Introducing Bride Misty: The Free-Spirit Behind the Dress

Introducing Bride Misty: The Free-Spirit Behind the Dress

Every bride has a story, a journey that leads her to that magical ‘I do’ moment. But beyond the wedding day, there’s a woman with dreams, adventures, and a unique essence that defines her. Today, we’re honored to share the story of Misty, a free-spirited soul who chose Dreamers and Lovers for her special day. Dive into her personal journey, discover her connection to our brand, and witness the magic of authenticity that resonates in every stitch of her chosen gown. Join us as we celebrate the woman behind the bride and be inspired by her empowerment, individuality, and love tale.


Embarking on a Soulful Journey

  • Three Words She Uses to Describe Herself: Adventuresome, Introspective, and Compassionate. Why? She believes life is an adventure, introspection is her journey within, and compassion is her heart’s true nature.
  • How She Defines Authenticity: She stays true in her work, relationships, and personal growth. Every day is a chance for her to be genuine.
  • A Moment She Felt Empowered: The time she booked a one-way ticket to an island, knowing no one. She finished her book there, marking a true soul-searching time.
  • When She Felt Most True to Herself: After experiencing profound loss, she chose to discover her true self and grow positively. She learned invaluable life lessons through her grief and found her true nature, strengths, and unexpected blessings.





Embodied Freedom: Her Connection to Dreamers & Lovers

  • What Attracted Her to Dreamers and Lovers: The feeling and attitude of freedom, adventure, and the permission to be unique. She felt there were no “rules” or boundaries with Dreamers and Lovers dresses, which exemplified freedom to her, all while revealing femininity and timeless beauty.
  • How the Violetta Dress Reflects Her Identity: Everything about the Violetta dress reflected her identity — the botanical lace pattern, the open back design, the natural cotton fabric, and the long train. She wanted a dress that was both sexy and modest. The open back and long sleeves balanced the design perfectly for her. The dress was perfect for her mountain meadow ceremony, and she embraced the adventure, even if it meant the dress getting a bit dirty.
  • How Dreamers and Lovers Allowed Her to Express Her Individuality: She felt elegant and natural. The dress’s open back allowed her to wear a rose quartz back necklace, and she found clay earrings that complemented the dress’s design.
  • How She Felt the First Time She Tried It On: She felt naturally beautiful and believed the dress was made just for her.
  • The Emotions and Memories the Dress Evokes for Her Now: Joy, love, and the freedom to be herself.

How the Dress Enhanced Her Wedding Experience: The dress was everything to her. Looking back at the photos, she’s thankful for her choice.

A Random  Moment: She tried the dress on by herself, and it was the first and only one she tried. This was a significant moment for someone who often second-guesses and can be a perfectionist.

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Empowering Future Brides

  • Her Advice: Stay true to yourself. It’s okay to seek advice, but remember; confidence is beautiful.
  • Her Take on Individuality in Weddings: She balances tradition with unique style, aiming for timeless memories.
  • How She Believes the Dress Added to Her Wedding’s Narrative: The dress was perfect for the wedding’s landscape — an intimate, beautiful, outdoorsy adventure. Even her husband said it was precisely what he envisioned her wearing.
  • Her Post-Wedding Realizations: She realizes she can continue to trust herself, her desires, and her ideas.

Her Message for Women Embarking on Their Journey: She believes most women know what dress style they’re looking for. Trusting your instincts and embracing the natural beauty, authenticity, and adventure that Dreamers & Lovers dresses offer is essential. Your special day should reflect YOU.


DRESS FEATURED: Dreamers & Lovers Long Sleeve Violetta Wedding Dress

Whispers in the Wind: A Joshua Tree Elopement

Whispers in the Wind: A Joshua Tree Elopement

In the vastness of Joshua Tree, Mila and Jaxon’s love story unfolds, defying traditions and embracing authentic romance. Their elopement, captured amid golden twilight, celebrates a union as wild and free as the desert winds. Discover a tale of two souls daring to be truly themselves with Dreamers & Lovers’ ethereal Heather Fringe Wedding Dress.


In a world where the hues of twilight seamlessly blend with the vastness of the desert, Mila and Jaxon’s souls found their rendezvous. Drawn together at an art and music festival, their meeting was as if two wandering stars had collided, creating a brilliant explosion of shared dreams and melodies.

Mila, with her flowing hair and infectious laughter, was an artist who painted dreams and captured stories on canvas. Her spirit, as boundless as the sky, refused to be defined. Jaxon, with his deep-set eyes and fingers that danced on guitar strings, translated the world’s whispers into soul-stirring tunes. Between them, the harmony was palpable, and love, in its purest form, took root.

See how Bride Jackie Styled her Heather Wedding Dress for her Fiesta Styled Wedding.


However, as their love story began to unfurl, the clamor of the world grew louder. Voices filled with traditional doctrines and age-old rituals began to overshadow their dreams. “A grand wedding,” they echoed, “a celebration befitting the union of two souls.”

Yet, how could they cage their love within walls of societal norms? Their bond was as wild and free as the wind sweeping through the Joshua Trees, and as genuine as the constellations above.

Dreamy Elopement Dresses if Planning your own Wedding


One serene evening, under the soft glow of a lantern, Jaxon strummed a tune. A song that voiced their yearning for freedom, their dreams of a love untamed. Beside him, Mila painted, her brush strokes capturing their shared desire to escape, to find a haven where their love could truly breathe.

They made their choice. An elopement. Their union would not be about grand stages or societal seals of approval. It was a sacred promise, one meant for the vast desert and the infinite sky.


For this intimate commitment, Mila chose an ethereal gown named “Heather” by Dreamers & Lovers. The dress, woven with dreams, was a harmonious dance of lace and polka dots. Wearing it, Mila felt like the epitome of wild, authentic beauty, her spirit free.

As the evening cast a golden hue over Joshua Tree, with stars beginning to twinkle and the desert bathed in the soft embrace of twilight, Mila and Jaxon stood hand in hand. The gentle breeze, playing with the fringes of Mila’s dress, whispered tales of timeless romances. And there, amidst the ancient rocks and resilient trees, they exchanged vows. Vows of eternal love, of adventures uncharted, and of finding each other in every lifetime.

The desert around them hummed, celebrating their love story. The serenity was punctuated only by Jaxon’s guitar and the soft rhythm of two hearts in love.

In their elopement, Mila and Jaxon discovered the true essence of love—unbounded, sincere, and infinitely romantic. Their story was not just a tale of transcending traditions; it was a testament to the power of love when two souls dare to be truly themselves.

Photography: Alyssa Marie Photo



A Dance with Destiny: The Dreamy Tale of Phoebe and David

A Dance with Destiny: The Dreamy Tale of Phoebe and David


In a realm where the stars conspire and fate sings of serendipity, Pheobe’s journey to forever unfurled. She is more than just a bride; she is an alchemy of grace, defiance, and boho spirit. Phoebe is the embodiment of the boho bride.


Two Souls Intertwined by Chance and Destiny

On a seemingly ordinary summer evening in 2019, Phoebe met David amidst shared laughter and kindred spirits. While she was entwined in another’s narrative then, destiny had a different story in mind. Their souls whispered tales of a timeless friendship, which soon danced to the rhythm of love. David’s heartfelt confession merged seamlessly with Phoebe’s reciprocation, crafting their serendipitous love song.


The couple had always dreamed of having an intimate wedding ceremony with only their immediate family present. When it’s your dream to have an intimate wedding, you must quickly become an expert on how to plan a small wedding. Questions start swirling in your head, like, “how to plan a small wedding?” “How much does a small wedding cost?” “Where to have a small wedding?”

Vows, Blooms, and Beginnings

Their vows, whispered in an intimate back-to-back setting, became the cornerstone of their union, sealing their promises to each other. When life presented floral challenges, Phoebe’s tribe transformed them into an enchanting bouquet. With blossoms from Trader Joe’s, they crafted symbols of beauty and resilience, ready for the next chapter in Milwaukee. There, with David delving into Mechanical Engineering and Phoebe’s ventures in ultrasound, they began their epic as newlyweds. Trader Joe’s while they don’t offer wedding flower services, it is the ultimate destination for sourcing dreamy blooms for bouquets and beyond. Check out this useful guide on sourcing Trader Joes fresh blooms for your special day.


Gratitude, Dreams, and a Symphony of Love

Her Dreamers & Lovers Hayley gown, custom fitted to her unique measurements, was more than attire; it was a dream realized. As her day unfolded amidst breathtaking views and cherished guests, Pheobe knew that the universe had indeed orchestrated a perfect love symphony just for her.

The adventurous boho bride is a shared theme amongst our brides, read Jessica & John’s serendipitous love story and their modern bohemian wedding.


To every bride out there, like Pheobe, your journey is a tapestry of magic and profound moments. Dream with abandon, for those dreams harbor a reality waiting to serenade you.





The Ethereal Journey of Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

The Ethereal Journey of Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

A Match Made in Dreams: The Unforgettable Experience at Dreamers & Lovers

When a bride steps through the doors of Dreamers & Lovers, she steps into a haven designed to bring her dreams to life. The testimonial from our grateful bride, Denise, resonates deeply:

“Dreamers & Lovers is everything and more! I am so blessed to have crossed paths with them and chosen their wedding dress for my special day. They went above and beyond for me, so I can never repay them. The dress is unmatched – comfortable, stunning, and unique. The staff is warm, welcoming, and accommodating to your personal vision. You feel right at home there. I love them so much! I can’t thank everyone enough for making my dream wedding dress.”

This heartfelt sentiment echoes the brand’s commitment to making each bride’s experience exceptional, from the warm embrace of the staff to the moment she gazes upon her reflection in the mirror, adorned in a dress that is an extension of her soul.


The Callista Dress: A Canvas of Dreams and Love

Among the enchanting dresses that grace the racks of Dreamers & Lovers, the Callista dress holds a story that beautifully exemplifies the brand’s philosophy. Bride Denise’s words illuminate the connection between her and the dress:

“‘Callista’ was my chosen wedding dress before I knew she existed. As soon as I stepped into her, a moment flashed before my eyes of my husband seeing me on our wedding day for the first time. ‘Callista’ made me feel effortless, timeless, serene, and peaceful.”

In these words, the essence of the Callista dress comes alive – a gown that doesn’t just dress a bride but intertwines her vision, dreams, and love story. The bride reveals, “There is a reason I found ‘Callista’ at Dreamers & Lovers. For she represented the dress of a dreamer, me, and the vision of a lover, my husband.”

Empowering Freedom and Self-Expression

At the heart of Dreamers & Lovers lies a profound belief in the importance of freedom and self-expression. Every bride possesses a unique story that deserves to be told authentically. The brand’s ethereal dresses are more than just fabric and lace; they become a canvas for every free-spirited bride to paint her own portrait.

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress

Dreamers & Lovers’ vision is that every bride should have the freedom to be herself, to choose a dress that reflects her most authentic essence, and to embrace her individuality on her most special day. The Callista dress is just one example of how a dress can transcend its material form and become a manifestation of dreams, love, and authenticity.

Rental Wedding Dresses That are Guaranteed to Please, Think Comfort & Ease

Rental Wedding Dresses That are Guaranteed to Please, Think Comfort & Ease

Say Heck-Yeah to Dreamy & Affordable Style: The Benefits of Wedding Dress Rental

Are you a unique bride looking for the perfect wedding dress rental option for your big day? Do you want to make a statement with an amazing, nontraditional dress without paying the total price tag? Look no further than our wedding dress rentals! Our California-based company offers the ease, convenience, affordability, and peace of mind that comes with renting your wedding dress. We’ve made renting a wedding dress so easy by offering you the option of trying on the dress before making it official. The in-studio or at-home try-on experience eliminates the guesswork of whether your wedding dress will suit you. You know the exact fit of the dress you will receive for your special day. You can try the gown in our showroom in Southern California. Another detail to love is that we make all our wedding dresses locally in our Torrance, California, design studio. Our rental wedding dresses are of the same high-quality Dreamers & Lovers have been known for since we first opened in 2012.




Unconventional Brides Celebrate: Our Rental Wedding Dresses Offer Comfort and Unique Designs

Renting your wedding dress has many benefits, especially if you are a bride planning a nontraditional wedding. Whether planning an outdoor wedding, adventurous elopement, or intimate wedding, our rental wedding dresses will provide a gown that perfectly fits your unconventional wedding. Brides like you fall in love with the comfort level of our dresses. They love the super unique designs, and the laces are cotton, soft, and easy to move around. If you plan on moving around loads for photos, dancing, and just having fun, Dreamers & Lovers rental wedding dresses are for you! Our best selling Hayley wedding  dress rental is the ideal dress to frolic around in, in the outdoors. The silks are breathable and breathtaking. Comfortable, dreamy wedding dresses are all that we do.

Affordability, Convenience & Ease: The Benefits of Renting a Wedding Dress

  One of the main benefits of renting a wedding dress is affordability. The thought process from many of the brides we speak to is, “Why spend thousands of dollars on a dress I’ll only wear once when I can rent one for a fraction of the price?” For brides on a budget, renting a wedding dress is the route. Some brides dream about storing their wedding dress and putting it on yearly for their anniversary. The decision is personal, and most brides buy more than they rent, but the rental is the perfect solution if you have a wedding budget that exceeds the price tag of the dress you fall in love with. Our rental options are a great way to stay on budget without sacrificing style.

Renting Wedding Dresses Gives You Options

Not only is renting affordable, but it’s also convenient. If you are a bride eloping and need a dress in a week, renting a wedding dress from Dreamers & Lovers could be a dream come true. We encourage brides renting their dresses to commit to the rental online, as rentals are subject to availability. If another bride has chosen your dream dress in your size and with a similar wedding date, your dress may be unavailable. We offer two rental options: a 4-day rental and a 7-day rental. The two turnaround options are great because some brides may have a destination wedding and need more time to return the dress to Dreamers & Lovers California studio.

From Showroom to Rental: How Our California-Based Company Is Listening to Brides’ Needs

At our California-based company, we’re all about connecting with our brides, and listening to their dreams, wants, and needs. After working intimately with brides directly in our California showrooms and online, many said they wish we would offer rentals. We were still determining what that would be like logistically. We’re happy we listened and trusted because near and far brides have used our wedding dress rentals. We’re the first bridal company in the boho/bohemian bridal space offering rental wedding dresses, and we are excited that we can provide this dream for our brides. We want to ensure you stand out on your special day, and renting a unique wedding dress is the perfect way.


Renting a Dress is Easy and Stree-Free

Our rental process is easy and stress-free. We ship our rental wedding dresses from California throughout the U.S., so you don’t have to worry about visiting a physical store. You can browse our online selection of rental wedding dresses and find the perfect one for your big day. Once you find your fave or favorites, you can use our home try-on, where you can try wedding dresses at home. Don’t let the stress of finding the perfect wedding dress detract from the magic of planning for your special day. Renting a wedding dress from our California-based company will give you the ease, convenience, affordability, and peace of mind to make your wedding day unforgettable. Give it a try. Try renting a wedding dress today and experience the freedom and creativity it provides.


Rent Your Dream Wedding Dress Today

“Renting my wedding dress from Dreamers & Lovers was the easiest decision I could have made. I used the extra money I saved towards my dream Italian honeymoon. My photos are stunning, and I will always have the memories from my wedding in my gorgeous Ruth gown. Thank you D&L for making this girl’s dreams come true. What a brilliant service!” – Bride Ali who wore the Ruth Wedding Dress Rental

YAYA LACE AND SILK WEDDING DRESS - Cotton Lace & Silk Flowy Wedding Gown