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Why A Made-To-Measure Wedding Dress?

It is a universal truth that our bodies are all completely different, and simply choosing a numbered size is far from a guarantee that your wedding dress is going to fit you perfectly. If you’re a bride, with a huge alterations budget, kudos to you. Based on our experiences with the hundreds of brides we meet in our studio, we know this isn’t the reality.

Often we hear from overwhelmed brides that the struggle is real to find a perfectly fitted dress

Often we hear from overwhelmed brides that the struggle is real to find a perfectly fitted dress. Either they’re a small/medium on top, and then a large or XL on bottom. Most women are not one uniform size. So, shopping for a wedding dress becomes that much harder.

A girl’s wedding is the most special occasion she’ll experience. With all the eyes on her, including her groom, she’ll want to move around feeling comfortable, effortless and her most beautiful on her wedding day. It’s safe to say, the wedding dress is the one dress that must fit perfectly.

Here at Dreamers & Lovers, we’ve spent the last 6 years developing a system that seeks to create the perfect fit for your body, rather than trying to shoehorn you into a standard size.

We create each of our dress to your exact measurements, one by one. There is no mass production here. We use your own measurements to create your dress.

We use all the best techniques available, from baby hems, to french seams, to building bra cups in all of our backless dresses.

It sounds almost too good to be true, but there are loads of reviews available on the web from real brides, who have been immersed in the Dreamers & Lovers process. For us, it is all a labor of love, and we couldn’t be happier or feel more blessed, to call what we do a job.

You should be able to breathe, move your arms, your dress shouldn’t be too tight. And if either of those issues arise, you shouldn’t have to pay overly expensive alteration costs.

See more of your process in the video below:



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