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Dresses for Laid Back Brides

Like you, we believe in love, and that your dress tells the story of who you are. The traditional, over-the-top, disney-princess fantasy, cupcakey vibe isn’t you or us. You shouldn’t have to change who you are to be a bride. And because our bodies are all completely different, we create your perfectly fitting dress to your measurements.

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Dreamers&Lovers dresses are simple, effortless, impeccably made, romantic, vintage inspired and very comfortable. If you are in to Simple Wedding Dresses, that is unfussy, and will make you feel like the best version of yourself we are your brand. For more traditional brides-to-be, we love that you are staying true to your style, but we cater only to the laid-back bride. All of our dresses are effortless and understated in design, (never yards of stiff tulles, or huge from-frou layers) yet huge on attention to details. We handcraft our dresses for the woman looking to be unique and different on her wedding day. Each style is hand-sewn in our California studio, and always made exactly to your measurements and body-type. We have a love affair with lace, and specialize in both silk and lace dresses. Our dresses exudes a vintage look, yet with modern elements such as comfort, and subtle detailing. Many brides find our styles to be reminiscent of  Vintage Wedding Dresses and we continue to be inspired by the quality and feeling of vintage from yesterday year. Wearing our dresses you will be able to dance the night away without restriction. We are known for our BOHO WEDDING DRESSES / BOHEMIAN WEDDING DRESSES. If you are within the United States, Australia, Canada, U.K or New Zealand, you are welcome to use our home try-on service, and try on a couple of our dress in the comfort of your own home without the pushy shop-girl telling you how great every dress looks.