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Ready to Ship Wedding Dresses

Dresses for Laid Back Brides

Like you, we believe in love, and that your dress tells the story of who you are. The traditional, over-the-top, disney-princess fantasy, cupcakey vibe isn’t you or us. You shouldn’t have to change who you are to be a bride. And because our bodies are all completely different, we create your perfectly fitting dress to your measurements.

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Whether you’ve spontaneously decided to elope, or you had a last minute dress disaster, our collection of ready-to-ship wedding dresses are here for you. These dresses are perfect for our brides planning a magical elopement, and is still looking to wear a dress that is true to their style, while making a statement. Need a last minute wedding dress, because you don’t have the 4 months needed for our made to measure dresses? Not to worry. Our ready-to-ship wedding dresses, will be shipped out within 5 business days. These off the rack wedding dresses were carefully chosen. They are all made from our signature stretch laces, so they will flatter every figure. Not much alteration should be needed, but we do offer a courtesy length customization before shipping the dress to you. These dresses are all made in our California studio, to the same quality we are known for. The only difference of our made-to-measure dresses, are these off-the-rack dresses are made to standard sizing. Because the laces are stretchy, we anticipate you may be ok with minimal alterations.