Handcrafted with love in California, our wedding veils for sale are perfect for the simpler bride. So many brides aren’t sure if they should wear a veil. A veil is optional. It is worn just for the ceremony; you remove it before the reception. We advise brides to try it at least. After testing it out, you can decide if it matches your vibe. We see so many brides-to-be fall in love with our simpler veils after swearing off wearing one. Veils add a touch of tradition, it is a rite of passage, and it can add some drama if that’s your thing. If your look is boho, you can still wear your fresh blooms with it. Choose from either a chapel, cathedral, elbow-length, blusher, or mantilla style. When choosing a veil, opt for a lightweight, one that floats behind you and moves with you. We are happy to customize the lace trimming to match your wedding dress.

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