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August 2020
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Can’t make it into our intimate showroom? We would LOVE to have you, but not to worry. You can still experience the magic of our gowns. Use our Home Tryon and get three dresses shipped to your home. Click here to find out the details.

We’re eager to meet you! As one satisfied bride wrote about us:

When you know you know……before visiting Dreamers and Lovers I had tried on over 25 dresses, visited multiple wedding dress boutiques and although the reaction I got from others was that’s the one, oh it’s perfect, deep down something was missing.

When I first walked into Dreamers and Lovers, besides falling in love with their showroom, my two friends and I were greeted by warm and friendly women who after 5 minutes felt more like family. The conversation turned real and before we knew it we were talking about children and the many ways God challenges and blesses us in our lives.

I had picked out a handful of dresses to try on, one being the one “the Valentina.” Wow, I walked out looked in the mirror and felt this dress has all that I was looking for (lace, sleeves, open back). But, it was more then I expected because it was comfortable and lite weight and I felt this was a dress I wanted to wear and never take off.

The process: They took my measurements and it was an awesome feeling to know my wedding dress was going to be made to me. When I came for my final fitting, again I was showered with the same love and care. The seamstresses were pinning my dress, I could feel they wanted me to be happy and they wanted my dress to fit like a glove.

When I left with my dress, it felt like leaving and saying goodbye to good friends not knowing when you’ll see them again but looking forward to the day you do.

Dreamers and Lovers thank you for an amazing experience, you have left an imprint on mine and mother’s heart. You all are true Angels and professionals and God gave you a talent that you are sharing with the world. I felt comfortable, confident and your right I 100% felt like myself. I wore my dress for close to 12 hours and loved every minute of it. I remember you told me not to worry that you would take care of me and you did exactly that thank you.

We are so Excited to Meet You!!