We here at trendsettervintage.com (my husband and I) are always overly excited with new product launches, and this tea length dress done in our magnificent imported cotton lace, has us thinking elegant weddings, bridal showers, and black tie gatherings. Brides looking for short wedding dresses will find this lace dress quite appealing.


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This silhouette is a vintage inspired design with its ultra full skirt. It may be difficult to see the sumptuous fullness in the photos, but this has a world class fullness, that could rival any 1950s original circle dress. The dress you see here was originally done with only a single layer of tulle, but then we hastily photographed it, only to find that it just wasn’t full enough to make a killer vintage-inspired look. We then went back to the ‘drawing board’ literally, and added a full petticoat/crinoline inside the dress. The majority of the tulle on the petticoat is concentrated towards the bottom of the dress, to maintain a flattering fit through the hips. It is just amazing beyond words could capture.


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You’ll notice that the skirt has multiple panels, as a single panel could not deliver this fullness that we were longing for. The front of the skirt features three panels, and the back has a whopping four panels. We did not skimp on the beautiful lace in making this dress. The bodice is also special, featuring a lovely slight sweetheart neckline, and has boning in multiple spots, to ensure that whoever wears this, will have a flattering and supportive fit all day and in to the night.

Need I mention the belt? It is as cute as a bow, literally. Fashioned from black satin, the face features two bows in varying sizes, and hooks at front. We feature the belt in black, but, it can be ordered in virtually any color you like, as satin is readily available in a rainbow of colors. For this, just shoot us an email to [email protected]


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This stunning tea-length lace dress is shown here in the old lace shade. This color itself adds vintage appeal to this already vintage look dress. I have had to describe this color to many, and the best description which comes to mind is to think of tea dying. If one were to dye the lace using tea bags, the end result will be this ‘old-lace’ shade.

If this color isn’t your cup of tea, then, not to worry, it is also available in ivory, black, hand-dyed yellow, and cerulean-blue. It will be available in white in only a week from now. EXCITING, to say the least.

In ivory, white, and old-lace, this dress is a DREAM tea length wedding dress. However, as the color option changes to black, blue, and yellow, it easily transitions to an elegant black tie option.


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I would love to hear your thoughts. What do you think of this strapless tea length lace dress? Leave us a comment below.

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