We have just listed our new kaftan maxi dress, a dress / 2-piece ensemble crafted from lace that zooms in and entirely captures the effortless and free-spirited feel of the hippie era. As much of the dreamers & lovers line, this piece is inspired by those years. Personally, I have always loved a kaftan, also correctly spelled caftan. I would buy a ton on my vintage hunts. I would sell about a half of my finds and kept the other half I could not part with. They really do transport you to another time and place. Whenever I wear one I am immediately dreaming of sunny beaches, and the beautiful sunset.


Whilst they are fabulous, many shy away from kaftans for a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons I have heard spanned from “I am too short”, to “it looks like a muu muu”, or “I am too tall”. As the title suggests, kaftans are a good way to highlight effortless style. I feel these misconceptions have been voiced by many simply because the fit was off. As with any article of clothing, the fit has to be right and flattering, but because of the misconceptions surrounding them and the generally looser silhouette, it is more important to get the fit entirely right when wearing a kaftan.

Most people who love kaftans will rave about the comfort factor, or it being carefree, breezy, and effortlessly glam. Many also love it because the fit is overly loose and in their minds this reads forgiving to their bodily sins. While a loose fit is great, I think too much fabric can overwhelm the body, especially one of a petite frame. I am six-feet tall, and while I like looser silhouettes, I prefer those that are proportioned to my body.

Kaftans are pieces you can wear all summer long if done in the right fabric. Silk is great as it is light, and airy. Cotton kaftans are also great as it is also light and allows for sufficient airflow. Polyester on the other hand can sometimes be tricky in the height of summer, depending on where you live, it may be too hot for summer. With this said if you were planning a vacation, it would be great to invest in a caftan or two, as it is nice to travel with. You will find that a caftan is perfect for poolside, or to have a cocktail or two on a balmy night.

The dream-ers lace caftan is a great choice for many reasons. The beauty is stupendous, and being lace, means it is very unique. There are simply not many lace/crochet kaftans around. We did find another lace caftan sold through net-a-porter, designed by Miguelina. It is safe to say Rachel Zoe made this quite popular when she wore one of the designers’ pieces out. Seeing how fabulous this looks on her, I do hope someone with a petite frame reading this will see that petite women can rock a kaftan and look AMAZING doing so. (photo taken from, ( http://www.singer22.com).


rachel zoe in Miguelina caftan

Another plus for our dreamers lace kaftan maxi dress is it is flattering on the body. As mentioned before, this factor is not a contributing factor, but rather the principal. By creating vertical lines on the upper portion this creates a flattering silhouette. In general, it is known that vertical lines cause the eyes to move up and down, instead of the opposing over and across. This small detail allows the body to instantly appear taller and slimmer. The deep-v neckline in itself capitalizes on the vertical lines and further enhances the illusion of this dress. Besides, when wearing a looser fit dress that is also a maxi-length, it is not a bad idea to reveal some cleavage. The fact that the lower skirt portion is also partially sheer adds to the sex appeal of this dress. Muu-muus appeals to some, but this was not the look that we were after when we created this dress.


close up of dream-ers kaftan

While most caftans are one size fits all, we wanted to capture something different here. This is offered in four sizes- XS, small, medium, large, and XL. It is a looser fit, but this is relative to your size, further ensuring that the fit will enhance and not take away from your body’s shape.

The final feature worth highlighting here is the VERSATILITY of this dress. Purchasing this dress means you will be getting a ‘bang for your buck’. This one dress can be worn three ways. It can be worn as shown as a full caftan maxi dress. The upper portion can be worn separate as a mini dress/swimsuit cover with a slip underneath, or over slim pants/ denim/ cut-off shorts as a tunic. Lastly, the bottom/inner piece which is a slip with lace sewn on to the bottom half can be treated as a skirt. Throw a sweater or a longer tee over it, and it immediately transitions to a maxi skirt. We love how Miley Cyrus paired her maxi skirt with a simple tee for an effortless summer look, or how the Dagmar skirt is paired with a brightly colored sweater. We chose to pair ours with a loosely fitted tee and opted to belt it. Whichever look you love, remember no need to go out and buy all three pieces. You can purchase the one dreamers vintage inspired kaftan maxi dress and get all three looks.




dream-ers convertible lace dress

Now I would not consider this post complete until I inject a turban somewhere here. I have seen many women wear turbans so beautifully and gracefully, and if you are one of those women, a kaftan is a great pairing for this, so glam…..While we are talking about pairings, it is worth mentioning that these look great worn with either flat sandals or wedge heels, totally flexible. Might I add, while we did not belt our caftan, it looks great with the waist cinched with a belt as well.


image via pinterest.com

Are you ready for the kaftan plunge? We would love to hear your thoughts on this. Also, the person who mentioned they were too tall for the kaftan, meant that the length would not be long enough to have that flowing bohemian look she loved and dreamed of. The good news is that our dream-ers kaftan is fully customizable. This can be done in a TALL length as well as a PETITE length.