An Elegant Wedding at the Glidden House in Ohio

An Elegant Wedding at the Glidden House in Ohio

Cara And John’s Elegant Ohio Bohemian Wedding at The Glidden House

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Their Romance Started with a Facebook Friend Request

It all started for John and Cara with a Facebook friend request. John (who is from Michigan) added Cara (who lives in Ohio) on Facebook, and she accepted. With social media and dating apps, why not start a relationship through Facebook? This bride story goes to show that the results can be lasting and meaningful.

Their conversations began with Facebook messenger, which lead into texting, followed by phone conversations that lasted hours. After a month or so of phone conversations, they planned their first date at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. They journeyed through the gardens, getting to know each other’s past, all the while, unwittingly, creating memories for the future.

The couple grew from strength to strength and grew so close that they moved in together. Having to go to California for work, John knew he’d be gone at least a month. The weekend before he left was the time John decided to get down on one knee. It had been a cold rainy morning, but as soon as they were getting ready to leave for brunch, the sun came out. John wanted to propose outside of their first place together, and took the one chance of the sun shining to do so.

As they were walking outside, John stopped Cara in front of their beautiful apartment building, got down on one knee and, fighting through stutters and stammers, he asked Cara to be his wife. Of course, she said yes!!

A Vision of her Perfect Wedding Dress

Cara had a vision of her perfect wedding dress and knew exactly how she wanted to look. She wanted a long form fitting dress with long lacy sleeves and a flower crown. Cara, her Grandmother and Mom, planned multiple weekends to go wedding dress shopping. People would tell Cara, “once you try on the ‘one’ you will know.” Although, she never had that feeling with any of the dresses she had tried on.

She was getting discouraged and worried she would end up just settling with a dress that her heart was not set on. Just when she began to lose hope, a friend sent her a text containing a link to the Dreamers and Lovers website. The text read, “You are going to love everything about these dresses.” She was right! Cara fell in love with all of the laid back, boho dresses and chose to try on a sample dress through the loan service program.

Once the sample arrived, Cara hurried to her Grandmother’s house to share the moment of trying on, what could be, the “one”. After slipping into the dress, she turned to her grandmother and her mother immediately, knowing, just from the look in their eyes, that this is the “one”. She sent the sample dress back and anxiously awaited the final product.

A couple of months later Cara received her finished, bohemian wedding gown. She immediately tried the dress on and loved everything about it. From the fit, to the sleeves, the beautiful lace, it was all there, everything she had envisioned. Cara and John’s wedding cake was provided by Deena Cakes and decorated with flowers by Lush and Lovely Floristry.

One of Cara’s favorite aspects of the day was her choice of photographer, who smoothed out the process for her and turned their wedding album, their way of remembering their special day forever, into an absolute dream come true.

It’s important to feel comfortable around your photographer and trust that they will do an amazing job capturing every moment of your big day, Rachel Clarke photography did just that.

Cara and John decided to marry at The Glidden house, a French Gothic Eclectic style venue, in Cleveland, Ohio, where they had a small intimate wedding with about 90 close family and friends.

While there were so many details that came together to create the perfect day, a few of Cara’s stand outs were her laid back vintage inspired wedding dress, their flowers, the rental pieces they borrowed from Borrow Rental, as well as their party favors…they were becoming Mr. and Mrs. Jones, so they bought Jones soda and personalized it with an engagement picture with the wedding date.

The Wedding Vendors

The wedding flowers were done by Lush and Lovely Floristry out of Ohio City, Ohio. The bride’s bouquet was put together by an arrangement of eucalyptus, ranunculus, garden roses, queen Anne’s lace and greenery, with a matching flower crown. Cara felt that the Glidden house outdoor area was so beautiful on its own, she simply added big ferns for the ceremony. The reception centerpieces and head table were arranged with garland of greenery and roses.

Judging by the pictures, this couple created a personalized vision of elegance with a true bohemian twist and we wish them a future full of all the grace, style and love with which they’ve begun.

Photographer: Rachel Clarke Photo

Wedding Dress: Alice

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