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About Dreamers & Lovers

There’s only one you, and there’s no one like you. In an age of automation, Dreamers & Lovers is all about personalization and customization. Every dress is handmade to measure, that lets you show the world who you are, a unique and extraordinary woman.

Dreamers & Lovers was born in 2012 for brides wanting the freedom of expression, and freedom of movement, all while looking their best. From the beginning, all of our dresses are made to the bride’s body measurements to offer her the peace of mind she’ll need when planning a wedding. Our California production studio and bridal showroom are under one roof. Every dress is designed and sewn here, by our small team. If you ever pop in, the warm, inviting scent of vanilla will greet you at the door. You’ll likely hear a melodic symphony of indie-folk music and sewing machines, whirring in the background. We value creativity and individuality over cookie-cutter and pride ourselves on the intimate experience we offer our brides all over the globe.

The Magic of Humble Beginnings

Dreamers & Lovers designer/founder is Yanique, an extraordinary girl with big dreams and a penchant for Why Not? Her dream-making mission started when her BFF was searching for an effortless wedding dress. There was a shortage of designs that would match her style and budget. The bridal industry seemed to cater only to brides ok with spending a fortune, look unoriginal, extravagant, and feel restricted.

It struck Yanique that the whole approach to weddings was so weighed down by tradition that the necessities of individuality, expression, and personal comfort were mostly being overlooked. This experience motivated Yanique to leave her dream job at Chanel and start Dreamers & Lovers.

From the beginning, we were swimming against a rip current of doubt. It was (is) steep going up against large bridal companies with unlimited funds, and with gowns being mass-produced and shipped from overseas. Their dresses, lacking heart and soul. We knew brides were desperate for a different approach to bridal. We just had to prove it. There was only one problem…no one knew who we were. It took several years of being in business for our community to be cemented; A tribe of brides who wouldn’t settle for the traditional bridal uniform. They wanted dresses that they could feel like themselves in; they wanted better.

Our Friendly Team

We are a small team of passion-fueled people with big hearts. We enjoy crafting authentic experiences through the dresses we create. Our common goal is to have our bride fully express themselves, starting with the dress she chooses for her wedding day. Each bride gets her seamstress, and even if you never make it into our showroom, using your measurements and photos help us make-believe you’re there with us.