A few days ago the GORGEOUS Australian Singer, Kylie Minogue stepped out wearing a supremely stunning aquamarine lace dress, that was entirely SHEER. I was just soooo happy to see this, because when I designed and made my lace maxi dresses, they were all sheer, and the photo shoot featured them sheer. However, a few of my buyers emailed me in a slight panic, wondering what they should wear underneath. I hastily found the ideal solution, a nude stretch lining, that works under the ivory, black, yellow, and blue lace. So when I discovered this photo, I was overflowing with excitement. I thought to myself, I guess I am not the only risk taker and in fact, I am not crazy in to thinking someone could wear a sheer lace dress out, so this is proof, it is OK.

If you too are reading this, and has ever wanted to wear a sheer lace dress, with just underpinnings, it is totally OK, and I am with you, you’re not insane. Of course, I had seen Lady Gaga wear the sheer lace look, and did it so convincingly, I might add, but I dared not mention her, as she is often seen as the fashion extreme, and while I praise individuality in fashion, I would hate to turn off buyers, before they even bought the dress.


Kylie does great justice to this look, and although it is sheer, it is overwhelmingly sophisticated. Then as I was admiring the beautiful girl, and her beautiful dress, I stumbled upon a photo of the statuesque, French actress, Laetitia Castia, in a full length sheer black lace gown. Her presentation is equally convincing, and equally stunning. Her look appears a tad bit more risque, because she styled hers with a 2-piece underpinning, so her midriff is sheer, where Kylie’s was styled with a 1-piece underpinning.


So, seeing these photos, does it cause you to want to try this look? Or, will the full length liner be just perfect for you? Either way, if you are wearing a lace gown, you will already be fabulous, because lace has an undeniably built in fabulousness.

I thought I would remind you, how the DREAMERS line of dresses were originally shot. If you are not familiar with these killer lace dresses, please click here.