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Layers of Love : An Editorial

Layers of Love : An Editorial

Layers of Love : A Bohemian Wedding Inspired Editorial


Layers of Love:  Written by Dreamers & Lover’s Writer Laura

It’s not about exaggeration, quantity or cost

None of those details, in which so much of love gets lost

Like sparkle, corsets, cans of hairspray, everything that’s fake

Kilograms of scratchy fabric, oh! For Heaven’s sake

I’ll be okay without stilettos or a million frills

Just copper, colored glass and cotton in the Painted Hills

You’ve always known me as a spirit unrestrained and free

No reason I should change that, now that you’re in love with me

For years people have questioned me and put me on the spot

Where do I see myself 10 years from now, what plans I’ve got

I always felt ashamed; I always wondered what they thought

I’d say I wasn’t sure, I hadn’t found the things I’d sought

I didn’t know my dreams yet now I see them coming true

And now I know, a decade hence, I see myself with you

To me it makes no difference if the roses don’t arrive

I’ll stop to pick wildflowers on the way here as we drive

To me it doesn’t matter if the tie’s mustard or blue

No matter what you wear I’m going to stick to you like glue

What matters is our friends and family, bonds of time and trust

The promise of a lifetime, because gold will never rust

I will survive without black macarons or Veuve Cliquot

That I’ll end up with you is the only thing I need to know

I’ll be okay without stilettos or a million frills

Just copper, colored glass and cotton in the painted hills




This shoot set in the John Day Fossil Beds National Monuments is breathtaking on so many levels. This team of Oregon based wedding vendors created magic with this earthy bohemian elopement shoot. Marisa is the talent behind Revel Petals, and here is her inspiration for this shoot:

The layers of love are like the layers of earth, created over time and experience, folded and pressed in color and beauty. From the first blush of youthful flirtation, to the wrinkled hands still cradling one another after decades of adventures, the sediment of life settles in brilliant striations in our hearts, like the painted hills themselves. As a way to honor and celebrate a love that is now, new and fresh on a wedding day, but also to celebrate the promise of an ageless, layered lifetime of romance, the painted hills are a perfect backdrop and inspiration for a styled wedding shoot.

We are in love with everything about this one. The dress featured is the Dreamers & Lovers Camelia 2-Piece Silk Wedding Dress with Silk Embroidered Panels.



Vendor list is directly below:

Photographer : Katie Dessin

Venue: John Day Fossil Beds National Monument in Painted Hills, OR

Coordination & Design: Kandice of Rose & Stone PDX

Florist : Revel Petals

Hair & Makeup: Makeup Mafia Weddings

Cake: Delectable Baked Goods

Wedding Dress: Dreamers & Lovers Coco Dress

Still Life Moving – A Boho Editorial

Still Life Moving – A Boho Editorial


Boho is a place where time stands still, a love story, which spans a thousand years or more, a score of lifetimes. It’s a fairytale image so ephemeral and divine that it can’t be confined to one particular era, it’s poetry, it’s sculpture, it’s the sound of the sea. It’s not a fashion statement or a rule of thumb…it’s a still life of all that is feminine, all that is romance, all that is passion. It’s simply, breathtakingly bohemian.

No frills- to catch and fray, no sparkle- to tarnish and fade, no fuss- to frustrate and distract.

The essence of femininity is captured in a way that can never grow old, never become outdated. Long hair, silk and vintage lace catches the wind and the product is breathtaking to behold. No frills-to catch and fray, no sparkle-to tarnish and fade, no fuss-to frustrate and distract. Nothing but a continuation of the female form in easy, perfect lines, comfortable fits and exquisite fabrics.


We wanted to highlight the raw magnetism of our bespoke bohemian dresses by showcasing them in natural settings, against visually stunning backdrops which would hold a great many traditional styles to shame, from the hills around San Francisco and California to lovely Portland Oregon. These were laid back photo-shoots, of friends at the end of easy days out, with minimal to no makeup and no hairstyling or added accessories. The magical results were near to effortless, something achievable by any laid back girl who wears our carefully thought out dresses.

Our handmade designs are made to measure, to be worn free by those of us who are born free.

It’s clear to see that our designs are made to bring out the best of beautiful, to harmonize between vintage and modern elements, to wake up the old world romantic in every millennium girl. Our handmade designs are made to measure, to be worn free by those of us who are born free. Ease of movement, comfort and mesmeric visual balance are everything to us here at Dreamers and Lovers. We are free spirited women too, who know what you want your clothes to say about you and how you need them to make you feel.


We wanted you to see the effortless charm of our enchanting bohemian pieces, which require no more of you than to be worn with love in your heart and a spirit that’s free. Capturing the natural soul inside that is eternally youthful and timelessly elegant at the same time.

Boho is that place in your mind where time stands still, allowing you to express the most exquisite parts of your self, a self aware Lover, a childlike Dreamer, a gateway to everything beautiful.

See our full line of bohemian wedding dresses here.

Quintessential You

Quintessential You


Now, after an editorial I usually just archive the relevant pics…but there’s something so magical, so unwaveringly ethereal about this particular shoot that I just can’t seem to put these photos to rest like the others. It’s as if the stars aligned and everything just fell perfectly into place, a miracle of creation. Every aspect so perfectly in harmony with the rest; that’s when it becomes art for me and that’s what happened here.


Unearthing these old pics of one of our classics, the quintessentially bohemian Catherine Dress (one of our all time favorites), I was struck again by the timelessness of the piece. I feel like it won’t matter whether you look at these pics a hundred years from now, they’ll still be absolutely exquisite and I think that any bride would love to be able to say the same about her own wedding day pics.


That is what I intend to achieve for her with my designs. That’s the thing about simplicity and that’s the thing about Boho. That’s why Dreamers and Lovers is here, doing what we do.


Looking at the windswept model against the backdrop of Palos Verdes (a coastal town very close to my studio), I’m taken back to when I first started my line. At the time I had only my three initial styles. My husband and I would come to this location to do impromptu (unprofessional) shoots…he was the photographer and I was the model, so maybe this location holds a special place in my heart, either way.


This too was an impromptu shoot; I’m lucky enough to have a good friend who happens to be a fashion photographer. This was one of the three boho wedding dresses that we had in the line at the time which we thought would be ideal for a laid back seaside wedding. Nature didn’t seem to be on our side though; with the day uncharacteristically cold and windy…but something kept us fighting on through the day and at last this batch came out, epic. The moody light and emotive quality of the sea, the sky and the vast horizon, it’s effortlessly romantic and I know this dress takes it there. We entitled the shoot: Windswept. I can only say that I’m truly proud of it.


There’s nothing contrived or pretentious about the shoot, the dress feels like a true expression of the model’s soul, effortlessly romantic and eternally feminine, she is a force of nature at home in the midst of these elements. Indeed, she doesn’t fit into the view or fall short, she crowns it without overpowering it, and she’s a benevolent queen. This is exactly what I want the Dreamers and Lovers bride to do and be on her wedding day.


So we take our inspiration from the beauty in creation, the miracle of nature and the wonder of love, we are true romantics and we know our brides are too. It’s not about constriction or transformation…it’s about using our instincts, respecting the forces and the elements and designing dresses which take their place in nature, no matter how the whether changes. It’s about highlighting the best and taking it easy on the worst, loving ourselves enough to be comfortable.


Every boho bride is at home against a backdrop of late afternoon sky and sea, even one as stunning as this. It’s the dress that needs to live up to the bride, to do her justice so she can take her place and really command the view in an unassuming way. So she can do what she does best and steal the show (without shouting out loud that she is trying to do so).


Luxurious, lightweight silks and vintage style laces in boho tones of off-white and ivory with minimal fuss and minimal frill. They catch the wind and look the better for it. A barefoot bride might pick up mud on her hem after a surprise wedding day shower. Somehow the dress looks the better for it. That’s what we’re all about – Simple wedding dresses. Bohemian Wedding dresses. Because we’re complicated girls and we need a little balance!


Our Catherine, she’s so fearlessly boho, as simple as can be, as beautiful as can be. The cleanest lines, comfortable, enhancing the form but changing nothing… just like art, which just falls into place, the perfect, ethereal balance.

She’s feminine and modest, revealing just enough at the back to bridge the gap from youthful bride to boho goddess.


What I love the most about this dress is the fact that I can literally see how comfortable the model is and, where comfort usually means some visual sacrifice, in this case it’s exactly the opposite. It’s so laid back and at the same time so exquisite! Looking at this dress I know that I’ve truly achieved what I set out to do when I started my journey as a wedding dress designer. This is a dress I’d be proud to wear and I can only hope that by applying the same standards to every design I’ll be blessed with many more classics like this in the future.


The Catherine Dress has always been a favorite of ours and it’s not hard to see why. It’s something we can only hope to achieve in every one of our designs.

You might be quintessentially Catherine but if not there’s a long list of names to chose from these days. I want to be sure there’s something for everyone so I’m not resting in my efforts, not to mention the fact that I thoroughly enjoy what I do.


Every time I see photos of the latest happy Dreamers and Lovers bride, I feel the aspects of my life fall into place, like art, it makes me so grateful. Every wedding is different, every body, every day, I just keep love in mind, design from the soul and trust my instincts. Somewhere in our range you’ll find a dress that’s quintessentially you, a name (like Catherine) that you’ll never forget, like a friend who’ll fill your heart with joy and help you to make magical memories that you can treasure forever.

Dreaming of the Day – A Boho Wedding Editorial

Dreaming of the Day – A Boho Wedding Editorial


This dreamy editorial is like a fairytale. Featured is the Dreamers & Lovers Sydnie Bell Sleeve Lace dress. Enjoy the poem we created specifically for this editorial.

Dreaming of the Day


My mother told me fairy-tales I’ve never quite outgrown

And I’ve survived a life of being imagination prone


I’m lucky to have met you, your soul as old as mine

Content to have our dreams, although they sometimes cross the line


It’s been a long time living, going mostly where I was led

To find I’m still that girl, with wild fancies in my head


I’m glad that you accept me, even when I’m acting strange

It’s good to know there’s someone here who’s not so out of range


I’m fed up with the thought of trying to be someone I’m not

It’s time I lived the fairytales I never quite forgot


You’re here to help me do that and protect me while I do

I’ll wear a boho wedding dress, the day I marry you


I’ve dreamed so many dreams of love, the look upon your face

To see me as I see myself, in lines of flowing lace


The ephemeral scent of spring from blossoms in my hair

As I arrive to meet you, when that day is finally here


I’ll show up on a summer breeze, in a simple wedding dress

I’d rather be myself for you, no pretence to impress


I should like to wear bare feet and gather soil between my toes

And walk with you under the trees ‘till evening, heaven knows


I’ll trail my dress behind me, drink rose and watch you smile

That day will last a thousand years, though we’ll only walk a mile


There’ll be magic in the midday light and laughter in the leaves

I’ll reach to take your hands in mine, my arms in fairy sleeves


And when that day is finally here, you’ll see me as I am

Like I’d stepped out of a fairytale to meet you in a dream

The  above poem was written by Dreamers & Lovers staff writer – Laura, and cannot be reproduced without the permission of Dreamers & Lovers.







VENDORS – Washington DC Based

Photographer : Brooke Michelle Photography

Florals: Lark Floral

Hair and Makeup: Pretty Weird Beauty

Planning: A Griffin Events

A Love Letter for Dreamers and Lovers

A Love Letter for Dreamers and Lovers

This bohemian coastal / tropical wedding inspiration shoot took place in magical Big Sur. The poem that follows, written by our team captures the mood of this couple and this shoot perfectly.


A Love Letter


Standing on this coastline, there is nothing I would change

So grateful that I met this creature, beautiful and strange

We used to walk the trails here and we’d stop to watch the sea

But honestly I’d only stop to watch you next to me


You are the sea, the sun and trees, essential and divine

What better place than this for me to finally make you mine

To find a kindred soul is something truly rare in life

Let alone a bohemian princess who’d one day be my wife


We are dreamers and we’re lovers so I’m glad that we could find

A place to make the world stand still and leave the race behind

That we could keep things simple in a world that moves so fast

Your smile, in its sincerity, an image built to last


A canvas tent and picnic table, garlanded and fair,

beset with jeweled glass and yet it really can’t compare

To the happiness within me as I see you standing there,

That lovely boho wedding dress and flowers in your hair


That’s how I hold you in my mind, the timelessness and grace

The taste of peach tea on your lips, the gorgeousness of lace

Thank you love, for saying yes, you’ve let my spirit soar

By making me a better man and showing me there’s more


We are dreamers and we’re lovers and that’s what we will remain

Although after today the world may never be the same

Standing on this coastline, gazing at the setting sun,

A perfect day is ending but our life has just begun






This shoot which was captured by Julie Crawford of Jewels Photography. Below is her inspiration for this romantic bohemian wedding shoot.

“When I think of the Pacific Coast and the lush setting of the jagged edges and turquoise waters, I instantly imagine a tropical delight of paradise. With my bohemian soul I had to design a style that would bring all of the pieces together. This hit the spot! I knew from the start a dress designed by Dreamers and Lovers was an absolute must for a free spirited bride. I also incorporated elements from our precious Earth including the bride’s nature inspired wedding ring set, the groom’s wooden wedding band, and of course an array of crystals. The sunsets in Big Sur have to be some of the best I’ve ever seen. The loving couple sat and enjoyed cuddle time in a floral draped, boho teepee as the sunset dipped down on this beautiful day. A day that was pure bliss.”




Future brides thinking of Big Sur as their venue, be sure to check out this list of incredible wedding vendors listed below. The photographer Julie Crawford is a destination wedding photographer, so she loves to travel.

Photographer – Jewels Photography

Planner – Big Sur Weddings

Venue – Private Residence organized by Big Sur Weddings

Florals – Floral Designs By Reina

Rentals – Forage Vintage Rental

HMUA – Blush Hair Makeup and Design

Stationery – Ribbon and Ink

Wedding Dress – Brigette Long Sleeve Lace Wedding Dress

Effortlessly Romantic and Simple Bohemian Wedding Inspiration

Effortlessly Romantic and Simple Bohemian Wedding Inspiration

We are obsessed with this gorgeous and simple wedding inspiration editorial photographed by Sam Landreth Photography. It explores the beauty of simplicity, and is an incredible inspiration for the more leaning bohemian or non-traditional bride. Set in the historic Gray Gables Estate in Portland, Oregon, this serves as the most perfect setting for this romantic shoot.

For us at Dreamers & Lovers we are firm believers in finding the right photographer for your wedding, as the quality of their work, does make a huge difference in the images you’ll treasure for the rest of your life. The images in this simple wedding inspiration is so compelling, and Sam managed to capture the raw natural beauty of the surroundings, the beautiful couple, and our ‘it’ dress – the Catherine.

Portland based Bramble florals worked magic on all of the lush floral designs, and add to the effortless and moody feel of this inspiration shoot. Shades of pink are a favorite for many brides, and we see why. This pink naked cake is breathtaking and adds to the textural elements so pronounced in this shoot. The feminine Catherine dress fits right in, and adds to the simple and elegant mood of the shoot.

“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close.” – Pablo Neruda



CREDITS – Oregon Based Vendors

Photography: Sam Landreth Photography

Florals: Bramble Floral

Venue: Gray Gables Estate

Cake: Baker & Spice

HMUA: Austie Eckley