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About Us

About Dreamers & Lovers

Dreamers & Lovers was started in 2012 for laidback brides wanting to look and feel their best on their wedding day.

Designer Yanique dream-making mission started when her BFF was searching for a dress, which would fit her low-key wedding. She was faced with a shortage (or complete absence) of designs that would match her style and budget. The bridal industry seemed to cater only to brides content to spend a fortune, feel frumpy, extravagant, constricted and overdressed.

It struck Yanique that the whole approach to weddings was so weighed down by tradition that the necessities of individuality, expression, and personal comfort were mostly being overlooked. This experience motivated Yanique to leave her dream job at Chanel and start the brand. That’s how our story began. Yanique’s own grandmother had spent her entire life making custom clothing so she felt the stars had aligned.

How We Do It

We have our own studio now. Our own production is in the same space as our showroom, where our brides-to-be can come to feel both welcomed and understood. Every sketch, cut, and the seam is done in our California studio. 

The Team

Dreamers & Lovers is made up of a sisterhood of women who shares the goal of dreaming big and exceeding the expectations of our brides. Our seamstresses all have over 30 years of experience. The skillset they possess is equal parts art and science. We live for the happy tears, testimonials and thank you notes from our happy brides. We see our work as an art form and as an obligation, an obligation to every bride who takes us into their confidence. We are here to make your dreams come true on your wedding day.


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