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Short Wedding Dresses

Hey Bride-to-be!

We’re here to de-stress the entire dress process. If you love comfort, and dislike excess, then it will be an instant love fest. No body issues to think about, because made-to-measure is what we’re about. You deserve to feel free, enjoy our perfect fit guarantee.

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You may be eloping and decided that you would like to wear a short wedding dress. Or it may be that you would like to change out into a short dress for your reception. We have a growing selection of short wedding dresses to choose from. All of our short dresses are created from lightweight cotton laces, ensuring that you are comfortable when you wear it. Our dresses are all boho-inspired, and there is a mix of long sleeve, calf-length, and mini short dresses. One of the best parts, is all of our dresses are proudly made in our California studio. High-quality craftsmanship, simple stunning designs, and soft dreamy fabrics give them a natural feel of being effortless for your wedding day. They are ideal for destination weddings, beach weddings smaller wedding ceremonies, vow renewals, and second weddings. Being non-traditional makes them versatile, so you will be wearing them again and again. At Dreamers & Lovers lace has our heart, because it is always chic and timeless. Whichever dress you choose, you will look incredibly beautiful, in one of our gorgeous tailored short dress.