It is funny I titled this white summer dresses, because I don’t happen to believe that white dresses are solely meant for summer, but this is a search term that often send searchers to our website, so I felt this was suitable for that purpose. I understand there are many antiquated rules about wearing white before memorial and after Labor Day, but I disagree with those rules, especially as I live in sunny Los Angeles. As spring is literally right around the corner, many will be frantically looking for their white summer dresses, and for good reason. The runways of Spring 2013 suggest that white will be a huge player this season, and it is an investment worth making.



Wearing white is quite streamlined, clean and refreshing, especially when worn in the form of a dress. Whenever I wear white, I instantly feel uplifted and very much as if in the ‘spotlight’ in a very effortless way. I think it is the crisp look of it that makes it so beautiful. It offers an alluring feel.


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As you choose your white dress/dresses for the season, it is great to keep in mind that most rules floating around from yesteryears are pretty antiquated. I have heard rules such as ‘never wear black shoes with a white dress – only wear white or nude”, as some of the photos here will highlight – this rule no longer apply, that is, if it ever applied to you. There is however one rule, which I do follow, and maybe this too is irrelevant, but I adhere to it, and that is, not wearing white to a wedding. This remains a controversial topic in circles where it has been brought up, and I am always open for debate on the subject. I honestly feel that doing so really competes with the bride, unless the bride is non-traditional and chose an offbeat colored wedding dress. I would love to hear comments on this below.



Wearing a white dress is seriously amazing because it becomes a blank canvas that can be accessorized with hundreds of colors, etc. There are so many style directions that work with a white dress. White dresses works great for a fabulous daytime looks, or for a glamorous after dark look, think an evening on the terrace.



Currently in our online store, we just added our boho lace bell sleeve dress in a crisp white colored crochet lace. This would make for an amazing getaway dress. The dress does come with a skin colored liner; however, to heighten the versatility, this would look great for day over your swimsuit poolside, and then transitioned for evening worn with the slip.


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As you see, wearing a white ‘summer’ dress is an easy and chic way to look incredible, and accessorizing it is limitless. This season you will be seeing this ‘white on white’ trend everywhere, but any piece you purchase will easily transition, as a white dress is always style savvy.

Which of these looks is your favorite? I would love to hear the rules you have heard or followed regarding wearing white dresses.

All images via pinterest.