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Simple Elegant Wedding Dresses

Dresses Without The Stuffing

Like you, we believe in love. We believe love is magic, and all that traditional over-the-top, stuffy, say yes to the dress, fluff just ain’t our vibe. Don’t get us wrong; our brides say yes all day, just without the corsette, cupcakey, heavy, frilly sort of yes. Here you’ll get a dress that you will feel beautiful, confident, and comfortable in, and the icing on the cake is we’ll make it just for you. Yup, exactly to your measurements.

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Are you a chic and modern bride, who prefers less fuss? If so, you will feel right at home in our simple elegant wedding dresses section. These dresses are all handcrafted in the US in our California studio. There is something so lovely about a simple wedding dress that let a bride's natural beauty shine through. It is unpretentious, not overdone, well made, and timeless. These bridal gowns are feminine, easy, and light, yet not frilly. These dresses are all about the women who wears them, and not the other way around. You are already beautiful, natural, free-spirited, and confident, so these simple wedding dresses will enhance, rather than overpower your natural features. High quality craftsmanship, simple stunning designs, and soft dreamy fabrics give them a natural feel of being effortless for your wedding day. They are ideal for destination weddings, beach weddings smaller wedding ceremonies, vow renewals, and second weddings. Being non-traditional makes them versatile, so you will be wearing them again and again. At Dreamers & Lovers lace has our heart, because it is always chic and timeless. While here take a look at one of our long lace dress, or one of our fresh, yet classic short lace wedding dress. Whichever dress you choose, you will look incredibly beautiful, while being comfortable in one of our understated and simple elegant wedding dresses.