United by Adventure: Avery and Dom’s Journey from High School Sweethearts to Dream Wedding

United by Adventure: Avery and Dom’s Journey from High School Sweethearts to Dream Wedding


Avery and Dom’s love story started in high school, when they were acquaintances in history class. As they spent more time together, their friendship blossomed into a resilient, committed relationship. Avery found her dream wedding dress at Dreamers & Lovers, and the couple’s personal vows reflected their adventurous spirits and deep affection. Their wedding was a beautiful blend of heartfelt moments and breathtaking beauty, captured by their talented photographers. With 120 guests, the day was filled with love, laughter, and lifelong memories. Avery and Dom’s story is a testament to the enduring power of love and the beauty of life shared with one’s best friend and soulmate.


Photo Credits: Taylor Mccutchan




Tell us About the Proposal

We had set off in the fall on a long road trip through Idaho, Montana and all the way down to Utah. We lived out of my Landcruiser, exploring the National parks and trying to see what we could before the snow fell. We met up with some of our buddies in Zion National Park, car camping and hiking. We wanted to hike Angels Landing but discovered you had to enter a lottery to get permits. We were there for a couple of days so two of us entered the lottery for our whole group in hopes of increasing our chances. We didn’t get it our first day we tried, and only had one day and one chance left. Later that night we received the email that we had won the lottery and got the permit for our last day. The next morning we set out. We hiked it for sunrise and it was quite the experience holding onto the chains as we climbed to the top. The sun was popping off! One of my buddies and I are photographers so we had brought our cameras of course. I yelled at my buddy to walk down to the edge so I could take his photo in the morning light. He kept on leaving and I started to get frustrated at him. My other buddy, Ezra (the photographer) suggested that he would take Dom and I’s photo instead. So not thinking anything of it, I took off all my gear and followed Dom out to the edge. He snapped a couple photos of us and I started to walk away when Dom grabbed me. He said, “Wait, I have to ask you something.” I replied, “What! Are you gonna ask me to marry you or something, haha.” Dom got down on one knee and said “Ya, will you marry me?” Somehow Dom, throughout our whole roadtrip of living out of our car, had hid the ring and a whole bottle of champagne from me.

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Did you Write your Own vows?

We wrote our own vows and our favorite phrases are below.

Avery – “You are able to feel fear and not let it alter your decisions. You dropped everything even when our bank accounts and common sense said not to, so you could bike across a state with me. Whether it be biking hundreds of miles. jumping out of a plane, or off a 70 foot bridge. You always jump right into the deep end with me.”

Dom- “Until one day, my best friend Nathan pointed out a pretty girl in green overalls. This was the day my focus shifted to you. I look back at my endless effort to figure you out, and now I see that it was just a reflection of the reasons I love you. Such as the way you gravitate toward adventure, or the love you have for all people. It wasn’t until I got to know you further that I understood how many mysteries you hold. The one I love the most is how you could have so much love for the man standing with you today, leading me like a guiding light, on a journey closer to God.”


Tell us About Finding Your Wedding Dress

I first started searching on pinterest for the style of wedding dresses that I liked. I knew I liked more of a boho, flowy, lace style. On my first google search, I found Dreamers and Lovers and fell in love. I absolutely loved the Hayley dress and kept going back to it. After watching my sister find her dress the previous year, I knew it’s not always the one you like at first sight that looks good on you. So I went to a couple of local boutiques to try on some other styles. I felt like I looked awful in all of them and it made me feel pretty disheartened. I went ahead and ordered the Hayley and a couple other dresses to try on at home. The lace was so beautiful and I loved the way all the dresses looked. Out of all of them I didn’t want to take the Hayley off. However, I was so indecisive after hearing the input of my friends and family. A few more try-ons later and I knew for sure that the Hayley was my dress.



What was your Favorite Detail of the Wedding?

It’s so hard to choose my favorite detail of the wedding. But it’s between these three, we had a photo booth made out of a bronze-ish frame with flowers hung by fishing line creating the illusion that they were floating, our wedding welcome sign which was covered in flowers and made out of aspen wood that we found the weekend before the wedding, and lastly the way all the colors of my bridesmaids and bridesmen came together.

Share Other Detail about Your Wedding Day

Nothing went as planned, certain things did not get done or didn’t happen. But what came because of what went wrong I will cherish for the rest of my life. Originally we we’re supposed to only have two speeches but our schedule was so off put, that towards the end of the night we just let what was gonna happen, happen. Over 10 speeches were made and Dom and I agree that it was probably our favorite part of the wedding.


What Advice Do You Have for Future-Brides?

Hire a wedding planner! Start your wedding earlier than you think, double check your schedule with your vendors before finalizing the start time. Allow for more time in your schedule for everything because it will take longer than you think. It’s your wedding day and you don’t want to feel rushed. Choose the things that you want and make you feel the happiest not what others say will look best. What you see on pinterest is the vision not the final product so keep an open mind. No matter what happens on your day, just be present in every moment.

What’s Next for you as a Couple?

Grow deeper together and go wherever God calls us, and bikepack together all around the world. But one day we’d love to move somewhere deep in the mountains, start a little homestead and a little family.

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Photographer 1: Luke Treat

Photographer 2: Taylor McCuthchan

Wedding Dress: Dreamers & Lovers Hayley

Andrea’s Journey to Self Expression with Dreamers & Lovers

Andrea’s Journey to Self Expression with Dreamers & Lovers


In an intimate interview with Dreamers & Lovers, our radiant bride, Andrea, shares her journey of self-discovery, authenticity, and love, all beautifully encapsulated in her choice of the Savannah dress for her wedding day. Describing herself as empathetic, loving, and thoughtful, she reflects on her life’s moments of empowerment, particularly when helping others, and how these qualities resonate with her spirituality and deep connection to Christ’s teachings. Her story of meeting and falling in love with her husband, Sylas, is a testament to the power of love, forgiveness, and redemption, with their relationship enduring long distances and temporary separations. The unconventional proposal, where Sylas asks for her hand in marriage at the very spot where they had once parted ways, symbolizes a new beginning and the healing power of love.

Her wedding day was a true reflection of her personality and values. The Savannah dress from Dreamers & Lovers, chosen amidst a whirlwind five-month wedding planning, perfectly mirrored her eclectic, free-spirited nature and desire for a timeless piece that could be passed down to future generations. The dress, embodying comfort and individuality, allowed her to express her true self, feeling confident and undeniably authentic as she married her best friend.

The bride’s advice to future brides is heartfelt and empowering: be unapologetic in your choices, stay true to yourself and your partner, and remember that the wedding is a celebration of your unique love story. She encourages embracing individuality in today’s wedding culture, stepping away from traditional norms, and infusing personal touches that truly represent the couple. Her experience with Dreamers & Lovers was not just about finding the perfect dress but also about embracing her journey of authenticity, love, and self-expression, a message she passionately shares with women embarking on their journey to find the perfect wedding dress. Read more from the interview below.



Their Love Story

This love story begins with a chance meeting through a mutual friend, leading to an inseparable bond despite a brief period of long-distance dating. Their relationship, marked by a unique proposal at the site of their temporary breakup, symbolizes forgiveness and the healing power of love. The couple’s commitment to each other was further solidified by writing and privately reading their vows in an unconventional setting – a Dutch Bros. drive-thru. The groom’s joyous reaction to his bride in her wedding dress, perfectly reflecting her personality, was a highlight of their special day. Looking ahead, the newlyweds embarked on a new adventure, moving from California to Chicago for further studies and career pursuits, eagerly anticipating this new chapter in their lives as a married couple.

See this other bride, the sister to the Savannah, wearing the Hayley dress at her California mountain wedding.


Andrea’s Self -Reflection

Andrea describes herself using three words: empathetic, loving, and thoughtful. These traits stem from their deep appreciation for the small details in life and a tendency to empathize deeply with others. Authenticity in daily life is defined by staying true to personal values and spreading love and light despite the challenges posed by a technology-driven world that often obscures genuine interactions. Empowerment is felt most profoundly when helping others, reinforcing the belief in the strength of support and upliftment. The most authentic self-expression is found in spirituality, particularly in embodying the teachings of Jesus Christ, such as patience, kindness, forgiveness, and grace, even in challenging interactions. This spiritual foundation is central to Andrea’s identity and guides her interactions with others.


The Journey to Find Her Dream Dress

The bride’s attraction to Dreamers and Lovers for her wedding dress stemmed from a tight five-month wedding planning schedule and her desire for a unique, comfortable dress that deviated from traditional styles. She was drawn to the brand’s attention to detail and its ethos of catering to unconventional brides. The chosen dress reflected her eclectic, free-spirited nature and desire for a timeless piece, feeling like an extension of her identity and allowing her to express her individuality authentically on her wedding day. The first time she tried on the dress, she experienced an overwhelming sense of rightness and emotional connection, which was only heightened on her wedding day. The perfectly fitting and comfortable dress enhanced her wedding experience, making her feel beautiful, free, and authentic to herself. It now evokes nostalgia and represents the love and journey she shares with her partner, Sylas. The experience with Dreamers and Lovers was seamless and fulfilling, contributing significantly to the joy and comfort of her special day.

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What message would you like to leave for women embarking on their journey of finding the perfect wedding dress?

“Whatever you do or choose, do it with your heart forward.
Be true to yourself and what you love because only you will know what’s best for you. Be unapologetic. Be opinionated. Be open to trying new things. Be present and allow yourself to slow down and feel your emotions. When you quiet all your racing thoughts, the decision will come to you.”



Andrea’s Advice to Future Brides.

The key advice for future brides is to remain true to themselves during wedding preparations. They are encouraged to make unapologetic decisions that reflect their and their partner’s preferences, emphasizing that the wedding is a celebration of their unique love and happiness. Understanding and considering others’ opinions is important, but ultimately, prioritizing personal desires is crucial.

Regarding individuality and self-expression in modern wedding culture, the influence of social media and the prevalence of wedding trends are acknowledged. However, there’s a growing trend towards personalization and breaking away from traditional norms. Today’s brides are increasingly confident in infusing their personality and desires into their weddings, making each celebration a unique and intimate reflection of the couple’s relationship. This shift towards individuality in weddings is seen as a positive and exciting development, promising even more diverse and personalized weddings in the future.

The Unconventional Bride: A Story of Individuality and Empowerment

The Unconventional Bride: A Story of Individuality and Empowerment


In the world of weddings, it’s easy to feel like you must follow tradition at the expense of your own style. But what if we told you that there’s another way? This is the story of our featured bride, Hannah, who dared to be different and refused to let convention dictate how she celebrated her love.

Hannah is a free spirit and an adventurer who lives on her terms. She is spontaneous, happy, and authentic, with a spirit as indomitable as the mountains she loves to climb. And when she stumbled upon Dreamers & Lovers, she knew she had found a kindred spirit.

The Violetta lace wedding dress she chose is more than just a dress; it reflects her journey, symbolizing her spirit and style. It allowed her to express her individuality in a way that felt true to her, and on her wedding day, she shone like a star.

Hannah’s wedding was captured stunningly by Basically Emily Photography.


 I was in a car accident nine years ago where I broke my back and pelvis and had to learn to walk again, so every time I accomplish something I dreamed about since I was a kid I feel grateful and empowered! I’m thankful I could walk down the aisle! 


Embracing Change: A Tale of Spontaneity, Adventure, and Resilience.

– What three words would you use to describe yourself and why? 

Spontaneous, adventurous, and happy! I embrace change and love to travel.

– How do you define authenticity in your day-to-day life? 

I am very intuitive, so I go with what feels right in the moment. It has worked well for me so far!

-Tell us about a moment when you truly felt empowered. What led to that realization? 

Every time I find myself far from home – whether submitting a mountain in the Adirondacks, studying birds in the Amazon, or seeing an elephant in the wild for the first time. I was in a car accident nine years ago where I broke my back and pelvis and had to learn to walk again, so every time I accomplish something I dreamed about since I was a kid, I feel grateful and empowered! I’m thankful I could walk down the aisle! 

– Can you share a story of when you felt most true to yourself? –Anytime I’m exploring and can share new experiences with someone I love.


Unique Elegance: Hannah Reflects on her Journey with Choosing Her Wedding Dress

-What attracted you to Dreamers and Lovers for your wedding dress?

 I was looking for something I hadn’t seen before, I love to be unique! I had always imagined myself wearing a darker shade of white, so being able to choose the nude color underneath the lace was perfect.

-How does your chosen dress reflect your identity or journey?

It just felt right, and I always choose what feels right. My mom always says that I have a vision, and once I know what I want, I go for it! 

-In what ways did Dreamers and Lovers allow you to express your individuality on your wedding day?

 I was able to be comfortable! It wasn’t too much fabric or too heavy, I could hike into the pines for our vows and dance with my friends!

-How did you feel the first time you tried on your Dreamers and Lovers dress?

I chose a different dress first! Same lace and color but short flowy sleeves instead of long ones and less form-fitting. I told all my friends and family there with me. I chose the other one, but over the next couple of weeks, I kept going back to the long sleeves. Since it was a sample size, it didn’t fit me perfectly and was hard to imagine as my dress, but I decided to surprise everyone and put my trust in the Dreamers and Lovers team that when it was made to my measurements I was so happy I did! 

What emotions or memories does the dress evoke for you now?

 I was so happy and calm all day – right where I needed to be:) I have beautiful pictures showing my dad, who bought the dress for me for the first time. 

How did wearing a Dreamers and Lovers dress enhance your wedding experience?

I felt like me!


Candid Moments

-Could you share a candid moment from your wedding day or any day when you wore the dress and felt incredibly “you”?

 I love birds and have dedicated my career to bird conservation, so having a hawk fly in the rings was such a showstopping special moment! When he landed, he bonked me in the head a little with his wing!



Hannah’s Advice to Future Brides

-What advice would you give future brides to stay true to themselves while navigating wedding preparations?

Wedding planning can be fun! We snuck away and eloped on the same day as our wedding in the park where he proposed. We spoke our vows and officially became husband and wife for the first time peacefully in the pines with just our parents and bridal party; it was absolutely perfect and took the pressure off of the rest of our day. So my advice is to plan in a few peaceful moments! 


-How do you believe individuality and self-expression play a role in today’s wedding culture?

 People want to be unique and I love that!


Hannah’s Reflections:

-How do you believe your dress added to your wedding’s narrative or story?

It fit me and the venue perfectly, as if it belonged there! 

-How has your understanding or appreciation of authenticity and individuality evolved after your wedding?

I have gotten so many comments from guests about how they loved all the unique touches I added to the day and how it differed from other weddings they have attended! 

-What message would you like to leave for women embarking on their journey of finding the perfect wedding dress?

Take lots of pictures during fittings! How you see yourself in the mirror vs. how you look in photos can be different, so look at both! .





Elegant Wedding Dresses with a Boho Vibe : Meet Nomadic Nouveau our Newest Collection

Elegant Wedding Dresses with a Boho Vibe : Meet Nomadic Nouveau our Newest Collection

Are you a free-spirited bride-to-be looking for the perfect dress to match your authenticity? Look no further than Dreamers & Lovers’ “Nomadic Nouveau” Collection. This bohemian-inspired elegant wedding dress collection is unlike anything you’ve seen before. It’s crafted with love and care, just like your love story.

Each dress in the collection is a unique work of art, carefully crafted with exquisite detailing and couture craftsmanship. The Allegra, Athena, Eleanor, Emie, Fiona, Lena, Lotus, Piper, Raidy, Sparrow and Tessa are all stunning dresses that will make you feel like a goddess on your big day.



Crafting your Love Story

Every bride has a tale to tell, and “Nomadic Nouveau” ensures it’s one of passion, love, and transcendence. Far from the conventions of the ordinary, each dress from this collection is a page from a diary of dreams, meticulously crafted in our Torrance-based Design Studio. With our signature cotton lace dresses’ legacy, we’ve ventured further, introducing ethereal silk dresses that gracefully drape and embrace. Elegant wedding dresses for the special bride.






The Allegra Elegant Boho Wedding Dress

A vision of bohemian elegance, the Allegra Boho Bell Sleeve Wedding Dress stands out with its exquisite textured cord lace. The low-cut neckline, adorned with handsewn appliqués, meets a gracefully covered high back, featuring handsewn buttons running down its center. The dress’s modified A-line skirt cinches its ethereal appeal.

Love a good bell sleeve? Then chances are you will also love our Dawn and Samantha dresses.

The Allegra Dress Is Shown Here with the Nude-Colored Liner. Other Liner Colors Available: Off-White, Ivory and Dark-Champagne.

Available in Sizes 2-18 Or Choose Custom Sizing and Receive Complimentary Made to Measure.








The Olivia Elegant Off-Shoulder Boho Wedding Dress

A vision of bohemian elegance, the Allegra Boho Bell Sleeve Wedding Dress stands out with its exquisite textured cord lace. The low-cut neckline, adorned with handsewn appliqués, meets a gracefully covered high back, featuring handsewn buttons running down its center. The dress’s modified A-line skirt cinches its ethereal appeal.

If you love the Olivia dress, see more of our off-shoulder wedding dress styles.

The Olivia Dress Is Shown Here with the Nude-Colored Liner. Other Liner Colors Available: Off-White, Ivory and Dark-Champagne.

Available in Sizes 2-18 Or Choose Custom Sizing and Receive Complimentary Made to Measure.









Athena Silk Cotton Elegant Wedding Dress

What a special dress for the free-spirited looking for a boho yet elegant wedding dress. Crafted from a lux and lightweight silk cotton fabric, it will move gracefully with the bride. It’s 56 hours of dedication, passion, and artistry by a single seamstress





Lotus Lace & Silk Elegant Wedding Dress

A  stunning and striking high neckline lace and silk dress. Our classic vintage-inspired silhouette. The Lotus features handsewn appliques throughout, concentrated on the bodice for a 3D effect. She has long fitted sleeves with a silk charmeuse skirt. Buttons down the center back. An elegant style for the discerning bride. A removable lace train can be added for a longer, more dramatic train.

Do you love a good high-neck wedding dress? We have loads more. See our full wedding dress collection.

The Lotus Dress Is Shown Here with the Nude-Colored Liner. Other Liner Colors Available: Off-White, Ivory and Dark-Champagne.

Available in Sizes 2-18 Or Choose Custom Sizing and Receive Complimentary Made to Measure.








The Tessa Backless Boho Elegant Wedding Dress

A backless wedding dress that speaks volumes of the brand’s legacy. Deriving its inspiration from the well-loved Stella dress, the Tessa boasts a patchwork of laces sewn together, resulting in a head-turning backless design. Tailored for the bride who loves to celebrate her figure, it’s a quintessential piece in this collection.

Chances are if you LOVE the Tessa wedding dress, you will be obsessed with our Brooke Backless Lace Wedding Dress.

The Tessa Dress Is Shown Here with the Off-White Liner. Other Liner Colors Available:  Nude, Vanilla and Dark-Champagne.

Available in Sizes 2-18 Or Choose Custom Sizing and Receive Complimentary Made to Measure.









The Piper Elegant Wedding Dress with High-Neckline

An ultra elegant yet comfortable style for the free-spirited bride. All lace design. Flowers from the lace is hand-cut and handsewn to the bodice creating a 3D effect. High neckline with sweetheart cut lining. Fitted skirt showing off the figure. Stunning train. This is a true couture style. It’s timeless and would be a good heirloom dress to pass down for generations. For brides who love this style, but would prefer a more earthy lace, the popular and OG version is our Willow Lace Wedding Dress.









Fiona Vintage-Inspired Elegant Wedding Dress

A vintage-inspired beauty crafted from stretch lace with a drop V-shaped basque waist and flowy skirt. Long sleeves. Standout handsewn handmade rosettes at the neckline and waist.


The Allegra Dress Is Shown Here Off-White colored liner. It is also available with a nude liner.

Available in Sizes 2-18 Or Choose Custom Sizing and Receive Complimentary Made to Measure.








The Emie Elegant Wedding Dress with Boho Flowy Skirt

A harmonious blend of earthy lace and a flowy silk cotton skirt. The Emie is the embodiment of grace, culminating in a breathtaking train that’s bound to leave an impression.

Shop all our Bohemian Wedding Dresses.

The Emie Dress Is Shown Here with the Nude-Colored Liner (Bodice only). Other Liner Colors Available: Off-White, Ivory and Dark-Champagne.

Available in Sizes 2-18 Or Choose Custom Sizing and Receive Complimentary Made to Measure.



The Mini Styles: Eleanor, Lena and Raidy

Celebrating the playful spirit of the “Nomadic Nouveau” collection, these mini dresses come with an off-shoulder design and fluttery sleeves. Their mini-length can be transformed with the option of a removable train, making them versatile and ever so chic


Innovation Meets Tradition

The removable train feature in this collection is a game-changer. It provides adaptability and style, allowing you to transition effortlessly from the ceremony to the reception. From the chic “Piper” to the enchanting “Sparrow” mini dress, you can find the perfect dress for your big day. Experience the magic with the “Athena” – our Tapestry dress. It’s more than just a dress; it’s 56 hours of dedication, passion, and artistry by a single seamstress. A tapestry of dreams, interweaving laces from our brand’s 11-year legacy with the new, epitomizing the journey of Dreamers & Lovers.




Our mini Sparrow dress shown with and without the optional  Linda removable train.


Bohemian Couture at its Pinnacle

Elegant wedding dresses often lean towards traditional or modern. “Nomadic Nouveau” defies this dichotomy, uniting bohemian freedom with couture detailing. Every silhouette, lace, and stitch is a labor of love, echoing the brand’s unyielding commitment to comfort, uniqueness, and sophistication.

Experience “Nomadic Nouveau” Anywhere

Though nestled in the embrace of Southern California, Dreamers & Lovers extends its magic globally with our unique home try-on service. Our wish is to make every bride, no matter her location, feel the passion and artistry of “Nomadic Nouveau.”

So, to every free-spirited bride yearning for a dance between elegance and bohemian charm – we invite you to immerse in the “Nomadic Nouveau” experience. Here, dreams aren’t just dreamt; they’re woven into the fabric of reality.

Embrace this new era of bridal elegance. Dive deep, let your spirit soar, and write your love story with Dreamers & Lovers’ “Nomadic Nouveau” Collection. Welcome to the future of elegant wedding dresses, where boho dreams meet crafted reality. Not sure which dress to choose? Don’t worry, with Dreamers & Lovers’ wedding dress home try-on service, you can try on your favorite dresses in the comfort of your own home. We want to make sure you find the perfect dress that matches your personality and style. Just like these free-spirited brides did.


A Love Story Unfolds for the Free-Spirited Bride Discovering Her Dream Wedding Dress

As you set forth on your bridal journey, let Dreamers & Lovers guide you to the epitome of bohemian elegance. Our “Nomadic Nouveau” collection is a tapestry of artistry and passion, meticulously crafted for the free-spirited bride. From textured laces to flowy silhouettes, each dress tells a story waiting to be a part of yours. Dive into this blend of tradition and innovation, and let your love story shine with unparalleled brilliance. For the modern bride seeking elegant wedding dresses with a boho twist, your dream ensemble awaits in the heart of California. Join us, and make your bridal vision come to life.

Are you looking for an elegant wedding dress that reflects your free-spirited personality? Look no further than Dreamers & Lovers’ “Nomadic Nouveau” Collection. This stunning collection is the perfect blend of bohemian vibes and couture craftsmanship. Experience the magic and let us help you write your love story.

Introducing Bride Misty: The Free-Spirit Behind the Dress

Introducing Bride Misty: The Free-Spirit Behind the Dress

Every bride has a story, a journey that leads her to that magical ‘I do’ moment. But beyond the wedding day, there’s a woman with dreams, adventures, and a unique essence that defines her. Today, we’re honored to share the story of Misty, a free-spirited soul who chose Dreamers and Lovers for her special day. Dive into her personal journey, discover her connection to our brand, and witness the magic of authenticity that resonates in every stitch of her chosen gown. Join us as we celebrate the woman behind the bride and be inspired by her empowerment, individuality, and love tale.


Embarking on a Soulful Journey

  • Three Words She Uses to Describe Herself: Adventuresome, Introspective, and Compassionate. Why? She believes life is an adventure, introspection is her journey within, and compassion is her heart’s true nature.
  • How She Defines Authenticity: She stays true in her work, relationships, and personal growth. Every day is a chance for her to be genuine.
  • A Moment She Felt Empowered: The time she booked a one-way ticket to an island, knowing no one. She finished her book there, marking a true soul-searching time.
  • When She Felt Most True to Herself: After experiencing profound loss, she chose to discover her true self and grow positively. She learned invaluable life lessons through her grief and found her true nature, strengths, and unexpected blessings.





Embodied Freedom: Her Connection to Dreamers & Lovers

  • What Attracted Her to Dreamers and Lovers: The feeling and attitude of freedom, adventure, and the permission to be unique. She felt there were no “rules” or boundaries with Dreamers and Lovers dresses, which exemplified freedom to her, all while revealing femininity and timeless beauty.
  • How the Violetta Dress Reflects Her Identity: Everything about the Violetta dress reflected her identity — the botanical lace pattern, the open back design, the natural cotton fabric, and the long train. She wanted a dress that was both sexy and modest. The open back and long sleeves balanced the design perfectly for her. The dress was perfect for her mountain meadow ceremony, and she embraced the adventure, even if it meant the dress getting a bit dirty.
  • How Dreamers and Lovers Allowed Her to Express Her Individuality: She felt elegant and natural. The dress’s open back allowed her to wear a rose quartz back necklace, and she found clay earrings that complemented the dress’s design.
  • How She Felt the First Time She Tried It On: She felt naturally beautiful and believed the dress was made just for her.
  • The Emotions and Memories the Dress Evokes for Her Now: Joy, love, and the freedom to be herself.

How the Dress Enhanced Her Wedding Experience: The dress was everything to her. Looking back at the photos, she’s thankful for her choice.

A Random  Moment: She tried the dress on by herself, and it was the first and only one she tried. This was a significant moment for someone who often second-guesses and can be a perfectionist.

Explore Amanda’s New Mexico Outdoor Wedding. She also wore the Violetta Lace Wedding Dress.






Empowering Future Brides

  • Her Advice: Stay true to yourself. It’s okay to seek advice, but remember; confidence is beautiful.
  • Her Take on Individuality in Weddings: She balances tradition with unique style, aiming for timeless memories.
  • How She Believes the Dress Added to Her Wedding’s Narrative: The dress was perfect for the wedding’s landscape — an intimate, beautiful, outdoorsy adventure. Even her husband said it was precisely what he envisioned her wearing.
  • Her Post-Wedding Realizations: She realizes she can continue to trust herself, her desires, and her ideas.

Her Message for Women Embarking on Their Journey: She believes most women know what dress style they’re looking for. Trusting your instincts and embracing the natural beauty, authenticity, and adventure that Dreamers & Lovers dresses offer is essential. Your special day should reflect YOU.


DRESS FEATURED: Dreamers & Lovers Long Sleeve Violetta Wedding Dress