Discover a Unique Concept in Bridal

We are an American-made bridal brand, but not a traditional bridal shop. Chances are, you’ve never experienced a bridal concept like what we offer at Dreamers & Lovers. Our showroom where we meet our brides is the same building where we design and sew every dress we make. You have to know where Dreamers & Lovers is to find it. When you pull up to our studio, you may think you’re in the wrong place, because it looks like a house. The location and layout are clues as to what you’ll find beyond the entrance. There’s nothing pretentious, glitzy, or frou-frou about what you’ll encounter. If you’re our bride, you’ll immediately love the cozy bohemian vibe and the calming smell of vanilla that greets you at the door.
Once in, you will be validated that you are in the right place, where the stylist who is helping you offer a no-pressure experience. You’ll hear sewing machine whirring away in the background combined with relaxing soulful music. You’ll probably have a seamstress walk by and ooh and aah over how beautiful you look in the sample dresses you are trying. They are proud of the dresses they create. Seeing a bride in a dress is like seeing their artwork on display. We offer only one appointment at a time, as we want to give you the intimate experience you deserve.
We are a small team of passion-fueled people with big hearts. We enjoy crafting authentic experiences through the dresses we create. Our common goal is to have our bride fully express themselves, starting with the dress she chooses for her wedding day. Each bride gets her seamstress, and even if you never make it into our showroom, using your measurements and photos help us make-believe you’re there with us, and the best part of all this, we are fully invested in you until your dress is perfect. We won’t leave you hanging or tell you to go elsewhere to correct any alteration; we will take care of you ourselves.