Wedding Dress Shopping in Los Angeles at our New Venice Flagship

Wedding Dress Shopping in Los Angeles at our New Venice Flagship

Los Angeles brides, shopping for a wedding dress just became easier and more special. Promising a low-key shopping experience, with loads of beautiful gowns, and a stunning rustic bridal salon, you’ll feel happy and look great. We invite you to visit our dreamy showroom, opened by appointment. It’s the place for all things modern bohemian, lace, and lots of love. The best part, our design studio is also local to Los Angeles, so you’ll have a team of skilled seamstresses to cater to you, and make sure you get the best fitting dress of your dreams. Never worry about receiving your dress, and need to find a tailor to do the alterations for you. We design, sew, custom make and do all alterations in-house. Here’s to the best of made in America, and making you feel your best on your wedding day.


Dreamers & Lovers designer, Yanique, dreamt for years of opening her wedding dress flagship in Los Angeles. For years, brides-to-be would commute from all parts of Los Angeles to visit the brand’s Torrance design studio. There were two areas, in particular, Silver Lake and Venice that the designer zoomed in on. She loved the hipster vibe of Silver Lake and the laid-back vibe of Venice. Bohemian brides have been wedding dress shopping in the brand’s Torrance design studio for the past eight years, but the time came for expansion, and Venice won her heart.

Where can I buy a wedding dress in Los Angeles?

After months of searching for the one, she found what she was looking for on Lincoln Boulevard in Venice. The Los Angeles Wedding Dress Designer is obsessed with everything up-and-coming, and Lincoln is the epitome of that. It was a difficult decision to open in the middle of an unprecedented pandemic. Throughout the painstakingly tricky decision process, she concluded that brides would need an escape from the uncertainty. She saw the Venice flagship as a way of creating joy and fulfilling dreams for her brides. Yanique, a serial dreamer and optimist, also found comfort in the street address. 214 Lincoln Boulevard, Venice, became the home to the Los Angeles bridal salon. She felt the numeric portion of the shop’s street-address was an omen. ‘214’ sharing the same numbers as Valentine’s Day, in her mind, was no coincidence, to the love stories her dress highlights.

Preview our Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses. Get ready to be obsessed.

Inside the shops, oasis decor and feel

Inside the shop, it’s rustically lush with dreamy arrangements by Yanique’s friend Leelina, of Leelina Martin Floral, and a host of custom upholstered vintage sofas and vintage Persian rugs. Both the outdoor and interior signs and logos were hand-painted by a local muralist. The designer wanted her shop to be filled with vintage and handcrafted pieces, to give it a feel of yesteryear, a time when artistry and handmade were a thing. Dreamers & Lovers dresses are all intentionally designed and created by craftswomen in their Torrance studio, and the flagship needed to align with the brand’s ethos. With its exposed wood ceilings and concrete floors, the shop’s interior was another no-brainer to the designer. inside-of-a-bridal-shop-in-los-angeles-filled-with-dreamy-boho-wedding-dresses Wedding-dress-shopping-in-Los-Angeles-with-Dreamers-and-Lovers Venice-los-angeles-bridal-shops-featuring-the-Violetta-gown wedding-dress-shopping-in-los-angeles bohemian-bridal-shop-in-los-angeles-dreamers-and-lovers-venice

Dress selecting tips for the Boho Bride

The star attraction, though, is the gorgeous handmade bohemian wedding dresses. Dreamers & Lovers dresses are for the brides who want to wear a laidback gown but still feel incredibly beautiful while checking the bridal box. In this designer bridal shop, brides can expect to find loads of easy, and Whether you are the simpler boho bride or the most rule-breaking of bridal bohemians, there is a dress here for you. While the brand is known for effortlessness, the designer is quick to note that effortlessly doesn’t mean not making an effort. It means appearing that the bride made no effort. For a gown to be genuinely effortless, it must speak for itself; that is, the designer must intentionally design it to speak for itself. Designed, cut, and sewn in the brand’s California design studio, every dress gets the custom-fitted, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Yanique has created this safe space for the bride after a better and different experience when wedding dress shopping. She believes that a bride shouldn’t wear what people expect them to wear, but instead, they should choose the dress that is true to her style and the venue she has chosen. When brides step into this cozy and unique shop, the designer hopes that they will feel like they’re in an oasis of calm and magic. The flagship opened in October, and the women working there are passionate and love helping the bride’s dreams come true. The shop, Yanique sums it up by saying, “This shop has exceeded my dreams. It is a dream come true, a million times over. I couldn’t have chosen better women to guide our brides on their dress choosing journey. Our brides are in good hands, amongst a group of women who understand them, and will guide them rather than pressuring or trying to sell them a dress.”

Where can I get a wedding dress fast?

Many brides visiting our shop is on a rush timeline. They may have decided to elope and need a dress next month. We are usually able to help brides with rush timelines. Because we are so local, we can offer quick turnarounds. Alterations are available to you, so no need to fuss over this. Our seamstresses fuss over the details, so you don’t have to. We take pride in how you show up on your wedding day.

What type of bridal styles does the bridal salon carry?

The Venice shop carries all of the wedding gowns listed on the brand’s website. Specializing in comfort and ease, get ready to see a plethora of ethereal lace and silk dresses, comfortable off-the-shoulder wedding dressesdreamy long-sleeved backless dresses, and loads of romantic flowy wedding dresses. All of Dreamers & Lover’s gowns are a work of art, without an ounce of bling. While you’ll find gently fitted trumpet lace wedding dresses, there are no restrictive mermaid styles. There are effortless and whimsical a-line and flowy wedding dresses, but no ball gowns. There are support and bra cups built into the dresses, but not the uncomfortable corseted dresses. There is an abundance of cotton laces here, but none of the itchy, crispy and shiny laces you’ll find in a traditional bridal warehouse. At Dreamers& Lover’s bohemian bridal showroom, you’ll find tons of dresses for the bride that value artisan craftsmanship. You’ll find designs that show off your personality. many details to daydream about over here. The Dreamers & Lovers bride embraces freedom, happiness, and self-confidence. With so many beautiful options to choose from when bridal dress shopping, how will you know you’ve found the one? You’ll know because you’ll feel free and like yourself at the same time. We invite you to dream. Private one-on-one appointments are now available. Our showroom is spacious, and celebratory bubbles are always on ice. Channel your individuality and express your freedom. We are here to help make your dreams come true. Thoroughly trained, our staff is ready to take all of your measurements. We will make your magical wedding dress, all custom-made to fit you perfectly. wedding-dress-shop-filled-with-bohemian-decor-los-angeles bidal-shops-los-angeles-bohemian-wedding-dresses The Once-in-a-lifetime custom fitted experience Our idea of customer service is offering our bride-to-be peace of mind when planning for her big day. From the time you’ve said yes to your dress to have your dress custom made, we understand that your measurements may change. Before your dress is ready, you will have the option of us remeasuring you. We offer a perfect-fit guarantee, so at your final fitting, you take your dress home once you are delighted. You will wear your wedding gown with ease. It is our job to make your life easier. Our team is looking forward to meeting you at our modern bohemian Los Angeles Bridal Shop. NNNN UUUU. Book an Appointment to have the best shopping experience, and find your dream dress. Our gowns range in price from $1500-$2400. See for yourself why so many friends recommend us to their engaged friends. Book now. Photos by California based wedding photographer For Love and Light

Dreamers & Lovers Los Angeles Bridal Showroom Address:

214 Lincoln Boulevard,

Venice, CA 90291

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Helpful Info

To shop the full range of bohemian wedding dresses, visit the Dreamers & Lovers website. Schedule your private appointment to either the Los Angeles or Torrance location. Not able to visit in-person, not to worry. Request a virtual appointment. Be sure to check out the super simple home try-on-at-home option. See what other boho brides are saying about their experience with Dreamers & Lovers. Please take a look at the photo album featuring real Dreamers & Lovers brides. Follow along on Instagram and Facebook and Pinterest wedding-dress-shopping-showroom-in-Venice-Los-Angeles Savannah-custom-fitted-rustic-lace-wedding-dress

Photo by For Love and Light

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Preparing for Your Wedding Dress Appointment

Preparing for Your Wedding Dress Appointment



Bohemian brides who’re amping up for that first wedding dress appointment, with mom and sisters and ladies waiting in-tow: beware, you need to know what you’re in for. It’s not all shine and sparkles (although we’re not sure that you boho-brides want it to be) and chances are, if you don’t come prepared for that first appointment, it may all end in tears and disappointment.

So laid-back brides-to-be…I’ve been reading and listening to the rantings and ravings of wedding dress shoppers for quite some time now and I thought it about time that I do my bit. So here are some tips to hopefully save you a world of hassle and woe at your first wedding dress appointment:


By now you should have a wedding file prepared, with special dividers for all your vendors and planning details.

There should be a dress section where you keep all your do’s and don’ts, pictures of dresses you love, notes about your dream dress, budget and a list of possible vendors.

Know Your Budget:

Know your budget! Search the web for Bohemian Wedding Dresses, You’d be surprised at what you find.

Truly bohemian designers like Dreamers & Lovers don’t ask nearly as much for unique made to order boho-chic dresses as big chain stores (need we mention names?) might ask for glitzy-glammy, trampefied numbers.

Make a note of your true budget and write down a figure a few hundred dollars bellow that, that way if you’re offered something a little more expensive than your quoted budget, you’ll have room to maneuver.

Gather Clips and photos:

If you can’t find any photos of your dream dress style, don’t fret… Find your favorite outfits at home, put them on and use this as an excuse to take selfies!

Pics of you in your favorite gear will help your consultant to understand your unique style and what kind of cuts and vibes you feel the most comfortable in.

Add a few pics of decor and art that expresses the theme/style of your wedding, a clever consultant will be able to use this to really capture what it is you’re looking for. Remember to rock up for your appointment in something easy to change in and out of.

Keep Your Ladies in the Loop:

Show all your pics and ideas to your mom, your sisters and your ladies in waiting. That way they won’t go against your wishes by making crazy suggestions at your consultation.

Shop Niche not Chain:

If you’re planning on visiting the run-of-the-mill bridal store think again…Chances are you’ll have hundreds of dresses to choose from but will come away with the best of traditional glitzy garb, not with a simple bohemian wedding dress that’s uniquely expressive of your own style.

Consultants in a chain bridal shop might not treat you with the same kind of care and attention as a smaller boutique. Search the web for a niche store that will have a range which suits your style. The consultant in a store that specializes in your boho style will most likely be a laid-back Chiquita like yourself.

Bohemian designers like Dreamers & Lovers will understand your sense of style, there’s no other way for the laid-back bride. Book ahead to ensure yourself a full hour of exclusive consultation, that way you won’t be disappointed when there’s no place for you and the ladies to sit!

Know Yourself:

Know what parts of your body bother you and what parts you’d like to highlight. Make a note of these factors in your wedding file and share your do’s and don’ts with your consultant.

Get on friendly terms with your consultant by having a chat before the time, make sure she understands your dream and you’re sure to come out on top of the world!

Pack some Kleenex for mom and a selfie stick and have yourself an awesome time! This appointment is one of the most important ones you might ever make so be prepared and your memories of it will be perfect.