I often keep tabs on my traffic reports, and the two questions that always send new people to our page is “what jewelry to wear with a black lace dress”, and “what makeup to wear with a black lace dress”. I have often felt that the search engines were mistakenly sending these people to my page, and they must have left feeling frustrated and disappointed, because until now that has never been the subject of any of our posts. So, here it is, I am finally taking a stab at answering these two questions, and I figure this could be helpful for our brides come date-night.

If you are out for answers, please note I am not a professional make-up artist, however I am confident that I know what looks good in that department, and with all posts I do, I have included photo references, so you don’t have to apply my advises with fear. Same goes for the jewelry suggestions, I am a designer of an amazing vintage inspired wedding dress line, but on my off days I am a pretty savvy fashion gal, who loves jewelry, costume and fine alike. Although I find that I usually end up wearing only the costume varieties:-), hmmmm…..I wonder why that is.




The makeup for a black lace dress is not much different from the makeup for evening looks. This isn’t to suggest all black lace dresses are for evening, but I have a feeling the searches are for dressier style lace dresses. Black lace speaks sensual, classy, chic, mysterious, sexy, and sultry. The makeup should match the mood you are after from the list of adjectives I have just listed. With that said, my favorites are:

1. THE SMOKY EYE with neutral lips, blushed pink cheeks, with curled dark lashes – the emphasis is on the eyes, and all other elements are intentionally left minimal or downplayed. This look screams bold and sexy, and is the most common and earth-shaking evening look.


2. BOLD LIPS with strong defined brows – this takes your lips to the next level, so the emphasis remains on the lip. For this look think bold and eye-catching colors, such as the universally sexy red lips or a bright hot pink, or bordeaux shade. This look is one of my top pick for its elegant and sophisticated appeal.

3. RIMMED EYES with dramatic lashes, and the (optional) artificial lashes – this look gets an A+ for its simplicity in applying, yet its mysterious and alluring look. I often do this look, when I am on a rush out the door. To achieve this look, you simply rim all around the inner rims of your eyelids with a jet black liner. The blackest eye pencil you can find. When I go for this look, I go for the MAC smolder eye pencil.

That is all I have for makeup, now onto jewels. The jewelry you would normally reach for, with your other cocktail looks will go great with your black lace dress.


1. EXTRAVAGANCE and shine – the look you would go for in your diamonds, zirconia, crystal, and rhinestones, think lux and ultra luxurious. I personally love a chandelier, drop earring, with loads of bling. If you choose to go with look with a statement earring then I would go without the necklace, and just do an equally glitzy cocktail ring.

2. BAROQUE – another look I am head-over-heels in is the rich baroque jewelry. I could never speak jewels with a black lace dress, any lace dress for that matter, without highlighting decadent baroque jewels. The master of this look is Dolce and Gabbana. This look is so timeless and again earth shattering, that it really is my number one pick. The baroque look was popularized and trendy in 2012, but this look has been in from the renaissance days and will continue on forever, so no need to worry about your look, coming off as dated. On a side-note, this is why I do not follow trends.


3. MINIMALISM – as seen in many of the photos, minimal jewelry also goes with a lace dress, if you are the more subtle type. This is perfectly ok also. Minimalism reads chic, so if you prefer a simple diamond stud, your watch and a ring, that is ok, but don’t forget your bright red stained lips.

That was a quick crash course in makeup and jewelry for a black lace dress. I only touch on some of my all-star favorite looks, so drop us a line in the comment section if I missed some key information.

Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to see our very own black lace dress!!