Did it ever cross your mind that maybe ‘the one’ isn’t what you should be looking for…but ‘the two?’ You’ve got it, the two piece wedding dress is one sure fire way to win hearts. Hearts because you dare to arrive at your own wedding, dressed as that ‘greatest of all laid back warriors,’ YOURSELF.

And when I say two piece wedding dress, I’m not talking about dressing down, laid back, oh yes but dressing down: certainly not! Our two-piece wedding dresses are crafted with every bit of the finesse with which we create our simple wedding dresses. Considerate and artful needlework, every stitch made with your ultimate, carefree comfort in mind! Let’s not forget the fabric that will instantly set you apart from the cupcake mafia, that vintage style lace, that silk charmeuse that catches the lightest breath of wind, that stuff your bohemian dreams are made of.

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If your name is synonymous with a sexy sliver of exposed midriff, chances are that bridal separates are for you. If you feel you want to jump out of your skin when you can’t at least find your navel with a fidgety finger…hmm, I’m thinking you need to get a hold of our bridal separates. If you break into a happy sweat at the thought of his hand on the skin of your waist…girl, bridal separates are waiting for you! If you can’t stand the thought of zipping that midriff away from the golden summer sun, don’t stress it my princess of chill, Dreamers & Lovers bridal separates have got YOU, beautiful…boho…YOU!

So, have a browse and let us know when you find ‘the two’…the laid back two piece wedding dress that was dreamed and loved into existence, just for YOU.

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