Jumpsuits are one of those trends that seems to always be back in style. The main reason being that jumpsuits are quite easy to style, and are extremely flattering. Many people tend to be intimidated by these all-in-one, but once you get the FIT part right, then your jumpsuit will never fail you.

We added 5 new vintage jumpsuits to our site today, and all pieces are suitable for evening, and can be easily be a substitute to a cocktail dress. As I mentioned earlier the importance is getting the fit right. Before I show you the styles, I will give you a crash course on how to choose the best fitting jumpsuit.

1. Generally speaking, jumpsuits tends to be more universally flattering in solid shades, especially when wearing vintage styles, solids tend to lend a more contemporary feel. Important to point out, it does not necessarily have to be black or dark shades, just a solid shade. However, there are some people, who love prints, and to you I say, go for it, just choose an illustrative print, one that has an extraordinary print, as is the case with the vintage jumpsuit I am showing here.

2. Draped silhouettes also tend to be universally flattering.

3. Wide legged jumpsuits tends to work better on women with longer legs, or for a more petite woman, wide legged jumpsuits are not totally off limits, the length can be easily compensated by wearing gravity-defying high heels.

4. For taller women, it is important to check the crotch, if it is too tight in the crotch area, it is best to avoid it at all cost, nothing is great enough to have the dreaded c-toe. (I am weird, I hate spelling the word out completely, blame it on my strict upbringing, I guess:-) lol. There are however some styles, that are a bodycon fit, they are meant to be tight, these will be fitted, but it should be a comfortable fit, and should not pull in the crotch area.

These are the basic issues to the fit of the jumpsuit, master these, and you will realize how glamorous and versatile jumpsuits are. I think jumpsuits, looks great worn belted, as to break up the look. Also as a quick styling tip, add a blazer to your evening jumpsuits in a contrasting color for a flawless dressy glam look.

Take a look at the below, and let us know which is your favorite. Be sure to check out our full collection of dressy jumpsuits in our store.