It is always exciting to introduce a new dress to the world, and equally exciting is the joy we feel in actually making the dress. This new dream-ers white lace short dress is the ideal example of the rewarding feeling that comes with making and shipping the final product. There is a true sense of pride which each piece made.


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This exquisite dress is a detailed piece, in that we individually cut out flowers from the lace and apply each one by hand, and sew them on, again individually by hand for a seamless finish. These hand-finished flowers can be seen at the neckline, sleeves and hem, where the beauty of the scallop edges overwhelmingly stands out. This detail is so important in a piece, and it is what fuels the dream-ers line, and this cocktail lace dress heavily embodies our vision for the line. Whenever I see a well-sewn piece of garment, and brimming with details, I automatically assume that it is an ultra-lux expensive piece.


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As a clothing designer lacking the formal training, I rely on my ‘eye’ and ‘vision’, and the first thing in a piece of clothing that draws me in is in the details. For me, it’s ALL about the detail. Spending a great deal of my working life at Chanel, it isn’t hard to see where the inspiration came from, although not entirely, it was a huge part of it. Personally, I did not want to create garments that just boast aesthetics, but ones that also spoke volumes with their details and workmanship. This particular white lace dress is as perfect on the inside as it is on the outside.

There are so many designers besides Chanel from which I have drawn inspiration. Many high-end designers automatically get the details right, and at the price point at which these pieces are sold, this isn’t an option, and rather it is expected. When you actually examine a designer piece loaded with details, one starts to appreciate how a designer has honed in on their vision, and the resulting beauty of how the seamstress constructing the garment has clung on to the designers’ vision. The meticulous laborious input really does justify the lofty price tag in most cases.

In gathering images to illustrate my point, I did not have to search for these such pieces, there were so many to pull from. Before I insert the pictures, I must mention that I am in no way comparing my pieces to these high-end designers. In fact, the dream-ers white lace dress retails at $315, while most of these designer pieces, I will be adding below are in the $15,000 – $30,000 range. With this fact, it is clear to see there is no comparison. I am simply highlighting the importance and sheer magnitude of details.


Oscar Carvallo dress


Alberta Ferretti dress

These pieces are beautiful beyond belief, and will leave you gasping for air. Enjoy! Which of these is your favorite? Would you spend loads more to be able to capture the details in your clothing?


Marchesa dress


Chanel dress


Georges Hobeika dress

valentino-scallop-sheer-back-lace-dress Valentino dress[/caption]

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