Exude Summer Chic in Our NEW White Wide Leg Jumpsuit | Dreamers and Lovers

OMG….this wide leg jumpsuit is absolutely amazing. It is the perfect jumpsuit you’ll be wearing on your honeymoon, long after the wedding bells have dropped ringing. It is shown here in white, but also available in a variety of colors.


It is available in white, and soon to be available in black, nude and blue.

It is an absolutely lightweight and comfortable jumpsuit, perfect for summer. If like me, you happen to live in Los Angeles, then you can wear it year-round. The legs are unbelievably wide, and what I love about it is that at first glance it resembles a sweeping maxi dress. In the photos I am holding it up, and doing the ‘karate kick’ poise to let you know that it is indeed a pant, but if I did not do that, you may never know it was a jumpsuit.

Let the summer breeze begin, the wind will not blow this one away. The overall feel of this jumpsuit is very relaxed and casual. The bodice has a lazy draped effortless plunge look.


Being cotton gauze it is semi-sheer, and although, it has tons of draping and folds, it is somewhat transparent. Don’t let this turn you off though; it is the level of transparency most would be comfortable with, as it is not the least scandalous. However, if it bothers you, a simple slip short/boy short will alleviate any concerns that may continue to nag you.

The waist is elasticized and there is a thin sash belt attached. This is how it was photographed, but if you are someone who likes to change up the look of a piece with accessories and belts, then this is the perfect piece to have fun with. Layer on a brightly colored belt and jewels, for a fabulous finish.

OK…..that was a bit of rambling, but the key takeaway is:

1. This white wide legged jumpsuit is the perfect effortless summer piece.
2. It is great for ALL.
3. Available now at dreamersandlovers.com

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