Our newest collection of simple wedding dresses for our bohemian brides have launched. literary: ether – the clear sky, the upper regions of the air, beyond the clouds
He’s a friend, a confidant, a safe place and a lover…but for you, he’s more than that. There are things you’ll never have the words to say; about the way your soul soars when he draws you to him, the way your love reminds you of the starry sky, even when it’s cloudy out. That’s what Etheria is about. Touching the intangible and telling the secrets of love, with a wisp of lace that catches air the way he catches your soul; with a gorgeous and simple bohemian wedding dress that expresses more than just your sense of style; with a laid back dress that expresses what you’re feeling in a vision which words cannot describe.

In the spirit of Dreamers & Lovers, we’ve stayed true to our bohemian roots by incorporating only the softest truest, most luxurious laces. The Etheria collection is special, because two of the amazing cotton laces used were designed in-house, and was made exclusively for our Dreamers &Lovers bride to fall in love with. Cotton, silk, sumptuous but supple; form fitting but easy to wear and with no detail spared in the synergy of aesthetic harmony and physical comfort. It’s never easy to pinpoint the essence of a new bohemian wedding dress collection, unless that essence is, of course, ‘Etheria.’ You wont find the name of our collection in the dictionary but then again, we wont find you -or your special kind of love- in the dictionary, will we? It’s feet far from firmly planted on the ground…it’s what D & L is all about!

While each dress in this new collection holds true to our aims, to provide you with a confidence that sacrifices nothing of your individuality and ease: no two dresses are alike, because we know that no two brides are alike.

Some Bridechillas love to show a little midriff and feel that charmeuse snug against their skin as they move; some Bridechillas just want a pocket to put their vows in and a loose fit that they can grab a hold of when they hike their way onto a magical hill for the golden hour photoshoot. Etheria has you covered. Like all of our collections, Etheria is custom made to your measurements, all in our Los Angeles/Torrance CA studio. Our made-to-measure service is all done as a part of our standard service. Yes, the custom sizing is standard, and so no additional fee to have it made for you. From the playful purity of Juliet to the indomitable sensuality of Jenny, Etheria’s about to put that little halo of light around you: y’know…that one that’ll make everyone think you applied a filter to your wedding pics, until they realise they’re looking at their OWN phone’s photo gallery!