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The Perfect Wedding Dress for a Mountain Wedding

The Perfect Wedding Dress for a Mountain Wedding

As a bride planning a mountain wedding, there are important things to consider, such as the rugged terrain, comfort, and finding a dress that aligns with the beauty of the outdoors. As a boho bridal brand, many of our brides plan adventure outdoor weddings, and we’ve had lots of brides with incredible mountainside weddings.

Heather, a Dreamy Boho Mountain Dress – Fitted but Comfortable

Alyssa got married at the picturesque Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, a mountainous and rugged part of the Central Coast of California, surrounded by the most spectacular panoramic views. She wore the Heather fringe lace wedding dress, on her wedding day. This dress works perfectly because of the bold patterns. The floral pattern of the lace blends harmoniously with the backdrop. The off-shoulder neckline ensured that she wouldn’t be hot, or worst yet worry about sweat stains, if planning a summer outdoor wedding. Her wedding was an adventure elopement style, so it was likely only her partner, photographer, and officiant present.

She chose a comfortable design that allowed her to move around freely. Although it was a fitted style, it was comfortable to walk around in. Comfort should be a staple when choosing a dress for your mountain wedding. Mermaid styles are not good options for a mountain wedding, because you will feel restrictive. Chances are your mountainside nuptials may include hiking, so your dress should allow you the freedom to climb over rocks, or even tread through the mud.

Finally, choose a well-fitting dress. We can guarantee that you want to look your best, while not worrying about a dress malfunction. Luckily, Alyssa used our complimentary made-to-measure service, so she received a perfectly fitting wedding dress without the need for alterations. She got it home and hung it safely until the wedding day. After receiving feedback from Alyssa, it is safe to say her dress was perfect for her destination wedding, and ceremony location.

Bride Alyssa Adventure Big Sur Mountain Wedding



Shop the Heather Fringe Wedding Dress

Simone, a Flowy Boho Mountain Wedding Dress

For the bride planning a mountain wedding in the colder months, a long sleeve dress option is a perfect choice. The Simone adds a flowy feel and will be easy to move around in. The earthy foliage of the lace will blend perfectly with the natural background of the mountain scenery. The stunning train makes for great photos. There is both a wristlet and a bustle for pinning up the train. The bustle comes in handy, especially if you’re planning on hiking.



Simone Elopement Wedding Dress |Jasper K Photos


Simone Dress| Chuy Photos

Shop the Simone Long Sleeves Boho Wedding Dress


Elopement Wedding Dresses to Love Now

Elopement Wedding Dresses to Love Now

Elopements Are A Dream

Congrats. You’ve decided to elope, and we’re happy you’re here. Whether this was a last-minute decision as a result of plans changing, or you’ve never wanted a large wedding, know that elopements are at the height of popularity, and for a good reason. They are low-key, and best of all, you can focus solely on celebrating the love between you and your partner. With that said, it is still essential to look and feel your best self. Choose a dress that will set the stage for your story. It has to reflect your style and a reflection of your uncompromising good taste. The venue will also set the scene for the look and feel of the dress you choose.

If opting for an adventure elopement, be sure your dress is comfortable to hike in. If eloping in a courthouse, you may want to opt for a more low-key style that is more in line with the venue. Many of our brides have eloped wearing our dresses. It’s only natural because our gowns are low key but still dreamy and breathtaking for photos. I will repeat it, your dress is super important. You’ve most likely (and we think you should), invested in a talented photographer, and these are the images you will be sharing with your friends and families. Choose a dress that is YOU, comfortable, and breathtaking.


Simone Wedding Dress |Jasper K Photos


Simone Elopement Wedding Dress |Jasper K Photos


Simone Long Sleeve Backless Wedding Dress


Jasper K Photography

Should Your Dress Have a Train?

Many brides are usually concerned about wearing a dress that has a train. We always suggest choosing a dress that has a train. Trains make great photos, in fact, the dreamiest photos. The important thing is, be sure your dress has a bustle and a wristlet option. If you love any of the dresses on this page, or from our collection, all of these dresses come with both options, a bustle, and a wristlet. After the ceremony and photos, you can pin up the train. Don’t feel like doing the bustling, then use the wristlet to comfortably hold the train up while you hike or walk to your elopement destination. Might I add, the wristlet is cool for photos. It has a laidback elegant feel when brides have the dress held on their wrist and is an excellent, seemingly nonchalant photo.

In addition to bustling concern, we hear brides voicing the fears of the dress getting dirty. Our advice is, let it get dirty. Don’t even think about the dirt. Think only of the life-changing experience of your elopement, and being present in the seismic love of you and your partner. Think how lucky you are, to have found the love of your life, and what fun to have. You can always search up a good dry-cleaner later. The beauty of cotton laces is grass, and dirt stains will come out.


Violetta Wedding Dress | Elizabeth Wells Photo


Violetta Wedding Dress | Elizabeth Wells Photo


Violetta Long Sleeves Backless Wedding Dress


Elizabeth Wells Photo

The Correct Length of Your Dress

Another vital thing to consider is the length of your dress. While it should kiss the floor, you don’t want it being too long in the front or dragging. Too long, could easily be a hazard, so avoid this. Again, our wedding dresses are to your measurements, so this is something you would avoid by providing us the correct length measurement. While the train is bustled, there is no fix on the day for the front length being too long. It isn’t fun holding up your dress all day, so avoid this at all costs.

All the dresses featured are tagged below and are available for your elopement wedding.


Simone Dress| Chuy Photos


Simone Dress – Available Now| Chuy Photos


Simone Long Sleeves Wedding Dress


Chuy Photos


TLDR: Don’t Skimp On Your Elopement Wedding Dress

The key takeaway is, an elopement doesn’t mean you skimp on choosing a fantastic dress, or a photographer for that matter. Where you are eloping will set the stage for what type of gown to wear. Ultimately the dress you choose must reflect your style, and you must look like the best version of yourself wearing it. Think of what a fantastic day your elopement will be, and all the compliments you’ll receive from your fiance, friends, and loved ones! Congrats bride-to-be.


Hayley Wedding Dress | I-Coronado Photography


Hayley Wedding Dress | Amanda Vaelynn Photos


Hayley Backless Flowy Wedding Dress


Amanda Vaelynn Photos 

Short Wedding Dresses We Love for a Courthouse Elopement


Diana Midi Length Dress | For Love and Light

Halley-long-sleeve lace-mini-dress-open-back

Halley Lace Mini Dress | For Love and Light

Halley-lace-bodycon mini-dress-with-long-sleeves

Halley Lace Mini Dress | Photo: For Love and Light


Daniela Lace Mini Dress | Photos: For Love and Light



Diana Midi-Length Elopement Wedding Dress

Halley Bell Sleeve Mini Dress

Daniela Lace Mini Dress


For Love and Light


Erika + Bobby Spanish Style Wedding

Erika + Bobby Spanish Style Wedding

Dating when you have a mutual friend is the dream! I mean, no background checks required. Double checks. What if that friend was a friend of your boyfriend? Would you still date him? Why not, right? If you both end up being single, then it’s fair game. Isn’t that the best part of Facebook? Kudos to our bride Erika for spotting her soul mate. She admits to always having a crush on Bobby. We are crushing on her wedding. She looks stunning wearing our Callista off-shoulder wedding dress. The fitted silhouette complements her gorgeous figure, and the fringe hem informs her guest that they are in for a fun time. Seeing how remarkable she looks, it’s hard to imagine that she originally wanted a flowy dress. I’m sure she would have been a knockout in whatever wedding dress she chose, but this dress is entirely her. We are also obsessing over the use of color in her bouquet and her bridesmaid dresses. Everything about her wedding is a win! She had us at churros being one of her must-haves. Read Erika’s and Bobby’s story and get inspired to follow your heart, and do it all your way.

Tell us, how do did you meet?

Erika: My husband Bobby and I met about 10 years ago from a mutual friend. I was actually dating one of his friends for about 3 years, but I always had a little crush on Bobby. Then years later when we were both single, he messaged me on Facebook and we went on a date! And the rest is history!

Tell us all about the proposal

Erika: It happened when my husband Bobby and I were climbing/camping in Joshua Tree. His original plan was to propose on the first day at the top of a climb but unfortunately, that didn’t go as planned. I was having trouble climbing up the first few climbs and the weather wasn’t great. Then the next day, there was a little bit of sunshine, so we decided to take a walk. He put the go-pro on one of the trees so we could take some pictures together (which we always do) and then all of a sudden he got down on one knee! It was absolutely perfect. And then of course, right after that, we went climbing again and I climbed right up to the top! Perfect weekend.

A romantic wedding at Leo Carrillo Ranch in California

A romantic wedding at Leo Carrillo Ranch in California

What readings, if any, did you have at your ceremony?

Erika: Yes, we had my brother read Ecclesiastes 4:9-12. About friendship in marriage!

Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. 10 For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up! 11 Again, if two lie together, they keep warm, but how can one keep warm alone? 12 And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him—a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

Did you write your own vows? If so, what was your favorite phrase, verse or line?

Erika: No, we did not write our own vows.

Tell us about finding your wedding dress

Erika: I never really thought too much about what kind of dress I wanted to get married in until I was actually engaged. At first, I was only looking for flowy dresses because I don’t like wearing tight clothes. So I found one and I was soo close to buying it until I came across the Dreamers and Lovers website and I immediately fell in love with like 10 dresses. I had one specifically in mind when I went to their store, but the one I ended up buying was so much different. It was tight, it was off the shoulder, it had a beautiful train and it had fringes. And it was mine! Erika is wearing the Callista Off-Shoulder Bohemian Wedding Dress and the Cindy veil.


What is the one detail or vendor that you were so happy to have as a part of your wedding?

Erika: My favorite vendor was our photographers. They’re a married couple up in mammoth and the love they have for photography really shows in their pictures. My husband is an awkward photo taker and they made it so much fun for him. I am so glad we decided on them! SierraWillowPhotography!

Colorful bridesmaids at the Leo Carrillo Ranch in California

What advice do you have for other future-brides currently planning a wedding?

Erika: We had a long engagement and that helped us save more money. Also, all-inclusive venues are worth it.

How many guests did you have?

Erika: We had about 110 people.

Bohemian wedding at Leo Carrillo Ranch in California

Describe your wedding cake or dessert?

Erika: We had a small little lemon cake for the two of us topped with a cactus, a Mr & Mrs topper and a bunch of different colored flowers. Then we had churros for all the guests.

What was your favorite detail of the wedding?

Erika: Our wedding was Spanish themed and the first two must-haves were churros and the white papel picado banners. Those were the only two things I really really cared about.

What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome while planning your wedding?

Erika: I would say budgeting and maybe the guest list.

What’s next for you as a couple?

Erika: We’re trying to take as many little trips as we can until we have some little ones running around in a few years.

Tell us about your wedding flowers?

Erika: We had a family friend do our flowers and she did an amazing job. I sort of left it all up to her except for a few little details I had wanted. We had the perfect Fall mixture of flowers and colors. I was completely surprised on the day of and I LOVED them.

Colorful boho wedding at Leo Carrillo Ranch

Feel free to share any additional info about your day

Erika: All of my family and friends who are married told me the day goes by very fast and it is 100% true. Just try to take it all in and have a good time. It’ll be the best day of your life.

Inspired by Erika and Bobby’s Spanish style wedding? Planning your own wedding? Check out another bride who had an amazing Spanish-style bohemian wedding. See more of this wedding here

Photographer: Sierra Willow Photography

Venue: Leo Carillo Ranch

Dress: Dreamers & Lovers

A Stress-Free Intimate Backyard Wedding in California

A Stress-Free Intimate Backyard Wedding in California

Our featured bride is Emily, in his vows, her husband described the reason for knowing she was the one “because of her general dissatisfaction to accept the status quo”. What a compliment! They married in a laid-back ceremony at her parent’s house with 85 guests and had the most stress-free day. We loved that everyone walked down the aisle while being barefoot. Yayyyyy, for backyard weddings! We are big fans. Emily’s advice to brides-to-be is to hire a day-of coordinator. We’ve heard that from other brides, and here at Dreamers & Lovers, we are fully behind the idea. If there is someone or something that will make your life easier and will make you be fully present on your big day, just do it. As for the dress, she chose the Nellia because she wanted comfort, and loved that she felt like a woman wearing it. Yessssssssss.

From Emily:

I felt so happy and beautiful in my dress! Not to mention comfortable! Thank you to everyone who made my dress possible with such care!

Bride Emily in California in Backyard Wedding Ideas

Read on for more of Emily’s love story and bridal wisdom:

 How they met:

We met online!

Was there a time in your relationship where your love faced adversity, and you thought it wouldn’t work out? How did you repair this?

I don’t know if there was ever a time we thought it wasn’t going to work out, but there have definitely been times we feel/felt tested. In these times we have each had to grow and learn how to be better partners for each other.  We also recently found out I can’t have children and while it has been trying, it has also been very uniting and a testament to our strength together as a couple. We feel we can tackle almost anything together now!

How she found her wedding dress:

I actually worked very close to your first shop in Torrance and would drive by it on my way to work. Sometimes the door would be open and I could see the dresses and thought they were so beautiful. Then a co-worker told me she got her dress there and I knew I had to go. It was the first shop I went to. I tried on maybe 4-5 dresses. I fell in love with the Nellia immediately. I went to a few more shops, but could not stop thinking about it. I remember telling my mom I felt like a woman when I wore it. So we went back and that was that!


What readings, if any, did you have at your ceremony?

My cousin read the poem “Wild Geese” by Mary Oliver. It is one of our favorite poems and something we return to often in times of stress or struggle.

Did you write your own vows? If so, what was your favorite phrase, verse or line?

We did write our own vows. I loved my husband’s vows. There are two lines I always think about. One he said he fell in love with me because of my general dissatisfaction to accept the status quo and that relationships are process and progress and that I will always have someone to process and progress with.

He says his favorite part from me was that the two of us make a family and we will always be a family no matter how our family looks or is made.

What is the one detail or vendor that you were so happy to have as a part of your wedding?

I loved so much about our wedding day! We honestly had the best team of vendors I could have asked for. It was such a stress-free day because we had such an amazing team!

What advice do you have for other future-brides currently planning a wedding?

Hire a day-of coordinator! You won’t regret it.

Tell us all about the proposal:

We were on a road trip from Redondo Beach to Washington. Our second stop was the Redwoods. We were on a hike in the Redwoods and he told me to look up at the trees and then to look down and when I looked down he had out an engagement ring. It was amazing. We were all by ourselves surrounded by the Redwoods.

How many guests did you have:

We had a family ceremony at my parent’s house with 85 people and then a larger reception with 175.

Describe your wedding cake or dessert:

We had custom made cookies and Pan Dulce.

Her favorite detail of the wedding:

I loved that we had the ceremony in my parent’s house in the backyard I grew up playing in. I also loved the flowers, my dress, and that everyone walked barefoot down the aisle.

Their next chapter as husband and wife:

Just continuing to enjoy life together. We plan on taking more bike rides on the strand, traveling, camping, climbing, exploring, and eventually figuring out how to start a family someday.

The couple in California after their backyard wedding

The wedding flowers:

My flowers were designed by Gingersnap Florals. They were succulent, earth tone, with soft pops of color, inspired!


Small Intimate Wedding in South Africa

Small Intimate Wedding in South Africa

Their mutual love for rhinos and wildlife brought them together. When they met, Noa was living in California, while Matt was visiting from his native South Africa. It was love at first sight! Noa would later move to South Africa to begin their lifelong adventure. What a beautiful couple, and we love all the gorgeous inspiration from this small intimate wedding in South Africa.

Their story as told by bride Noa:

Bride Noa wearing a fringe wedding dress in South Africa

How did you and Matt meet?

Their story began nearly two years ago during the fundraiser “Rhino Ride” when Matt was cycling down the west coast of the USA with a replica life-sized rhinoceros in tow. Matt, a South African citizen, was raising awareness on the declining population of wild rhinos in Africa, and one of his stops along the way was Safari West. Unbeknownst to Matt, Noa was a Zoo Keeper working with rhinos at Safari West. While taking him on a quick tour, she introduced Matt to her favorite rhino, Waldie, and voila! It was love at first sight! Our love and passion for rhinos and wildlife are what brought us together and what propels our continued explorations! Noa has since moved to South Africa, and together, we are adventuring on our forever safari.

Was there any adversity early on in your love story?

There was no adversity, but when I first moved to South Africa, it did put a lot of strain on our relationship trying to adjust to living in a third world country with only knowing Matt.

Tell us about finding your wedding dress

I only went to one bridal shop, which was Dreamers & Lovers, and knew even before my appointment that the Heather fringe Lace dress was the one. I only tried on five dresses that day.


Bohemian Bride in South Africa wearing Heather Fringe Wedding Dress

Noa Wearing Heather Fringe Dress

What was your favorite phrase, verse, or line of your wedding vows?

I ended my vows with a quote from chaos in the stars “I didn’t fall in love with you. I walked into love with you, with my eyes wide open, choosing to take every step along the way. I do believe in fate and destiny, but I also believe we are only fated to do things we’d choose anyway. And I’d choose you, In a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality. I’d find you, and I’d choose you.”

What is the one detail or vendor that you were so happy to have as a part of your wedding?

My wedding photographer was amazing. She captured such natural and candid moments!! Bron from Vanilla Photography.

intimate wedding ideas from South Africa

Vanilla Photography

What advice do you have for other future-brides currently planning a wedding?

I know a lot of people say this, but please try not to stress; the day will turn out perfect, and it goes by so fast, so take everything in and let the day flow naturally.

Tell us all about the proposal

Matt proposed at a remote location off Long Tom Pass in South Africa. It was beautiful overlooking mountains after mountains.

How many guests did you have?

74 guests

Describe your wedding cake or dessert?

My wedding cake was a two-tiered natural-looking carrot cake. With succulents and rose gold flakes with a rose gold wooden cake topper of our Last name.

Tell us about your wedding flowers?

My flowers were succulents, proteas, eucalyptus, natural grasses, and roses.

What was your favorite detail of the wedding?

I had dream catchers and fairy lights everywhere; it made the rustic venue look so magical.

bohemian wedding in South Africa

What’s next for you as a couple?

We are planning to extend our family soon! YESSSSSS to that!!!


This stunning small intimate wedding in South Africa was photographed by Vanilla Photography

Wedding Dress – Heather Bohemian Fringe Gown

Would you love to see another bride wearing the Heather gown, see Jackie’s Fiesta Wedding here.