Azalea, with that same defined waist and that ephemeral and romantic lace that is now synonymous with the Dreamers & Lovers brand. Our Chloe and Audrey dresses are both a nod to our Catherine and Julia dresses, only, with the added long sleeves that so many brides have been requesting.  I personally love the closed back but with the sheer lace…it really is magic in dress form.



The new Claire is an extension of our Clover and Arabelle dresses, some of the very first designs I ever created. The new Hazel is a dress that’s lived in my dreams forever and is finally getting her day, it has the same defined waist as Azalea, only, I added a ruched waistband, a split second decision made after seeing the first sample on our bust form.

The Grace dress is actually a dress I tried to introduce about three years ago, but it failed, the fabrics just didn’t synergize. Perhaps it was just not the right timing, but now I’m confident it is. Hazel, Claire and Audrey all combine lace bodices with silk skirts, an ensemble brides have expressed heightened interest in over the years.

At the dawn of our Dreamers & Lovers journey, I designed our dresses, photographed them, blogged about it and would rant about the how and the why. It has been a few years since I’ve done that and I wanted to return to that time. If you’ve made it this far through my ranting today; thank you!

Our Inspiration

My inspiration is always our bride…we see her as a fun-loving freethinker. She loves the outdoors, to dream and to love and, as it should be, her wedding is an extension of who she is and of her life. It was for this reason that I opted out of a non-model for this shoot. Instead I found the sweetest girl, who was like so many of the girls I meet in the studio everyday, so full of life, love and laughter. Someone who, like so many of my brides, celebrates what it means to embrace the bohemian way of life.

Amelia was just that and after working with her on the shoot, I fell in love with her even more, and saw our brides in her eyes. She is a fun-loving student at Pepperdine, who loves to travel, and loves taking on creative pursuits.  Most of all she was laid-back and real, just like the brides I design for.


We hope you will love the Lumina collection. I chose the name Lumina on a tip from a friend, and fell in love with its meaning, simply light!!

Final Thoughts

Lumina’s laid-back wedding dresses are a symphony of laces and silks, rich and decadent yet ethereal in weight and wearability. These are bohemian wedding dresses through and through. We are sensory beings, inspired by what we see in the mirror, what we feel against our skin and how it makes us move; how our image becomes a conductor of sentiments to the people we interact with.


Lumina won’t let you forget for a minute that you’re doing all this for love, she will be soft, she will be gentle, she will enrich the soul of the world and those who cross our paths with love that feels its own timelessness. Illuminate your love with the spirit of boho, speak in poetry and never forget that real love rules the world.

Love and Light.


PHOTOGRAPHER: Christine Ta – For Love and Light – @forloveandlight on Instagram



Dancing on Cloud Nine

Dancing on Cloud Nine

Dancing On Cloud Nine – The Vision Behind our New Collection

Some time ago, I happened to come across an early photograph of that unforgettable and seemingly ageless icon of fashion and music, the outspoken, daring and exquisite Cher. She was flaunting a statuesque, paneled gown and had an air about her: as if she felt that she owned the room. More than usual in that old photograph, she conveyed a timeless elegance, in a style so extra-ordinary but still so complimentary. You could never put Cher in a box, she was and remains undeniably her own.


I want you to feel like you’re walking on Cloud Nine: that photograph was the inspiration that stirred this new Dreamers and Lovers Collection into being

The spirit of boho is a lot like the one I saw shining from her…laid back, authentic, creative and timeless. For me as a designer and kindred free spirit, I want our brides to be able to walk the aisle with the same confidence that Cher walked that red carpet all those years ago. I want you to feel like you’re walking on Cloud Nine: that photograph was the inspiration that stirred this new Dreamers and Lovers Collection into being.


this time I’ve focused on adding a touch of something extra, something that’s just as much a part of love: the element of seduction



We know that love is a multifaceted gem and probably the single most important emotion we’ll ever have the pleasure of experiencing. It’s a kind of light that I keep in my mind’s eye as I focus on my designs and when they’re finally worn by our brides, I hope that they’ll somehow convey my vision of that eternal diamond, of love. Beauty, youthfulness, comfort, freedom all these elements of love are elements incorporated into each of our Dreamers and Lovers Collections and Cloud Nine is no different…except that this time I’ve focused on adding a touch of something extra, something that’s just as much a part of love: the element of seduction.




The feeling of walking on Cloud Nine is the feeling being that much in love, seducing and being seduced by it’s colored luster, the intimacy love allows and the confidence we feel as a result of it. Seductiveness, confidence, intimacy…I expect you’ll see these elements shining through in this new line of boho wedding gowns. Embrace that confidence, be unapologetically feminine…that’s what this collection asks of you, become your own icon and express yourself, even if it’s just for one very special day.




Cloud Nine delivers that same attention to detail, the same top quality, lightweight and luxurious fabrics, the same consideration for comfort and the simplicity that has become synonymous with boho and Dreamers and Lovers. This time round though, we’re letting you flaunt a touch more of that shape that makes you a boho goddess and, of course, that skin which your groom-to-be can’t seem to get his hands off!



we’ve paid that little bit of extra consideration to the female form, it’s graceful curves and subtleties; it’s eternal spirit of seduction

With this collection, more so than our previous lines…we’ve paid that little bit of extra consideration to the female form, it’s graceful curves and subtleties; it’s eternal spirit of seduction.





Fine Art Photographer : Lara Lam
Creative Florist: Amy Nicole Floral
Boutique Vintage Rentals: Etablir

Rhapsody Collection – For the Boho bride

Rhapsody Collection – For the Boho bride


Rhapsody, the new line of simple boho wedding dresses from Dreamers and Lovers, is all about capturing the timeless feminine spirit in a way that’s unassuming, not contrived. It’s about romance and free will, the ability to run barefoot through the waves or even in the mud on your wedding day. ‘Anywhere the wind blows…’ just as the song says.


It’s a truly harmonious marriage of simplistic modern tailoring and the romance of classic bohemian elements, all handmade with luxurious vintage style boho fabrics. We’ve kept the laid back bride firmly in mind while designing this range, it’s all about lightweight, soft fabrics and cuts which enhance the features but allow for ultimate freedom of movement. We want our brides breathing and dancing and delighting in the ease and romance of it all, no constriction, scratchiness or discomfort.



These dresses aren’t glam or showy but beautifully feminine, in luxurious silks and flowing laces, just light enough to catch the wind and look enchanting doing so. We’ve spared our brides the excessive, oh-so-overdone detailing that’s standard traditional fare in bridal stores, detailing is focused on fit and figure enhancement, with delicate fabrics and clever cuts doing all the talking. Less is truly more and we know that your husband to be want’s to see you as you really are, an incandescent boho princess, born to be free and in love.




The campaign for the line was shot on the beach, because we know that our laid back brides love nature and the chances are they’ll be spending at least part of their special day feeling the cool breeze in their hair, with the sun on their skin and their feet firmly planted on the earth. We want these dresses to be the stuff of dreams, what you’d see yourself wearing in a real fairytale, dresses that are perfectly at home in the hills, in the forest or next to the waves. That’s the essence of timelessness for us here at Dreamers and Lovers.



We want you to have your dream dress but more than anything we want you to be yourself on your wedding day, so often a bride will arrive at her venue feeling awkward and totally overdone. Rhapsody is about expressing your boho self, a laid back, free thinking romantic who wants to be unforgettably beautiful (but comfortable!) for her husband to be and herself on her wedding day!






In the dark,

Found light

Brighter than many ever see.


Within herself,

Found loveliness,

Through the souls own mastery.

And now the world receives

From her dower:

The message of the strength

Of inner power.

-Langston Hughes







Photography: Yuri Yatel

Florals : Amy Nicole Florals

HMUA : Makeup By Taryn Feldt

Film: Atomic Orange : check out the rhapsody video



The Eternal Romance Collection for the Relaxed Bohemian Bride

The Eternal Romance Collection for the Relaxed Bohemian Bride

Come ti vidi m’innamorai, e tu sorridi perché lo sai.

When I saw you, I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.

– Arrigo Boito, 1893


Dreamers & Lovers have now been around three years, and with three collections now under our belt. They say the third time is the charm, and isn’t that the truth. The Eternal Romance collection is one entirely inspired by the women we design for, those that we meet in the studio daily, or chat with over the phone and emails. Someone asked me recently what is our secret sauce, and while I have many versions of what I think this sauce is, the truth is, it is the unique women who pour their hearts, desires, and dreams to us. They allow us to begin their fairytale. It is such a honor designing a wedding dress, to think that this dress will be worn on the most important day of their lives. The Eternal Romance collection is for you, inspired by you. Keep sharing those stories. We love hearing about that spark of passion, that ever-slight blush that rushes to your cheeks when you hear him speak, those butterflies when you kiss; the driving force behind holding hands, stolen glances, and giggling over a shared secret. It’s the reason you want to look beautiful on your wedding day.


Here’s to keeping romance eternal. There’s no better place to start than with a gorgeous wedding dress to proclaim your everlasting love.



Eternal Romance 6

Just in time for spring’s nuptials, the Eternal Romance bridal collection will have star-crossed lovers swooning. The collection features full silk skirts balanced with delicate features. Edwardian romantic chic comes to mind when one examines the thoughtfully cut designs and gracefully draped fabrics.

A mix of muted exquisite silks, soft tulle net, silk georgette and cotton embroidered lace structures the collection. We’ve incorporated exquisite floral patterned embroidered lace, as well as uniquely beautiful geometric-style embroidered patterns. The collection’s silhouettes range from form fitting to looser dreamy flowy fits, all promising to flatter the bride and designed for comfortable wear. We want brides wearing the Eternal Romance collection to feel like they’re walking on clouds- because that’s how true love should feel.





Eternal Romance offers a dress for every bride; that is, for the hopeless romantic, unique , and laid-back bohemian bride: plunging necklines rimmed with intricately embroidered lace, to chic simply cut sheaths, graceful winged sleeves, as well as fitted silhouettes, drawing a vintage nostalgia. Low cut backs and generous trains make exits breathtaking- after all, isn’t fixed glances, skipped heartbeats, and held breaths what romantic love is all about?





Collection breathtakingly captured by Fine Art Photographer Alex Stoddard