I felt this black lace dress needed its own post, because, although we have always had this dress available in black, we have had many clients’ request photos of it in the black.


A few brave die-hard fans of the dress has purchased it in black without seeing the photos, but I have come to learn that for some clients, if they are not able to see it, they are not able to visualize it. If you are one of these dear clients, then this post is especially for you.

This bell sleeve lace mini dress is dear to my team and I, as in our minds; we equate it to being a work of art, and the story behind it occupies a special place in my heart. Solid cotton sateen, cotton crochet trims in varied sizes, and our incredible embroidered cotton lace combines to create this bohemian luxe mini dress.

The details on this dress are overwhelmingly breathtaking, and one cannot avoid staring on the workmanship. A vintage tablecloth inspired this; I scored it in Jamaica many years earlier. I knew it was something special the moment I laid my eyes on it. My late Godmother, made it, at a time, when women spent hours perfecting their craft. During this time in Jamaica, there were not stores where one could easily purchase specialty items. If something was intriguing to you, you made it. I was not able to find that type of fabric, because it simply does not exist, so instead my team and I created it. The results, a true GEM.


Usually our lovely clients purchase it as shown without a liner, as the solid patches are strategically placed to cover the privates. We understand that we are not all cut from the same cloth, and should you prefer more coverage, a liner in either ‘nude-colored’ or black can be included with your order.

This dress as shown in black has been the conversation starter at many weddings, as a wedding guest dress, that is. The possible occasions for this dress are endless.


As I posted earlier on our Facebook page, this will be my new go-to outfit, paired with ankle booties and a fringe bag. I am obsessed with this dress.

Also, I felt the need to include the photo here because our website features mainly white and ivory shades, and many of our visitors may not be aware that a lot of the pieces are available in other colors.

In addition to being offered in black, ivory, old-lace and white, this bell sleeve lace mini dress can be custom dyed to over 100 colors for you.

Where we would you wear this dress to? And how would you style it?