It was only a matter of time, that one of our most popular dress – the hippie bell sleeve boho lace mini dress in ivory- become available in black. I am actually surprised it took us this long to make it available to all you fabulous people.

We thought it up a while ago. Yes…we even daydream about the perfect black lace mini dress, with those flowing bell sleeves, and we kept putting it off.


It wasn’t until this week, one of our lovely customers, inquired about getting one sent to Australia for both her and her daughter, and she had her fingers crossed while hoping and begging that we made it for them in black.

“You are a mind reader”, I yelled out over email to her. So…here it is finally….and I am already sure it will be a hit. We priced it well at $190…..we can do that while still quality making it in the USA, this is because we only sell it here on our site.


As this lace dress is sheer, we are offering it with a separate slip liner, that is included with the purchase. (Of course, you don’t have to wear the liner, we won’t hunt you down to make sure). In this recent post, Kylie Minoque went without a slip…..we are just saying. It is shown with a nude colored slip liner. This is the same option we presented with our black maxi lace dress. If you are someone not crazy about the nude colored slip, then we also have a black liner option. Both options fits nicely with the dress, however, we felt the nude colored lining allows the breathtaking pattern to pop. I am including an up-close swatch of the lace. It is hard to appreciate the beauty from photos, but I think this tells a strong tale for the fabric.


The lace is best described as guipure, but we have many of our darling customers send us feedback that they are dangerously in love with their ‘new crochet dress’. It has a quality crochet like feel, but I promise you it’s not crochet, it’s an upper echelon lace:-)

If you are interested in purchasing this bell sleeve black lace dress, but you would prefer it a tad longer, or if you would prefer the sleeve to be longer, or vice versa, just send us a note upon checkout, we’ll make those adjustments specially for you. This dress is available to be shipped immediately, and is available in sizes small, medium, and large. In the event, you need the alteration option mentioned above, please allow us a couple days to get it sent out to you.


This boho lace dress is 1970s vintage inspired and will look flawless styled with platform heels and effortless hair. Or for an everyday city look, it also works great with flat sandals, or even with boots. Styling lace dresses are so much fun, because every accessory, shoes, or handbag completely changes the look.

To view this lace dress, click this link.

How would you style this fabulous black lace dress? We would love to hear from you. We get excited when you all stop by and read the blog….