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  • Listing created for Amelia Miller
    Dress – 1795
    veil – 395
    Tax – 197.10
    Total 2387.10

    Deposit Paid – 1193.55 (paid on 09.15.17)




  • We don’t believe in standard sizes, so we make all of our dresses specifically to your measurements.

    Here are the ones we’ll need to create your dream dress:

    – bust
    – under-bust
    – shoulder to apex
    – shoulder to under-bust
    – waist
    – shoulder to waist (measured at front)
    – bicep
    – high hips
    – low hips (measured over bum; at widest part)
    – height
    – length from high point of shoulder to floor ( measured at front, following the curve of your bust)
    – will you be wearing a heel?

    Please see our sizing guide to see how these measurements should be taken.

    If there is anything else we need to take in to account; let us know. Example, super long arms, short torso..