Sarah & Jony’s Love Story

  • By Jen Hart
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Sarah and Jony’s wedding video started off by bringing tears to my eyes and a couple of minutes later…after the beautiful vows had been read and the bass broke, I was all smiles. These people really know how to get down on the dance-floor and their wedding was clearly a party of note.

Jony walked up to Sarah and said, quite simply: I don’t know you but you seem interesting to me.

It all started in college when the pair were introduced to each other through a mutual friend. Sarah was invited to a friend’s house and Jony just happened to be there. With his dark and mysterious style, Jony walked up to Sarah and said, quite simply: “I don’t know you but you seem interesting to me.” This sort of direct approach either works or doesn’t…in this case it definitely worked, although it took time. They didn’t talk again for some time but Jony had sparked Sarah’s interest (for good). Two years later they started dating and they were married within a year.



Sarah’s hardly a fan of surprises and, perhaps in order to keep all the surprises in one day, Jony waited until her birthday on June 3rd to propose. He took her skydiving (she thought, for her birthday)…however, when they came in for touchdown, there was a huge sign saying WOULD YOU MARRY ME being held up by their tribe of closest friends (brings new meaning to the phrase ‘falling in love’, if you ask me). Jony landed first, quickly got out the ring and waited: Sarah first removed her jumpsuit, keeping the suspense high, before answering ‘YES!’ That night, they partied with their good friends, celebrating not only Sarah’s birthday but their new engagement too! Check out their proposal video, it’s one of the cutest things ever!


Sarah lived in Dallas and had been hunting in boutiques high and low, in search of the perfect number…she even widened the search to include surrounding cities and after many months of searching, she started to get peeved. With Jony’s roots in California, the couple had already planned a trip there to visit family and friends and it was while searching the net for dress shops to stop at in California that Sarah stumbled upon Dreamers and Lovers.


From the very start, the name found a place in Sarah’s heart and she knew without a doubt that the style was definitely what she had been hoping for. The day they landed they drove straight to Torrance, so that Sarah could try on dresses and when she stepped through the door, she immediately fell in love with the shop. Beautiful, young and anything but traditional, Yanique’s intimate manner and the friendliness of her assistant were all Sarah needed to feel right at home.


To top it all off, the dresses were being made right in the shop and after trying on a few of them, she’d already noticed a huge difference between D&L dresses and the hundreds she’d tried on previously. It was then that Yanique brought a dress out from the back that she was busy working on at the time…Sarah knew straight away that this was going to be HER wedding dress. It was everything she wanted, detailed, handmade and perfectly comfortable…she could see herself dancing in it and she felt exactly like an angel.


One of the biggest challenges Sarah had to overcome during planning was that of people’s opinions and how THEY thought her wedding should be. That’s why she offers the advice to would be brides that they should pick and chose exactly what they want and never think that they have to do something a certain way because someone says so or because of tradition. Your wedding day is YOUR day and it needs to turn out the way YOU want it!


Over 200 guests arrived on the special day, with both Sarah and Jony’s families flying in from Mexico, DC, Seattle and California. The couple loved the location, which wasn’t all-inclusive, allowing them to choose item for item, everything just the way they wanted it.


Two of their best friends covered a song that they love as a couple, they read their own, self-written vows (beautiful) and Sarah’s dad read verses from scripture. The couples vows were recorded even before the ceremony by their videographer Hank, he turned out this beautiful video…capturing some of the spirit of their

On the day of the wedding the florist showed up with bright yellow, pink and purple flowers. Needless to say, Sarah was a little upset but Jony, always the knight in shining armor, rounded up his groomsmen and went into the neighboring field to pick everything they could see that was green


One thing though, which didn’t quite work out as planned, were the flowers. It was one of those favor for a favor deals…Sarah had wanted all green plants and not really any flowers. On the day of the wedding the florist showed up with bright yellow, pink and purple flowers. Needless to say, Sarah was a little upset but Jony, always the knight in shining armor, rounded up his groomsmen and went into the neighboring field to pick everything they could see that was green: they ended up using those on the tables and in the jars and in the end, everything worked out just fine!


They served BBQ, made pour overs and brought in their own bartender for the bash. Both Jony and Sarah have something of an aversion to cake and so they just couldn’t see the sense in ordering a massive cake to cut and eat. Instead, they ordered in from their favorite doughnut shop…which went down an absolute treat.


Sarah says the entire experience touched her in a way she couldn’t have imagined, amazing and beautiful at the same time…although intense and with more than a fair share of crying. Everything turned out as it should have even though it wasn’t exactly according to plan. There was tons of improvisation that needed doing and the couple thanks their friends and family for making it all possible.

This gorgeous pair both have a heart for people, creating and strengthening community…they opened a coffee shop (Hands + Rose) and are super excited to be opening up two more of the same in their area.

We wish them all the warmth love and sense of community that life has to offer, with a shining light like theirs we’ve no doubt that both their love and their business will thrive!

The couple felt honored to collaborate with their awesome vendors, along with her thoughts about each:

Dreamers & Lovers – by far the prettiest dresses made

Hypnotic Donuts – YUMMY pistachio donuts

Off The bone BBQ – The best in Dallas!

Henry Weddings Videography – The best videographer out there.

White Sparrow Barn – pretty white dreamy barn

Hands+Rose Coffee – specialty coffee and handmade

Conner Mckibbin – Photographer, so good!