A couple of days ago the Dreamers & Lovers line was featured on lovemydress.net, a multi award-winning UK wedding blog. It felt really great being featured, and being the analyzer in chief that we are, we did not waste time taking the temperature of the response to the line.

It is crazy what goes on in our heads, and how passionate, (that should read ‘obsessed’), we can be about our label/brand. The Dreamers & Lovers line is like our third child, and the one that gets all my attention these days. Sorry boys….., well, not entirely true. Naturally, we were checking their Facebook page, to see what comments were posted, etc. We love constructive criticisms, but being that this is our baby, we were not ready for anything too negative…lol


Holly Hi RES 2


Luckily there were only amazing ‘good’ feedback about the line. There was one however that struck me, a lovely woman who felt disappointed that we did not carry plus-sizes. While this is true, it is not entirely true, because we make all of our pieces to order, this can be arranged, and we have executed this arrangement many times in the past. Just message us if you are interested in this service – [email protected]

There were a few of our styles highlighted in the feature, but on their very interactive Facebook page, the holly dress played the starring role. This is why I am making Holly, the subject of yet another blog post. See her here again. She is one of my fave, but I really cannot choose a favorite. That would be like asking me to choose between my twin boys…no, not gonna happen..


This dress has received rave reviews, and now that so may has shared the photo, and are aware of its existence, it is shaping up to become THE boho wedding dress. So, thank you Annabel and team, for spreading the word about Holly. She gets around…..in a good way.

So, if you are meeting Holly for the first time, she is made here in Los Angeles, by our small team, and is created from vintage-look crochet style embroidered lace. She has an elastic stretch neckline that can sit either on or off your shoulder. As you can see from all the photos, we love her worn off the shoulder. She is elegant yet laid-back, and is the epitome of a boho chic wedding dress. Available in ivory, old-lace, or white. The photos shown here are all of the ivory shade.  The fit is slight a-line, but because she comes with a detachable belt, your waist will be cinched.


She has been the confident yet humble star of many bohemian weddings. We have many more boho chic wedding dresses available.

On a side note, if you are finding Holly through this blog post, she is entirely made to measure, and made to order. That means, if you are shorter, taller, skinnier, fatter, than the average, no worries, we have you covered. You would just include your measurements with your order, and we’ll work our magic from that point on.

Trust us, this is what we do, and not only do we do it, we do a damn great job at it, because it is your wedding dress.

Would love to hear what do you think of Holly?