Walking on Clouds: Low Heel and Flat Comfortable Wedding Shoes

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Are you a bride-to-be on the hunt for comfy wedding shoes? When it comes to your wedding day, comfort is key! At Dreamers & Lovers, we craft our business model around comfort. All of our wedding dresses must pass the comfort test. The funny thing is when you think of a wedding dress or shoes, the tradition is anti-comfort. The famous saying comes to mind, ‘beauty is pain.’ The reality is brides no longer have to suffer from being beautiful. Modern brides have choices. As a bride, you want to enjoy every moment of your special day without worrying about sore feet or blisters. Having the best day requires you to find the perfect comfortable wedding shoes that will keep you feeling good from the walk down the aisle to the last dance of the night.

The shoe should be the ideal accessory that looks great in wedding photos and pair well with the dress, but you shouldn’t be aware of them. In the perfect pair, there is no rubbing or breaking in, or blistering. Some brides will opt for a higher heel for the ceremony and later switch to a more comfortable pair. If you get lucky and find a comfortable pair, such as a comfy flat wedding shoe that looks incredible, you can wear it for the ceremony, reception, and even your honeymoon. During fittings in our wedding dress studio, we often see brides with flats they hope won’t show underneath their dresses. They either are not fans of walking in heels, are taller than their fiance, or just never like stilettos. We usually encourage these brides to choose beautiful flat wedding shoes because even though the dress covers the shoe, it does show as you take steps. Why not find the perfect pair? Remember how we mention that comfort is our business model? Yup, we designed both the ideal low-heel wedding shoes and comfy flat wedding shoes in three colors..


Dreamers & Lover’s Luna Lace-Up Low Heel Wedding Shoes for Comfortable and Unique Bridal Style

A low-heel wedding shoe is perfect if you’re not used to walking in high heels. Low heel wedding shoes provide just the right amount of lift without sacrificing comfort. The Dreamers & Lover’s Luna lace-up style dotted mesh shoe is an excellent option for brides who want to add a touch of elegance to their look while still keeping their feet comfortable.
The dotted mesh material looks beautiful, allows your feet to breathe, and prevents them from getting too sweaty or overheated. The lace-up design of the shoe ensures a secure fit and prevents your foot from slipping forward. The low heel makes it easy to move around and dance the night away without discomfort. Whether you wear a bohemian or a traditional wedding dress, this shoe style works excellently. Many non Dreamers & Lovers brides have worn the Luna and loved it with their wedding dresses. This thoughtfully designed pair boasts leather soles, upper, and cushioned insole. It is literally the ultimate comfortable wedding shoe for a bride. Available in both off-white and nude colorways. Brides generally pair the off-white with a white or off-white wedding dress, regardless of the liner color of the dress. Many brides choose the nude color with dresses with champagne or flesh-colored liners. The nude is neutral and will go with any color wedding dress you select because of its versatility.





Satin Flat Wedding Sandals with Ankle Wrap Ribbon for Comfortable and Stylish Bridal Footwear

A satin sandal with ankle wrap satin ribbon is a perfect option if you prefer a flat shoe. Flat wedding sandals offer the ultimate comfort and ease of movement, making them an excellent choice for beach weddings or outdoor ceremonies. While some flat leather sandals can come off as being too casual, a luxe fabric like Italian satin will elevate the look.
The satin material of the Dreamers & Lovers Arielle flat wedding sandal is soft to the touch and gentle on your feet. The ankle wrap satin ribbon provides extra support
and ensures the sandal stays securely on your foot. The security the wide satin ribbon straps offer is critical if you plan to dance the night away! It’s your wedding and a big party, so we’ll vote that you will dance the night away. Your feet will thank you for this. The flat sole also provides a stable base for walking, allowing you to move gracefully and confidently throughout your wedding day. While the sole is flat, there is more support than in a satin slipper. The sole is leather, so it is a substantial shoe that will have excellent wear. The simple and elegant design of the satin sandal with ankle wrap satin ribbon complements any wedding dress. Whether your wedding dress is minimalist silk, tea-length, or romantic lace, you will wear the Arielle in dreamy shoe territory. The shoe’s versatility means you can wear it again for other special occasions. We suggest wearing it on your honeymoon and to all the fun dinners you will have. Available in various colors, you’re sure to find the perfect flat wedding sandals to suit your style. r.




-Ivory satin
– Nude-colored satin (think champagne colored)
– Off-white satin
Price at time of writing: $135
Available sizes US 6-11.








-Ivory-dotted mesh
– Off-white dotted mesh
Price at time of writing: $168
Available sizes US 6 – 11.

Both pairs are available to purchase on Dreamers & Lovers website.