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An Intimate Backyard Wedding in Northern California

An Intimate Backyard Wedding in Northern California

Brian and Emily met the good old-fashioned way, at work. Only a week into the job, Emily overheard Brian speaking, and at that point, she may have known. She might not have known that she’d end up marrying him, but she knew he had that special something.

This couple had originally planned a wedding with a guest list of over 200 guests, but as 2020 went down for many brides, plans had to change. Their wedding turned out to be a 14 person backyard wedding in Northern California. The most important part of any wedding day is marrying your person, and even though they had to change plans, their backyard wedding was extra special. Love always wins. The wedding took place in Emily’s parent’s backyard, the place she spent her formative years. I’d like to think this must have been nothing short of a dream.

Cori of CoriAnn Photography captured their backyard wedding perfectly.

Emily is wearing our Violetta Lace Wedding Dress.

Our Love Story

Brian and I met while working at a day program for adults with disabilities. I walked into InJOY Life Resources in Bellflower, CA, for an interview for a job. When I walked into the office, Brian was there and greeted me, introduced himself, and showed me where I would be interviewed. About a week and a half later, it was my first day on the job, and I was reading the employee handbook when I overheard Brian interacting with one of his members. At that moment, I knew there was something special about him. For the next couple of weeks, I could not tell if Brian was flirting with me or if that’s just how he was. But then one day, Brian made the bold move of texting me after calling me for something “work-related,” and the rest is history.


The Proposal

The spot we got married was also the exact spot Brian asked me to marry him in July 2019. We had just arrived at my parents’ house in Penn Valley, CA. We were hanging out with my parents and their close friends when Brian decides to go for a golf cart ride. I was a bit hard to convince because I was tired, but I eventually caved, wondering if this was part of his big plan to propose (I knew some details). After a bit of my complaining and asking to go back to the house, Brian finally agrees to go back. When they pull in, the song “Simple” by Florida Georgia Line is playing, and there is a burlap sign that says “Will you marry me?” in the corner of the yard. I had a huge smile on her face and looks at Brain, and he says, “Oh! What’s that over there?” Which makes me laugh, and we walk over to where the sign is. We embrace for a while and whisper some stuff to each other, then Brian gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him. I am the happiest she has ever felt in my life and kisses him; then I take the ring out of the box, then finally I say yes. I begin to cry, and then my parents, family friends, the friend I will eventually ask to be my maid of honor, and three other friends I will ask to be my bridesmaids come out of the house congratulating them. Now I am crying harder. Then we spent the rest of the evening celebrating our engagement with champagne toasts and lots of food and treats!

The Backyard Wedding Dress

Finding my wedding dress was very exciting! When it came to actually plan our wedding, finding the perfect wedding dress was really the only thing I cared about. It was the one thing I was not willing to compromise on, and I knew the exact style I was looking for. I have had a wedding Pinterest board for years, so I have always loved planning my hypothetical wedding. But when we got engaged, I really narrowed down what I was looking for. I found Dreamers and Lovers after Googling “bohemian wedding dresses in Los Angeles.” Once I came across the website, I immediately sent it to my mom and maid of honor and said, “This is where I am getting my dress.” I had several dresses in mind when I went to my appointment, but the one I ended up choosing what not one of them. It was the 5th dress I tried on, and I immediately fell in love. There were other dresses I liked and could see myself in, but the Violetta was absolutely perfect. It had the laid-back bohemian style that I loved and looked bridal and made me feel like a bride. Not to mention, it is designed to perfectly hug your curves, so it is extremely flattering.

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The Proposal

Since we planned our wedding for the fall of 2020, it was not what we originally imagined. Our 200+ wedding in Camarillo turned into a 14-person backyard wedding in Northern California. We got married in my parent’s backyard which is the house that I grew up in. Cori Ann Shipley was our photographer and she did such an amazing job of capturing all of the beauty of the day. We had an absolute blast and were able to enjoy every part of it. We ate, drank, and danced until about 10:30 because our neighbors called the cops because we were being too loud.

The Ceremony

Our ceremony was what we like to call “short and sweet”. My husband’s best friend performed the ceremony and my husband and I wrote our own vows. I had tunnel vision the whole time so I honestly do not know how long it was or what any of the guest’s reactions were. My husband and I are fans of the show New Girl. If you are familiar with the show, I am sure you can recall Schmidt and Cece’s wedding ceremony in the loft where Schmidt says in his vows “I hope for as long as we stay together that I always remain someone that you wanna holla at”. My husband said those lovely words to me in his vows and it was absolutely perfect.

Future Plans

Brian and I do not have any plans set in stone for our future. We are just so happy to have each other as partners in this crazy world. This past year has really been difficult for many of us, but it has made us even stronger, and we are excited to take on all of life’s adventures together.

Intimate & Casual Wedding At A Mountain Top Rustic Cabin

Intimate & Casual Wedding At A Mountain Top Rustic Cabin

Mike and Alex had a different wedding than they initially planned, because,……Covid. It couldn’t have been more perfect with only six guests and the most epic rustic mountain cabin. Alex and Mike’s wedding highlights that smaller, more intimate weddings can be as dreamy and magical as larger weddings.

Alex summed up this sentiment best:

“Our day was absolutely perfect. It had all the highlights of a big wedding without all the fuss. My dress was stunning and comfortable and made me feel beautiful. It also paired perfectly with Mike’s blue puppytooth suit and burgundy tie. The cabin was lovely. The setting was gorgeous. The sky cleared, and it ended up being a gorgeous day. The whole celebration was casual and intimate. We both felt so special and couldn’t have been happier. I wouldn’t have changed a single thing.”

Alex Wore Dreamers & Lovers, Hayley Flowy Lace Wedding Dress.

Their photographer, San-Francisco based Bre Thurston, captured their wedding so perfectly. Here Alex highlights, Bre’s candid style, and we couldn’t agree more.
“I loved her style, which felt elegant and classic, yet somehow effortless and intimate. When we first talked with her about what we wanted out of a photographer, we explained that we wanted to focus on candid moments.”


Our Love Story (from Alex)

Mike and I met through a mutual friend. Or rather, a would-be mutual friend. At the time, he was Mike’s good friend and my neighbor. They were writing a script together, saw me walk by, and asked me to come over. Well, asked is perhaps too passive of a word. It was more of a yell from the kitchen window to come hang out. Mike was the quieter of the two. He was cute and funny and nice. My neighbor and I became friends and I in turn became friends with his friends. Mike would come around every so often. I always found myself drawn to him. And after a couple years of friendly conversation we finally got drunk enough to kiss.


The Proposal

Mike surprised me one Saturday by saying he’d rented a cute Airbnb for us in Topanga Canyon. As we’d been together for quite some time, I knew that a proposal was in our future, and thus, had an inkling that this could be the night. That said, he’d had ample opportunities in the past and it wasn’t completely out of the ordinary for him to surprise me with a great date idea.

We arrived at the most adorable tree house with a gorgeous view overlooking the canyon. Excited, I started fiddling with the rental’s Bluetooth speaker so that we could play some music while we got ready for dinner. He’d made a reservation at The Inn of the Seventh Ray and I was thinking he might ask me there.

It was dark outside so when I looked up to see a face peering at me from the window, I shrieked. Mike started laughing and I ran out to say that I couldn’t believe he finally got me. (He always tries to scare me, and it never works.) He said that he had to get me outside “to do this…” then he knelt down and proposed. I was so surprised, convinced that it wouldn’t be this time, or that it would be later in the night, that I said, “Oh, you’re proposing!” Followed by a “Yes!” Then we popped some champagne, which he’d hidden in the car, before celebrating at dinner where we ate under a canopy of trees wrapped in twinkle lights.

Relationship Adversity

I’m the type of person who needs constant change. I need to always feel like I’m moving forward. I work in a job that has grown into a career that now challenges me. It’s now constantly evolving and presenting new obstacles, but about 5 years ago it was more administrative and office-based. I had been at the same company, in the same relationship, living in the same apartment, in the same part of town. I felt stuck.

Travel has always been very important to me, so about 5 years into my career and my relationship, I surprised everyone by deciding to take 4 months off to backpack through Europe. Alone.

To my surprise, my company supported me, but even more meaningful was that Mike supported me. He told me I was brave and that this was why he loved me. Because I was the type of person who would follow her passion. And though he couldn’t join me for the full trip, he’d visit for a week towards the end.

4 months away from real life, taking long walks, hiking, meeting new people and exploring new places gave me a lot of time to think. It made me realize that I loved my job and was excited about what it would become as I grew and gained more responsibilities. It also made me realize that there were some difficult conversations about the future of my relationship that needed to be had.

Once we started to open up, we realized that some assumptions had been made that were blocking us from moving forward. We decided to always put communication first. To make travel more of a priority. And never be afraid to talk things through.

We’ve been better for it ever since.



Advice For Future Brides


Find your support people. I’ve always said, it’s your wedding, do it the way that you want. But that’s easier said than done. I was lucky in that my immediate family was supportive of me having a micro-wedding as they knew it was important to me to keep it small and intimate. But I still had a difficult time with friends who were upset that they weren’t invited and family members who felt left out. It was wonderful to have a great group of friends to reinforce my decisions.

I was also completely overwhelmed by the whole process and did not enjoy the planning and pageantry of it all. I was lucky to have people who did and very confidentially said, “We love this. You don’t. Let us handle it.”

I’m someone who has a difficult time accepting help. I like to do everything myself. But I was so thankful that I had people who convinced me to relinquish some control and helped me to take it all one step at a timeht decision for us and our growing little family.

The Vows

We each rewrote the traditional wedding vows to be what we vowed and how we wanted to say them. I don’t have a favorite line or phrase, but I did love how we both kept traditional and used a parenthetical to add in our own customization. i.e. “for better (as we are now), for worse (as you are some mornings, though you are letting me sleep more, which I infinitely appreciate), for richer (which we will hopefully one day be) and for poorer (which we have definitely been)…“


We didn’t have any readings in the traditional sense. My Uncle, who served as our officiant, sent us both a series of questions. We were to each answer the same questions and not share our answers with one another.

– What were your impressions/thoughts when you first met?

– How did these thoughts and impressions change or grow as you started dating?

– When did you know Mike was “the one?” Was there a cognizant moment?

– Is there something Mike has always done that you once found annoying but now see as intrinsically him? 

In lieu of the usual ceremonial proceedings, he read our answers out loud to us, swapping out the readers as he went so that Mike’s best friend read a portion, my mom read a portion, and Mike and I even read a portion to one another.

The Wedding Cake

We ordered a 5” Crazy Berry Cake from Gayle’s Bakery in Capitola. It was a vanilla sponge filled with raspberry, strawberry, and blackberry jams and buttercreams, iced with vanilla buttercream and topped with berries at the center. It was delicious!!

We also ordered a Key Lime Pie, which is our all-time favorite. It was sweet and tart and massive. We ended up bringing it home where I ate the rest all by myself, bit by bit throughout the week, leaning over the counter with a fork in hand. It was too much pie, but totally worth it.


The Wedding Flowers

The only flowers at our wedding were in my beautiful wedding bouquet. I opted for Sola wood flowers and eucalyptus in ivory, burgundy, and blush (from EvergreenBride on Etsy). Everyone thought they were real. They smelled wonderful and were very sturdy. Which came in handy as I passed them around and plopped them here and there. And especially when I tossed them to Mike and his best friend while they were posing for photos. It was hilarious as they both thought the bouquet would be delicate and panicked, scrambling to catch it.


Finding The Dress

Growing up, I never fantasize about my wedding. I was always more of a run through the trees, kick up some dirt kind of girl. That said, by the time Mike proposed, we’d been together for nearly 10 years, so I’d had some time to think about it.

The great thing about long relationships is that you get to know yourself, both as a person and as a person in a couple. By the time we started planning our wedding I had been to all my friend’s weddings. I’d gotten past the expectations and pressures of what everyone else thinks the perfect wedding looks like. I got to pick and choose and find what felt right for us.

Though I didn’t want a traditional wedding, I knew I wanted some elements of one. Like the dress. I didn’t want anything too beaded or overly ornate. I didn’t want a corset or petticoats. I definitely had fun trying on different dresses. Dresses that pushed up here and cinched in there. But I always knew I wanted something simple and elegant. Something with a personality, that I could move in.

The first dress that I saw from Dreamers & Lovers was Willow. I immediately fell in love with the bold lace. As I went through Yanique’s collection, I had a feeling I’d find my dress at her shop. By the time my appointment rolled around, I had been to about 10 other stores and all had struck out.

Then I put on Hayley. She’s gorgeous and girly and whimsical. Which actually feels a little contrary to who I am, but somehow, she fits me so beautifully. This dress made me feel special. It was the perfect day, and this was the perfect dress.

Favorite Details

This is a hard one as I loved every aspect of our wedding and didn’t have anything like my mother’s earrings or my grandmother’s lace (though my mom did wear the dress that her mother wore to her wedding, which was beautiful and so sweet and meaningful). But I’d have to say my favorite detail of our wedding was that our gorgeous, rustic cabin sat at the very top of a redwoods laden mountain. Yes, the drive up was a bit harrowing. Yes, my father got completely lost and flustered as I tried to talk him through the directions with spotty cell service. And yes, the cabin was so tiny that we would have been completely screwed had it rained (as it was originally scheduled to). But the view was incredible. It stunned us with its beauty. We found the perfect spot to have the ceremony, an edge of the deck that overlooked the trees and rolling mountains and the ocean in the distance. And it made every photo light up, either filled with the dynamic sky or the setting sun (as we timed the ceremony to be at magic hour).  


Next For The Couple

We are back to work! Back to real-life in Los Angeles. We’re both working out of our small apartment while looking into houses as we’re in desperate need of more space and a backyard. So hopefully a house is in our future. But in the meantime, we’re staying busy and going back to business as usual until June, when we’ll have a big party to celebrate with our family and friends. And after which, we’ll be going on our honeymoon. Location to be determined…


Wedding Dress Shopping in Los Angeles at our New Venice Flagship

Wedding Dress Shopping in Los Angeles at our New Venice Flagship

Los Angeles brides, shopping for a wedding dress just became easier and more special. Promising a low-key shopping experience, with loads of beautiful gowns, and a stunning rustic bridal salon, you’ll feel happy and look great. We invite you to visit our dreamy showroom, opened by appointment. It’s the place for all things modern bohemian, lace, and lots of love. The best part, our design studio is also local to Los Angeles, so you’ll have a team of skilled seamstresses to cater to you, and make sure you get the best fitting dress of your dreams. Never worry about receiving your dress, and need to find a tailor to do the alterations for you. We design, sew, custom make and do all alterations in-house. Here’s to the best of made in America, and making you feel your best on your wedding day.


Dreamers & Lovers designer, Yanique, dreamt for years of opening her wedding dress flagship in Los Angeles. For years, brides-to-be would commute from all parts of Los Angeles to visit the brand’s Torrance design studio. There were two areas, in particular, Silver Lake and Venice that the designer zoomed in on. She loved the hipster vibe of Silver Lake and the laid-back vibe of Venice. Bohemian brides have been wedding dress shopping in the brand’s Torrance design studio for the past eight years, but the time came for expansion, and Venice won her heart.

Where can I buy a wedding dress in Los Angeles?

After months of searching for the one, she found what she was looking for on Lincoln Boulevard in Venice. The Los Angeles Wedding Dress Designer is obsessed with everything up-and-coming, and Lincoln is the epitome of that. It was a difficult decision to open in the middle of an unprecedented pandemic. Throughout the painstakingly tricky decision process, she concluded that brides would need an escape from the uncertainty. She saw the Venice flagship as a way of creating joy and fulfilling dreams for her brides. Yanique, a serial dreamer and optimist, also found comfort in the street address. 214 Lincoln Boulevard, Venice, became the home to the Los Angeles bridal salon. She felt the numeric portion of the shop’s street-address was an omen. ‘214’ sharing the same numbers as Valentine’s Day, in her mind, was no coincidence, to the love stories her dress highlights.

Preview our Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses. Get ready to be obsessed.

Inside the shops, oasis decor and feel

Inside the shop, it’s rustically lush with dreamy arrangements by Yanique’s friend Leelina, of Leelina Martin Floral, and a host of custom upholstered vintage sofas and vintage Persian rugs. Both the outdoor and interior signs and logos were hand-painted by a local muralist. The designer wanted her shop to be filled with vintage and handcrafted pieces, to give it a feel of yesteryear, a time when artistry and handmade were a thing. Dreamers & Lovers dresses are all intentionally designed and created by craftswomen in their Torrance studio, and the flagship needed to align with the brand’s ethos. With its exposed wood ceilings and concrete floors, the shop’s interior was another no-brainer to the designer. inside-of-a-bridal-shop-in-los-angeles-filled-with-dreamy-boho-wedding-dresses Wedding-dress-shopping-in-Los-Angeles-with-Dreamers-and-Lovers Venice-los-angeles-bridal-shops-featuring-the-Violetta-gown wedding-dress-shopping-in-los-angeles bohemian-bridal-shop-in-los-angeles-dreamers-and-lovers-venice

Dress selecting tips for the Boho Bride

The star attraction, though, is the gorgeous handmade bohemian wedding dresses. Dreamers & Lovers dresses are for the brides who want to wear a laidback gown but still feel incredibly beautiful while checking the bridal box. In this designer bridal shop, brides can expect to find loads of easy, and Whether you are the simpler boho bride or the most rule-breaking of bridal bohemians, there is a dress here for you. While the brand is known for effortlessness, the designer is quick to note that effortlessly doesn’t mean not making an effort. It means appearing that the bride made no effort. For a gown to be genuinely effortless, it must speak for itself; that is, the designer must intentionally design it to speak for itself. Designed, cut, and sewn in the brand’s California design studio, every dress gets the custom-fitted, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Yanique has created this safe space for the bride after a better and different experience when wedding dress shopping. She believes that a bride shouldn’t wear what people expect them to wear, but instead, they should choose the dress that is true to her style and the venue she has chosen. When brides step into this cozy and unique shop, the designer hopes that they will feel like they’re in an oasis of calm and magic. The flagship opened in October, and the women working there are passionate and love helping the bride’s dreams come true. The shop, Yanique sums it up by saying, “This shop has exceeded my dreams. It is a dream come true, a million times over. I couldn’t have chosen better women to guide our brides on their dress choosing journey. Our brides are in good hands, amongst a group of women who understand them, and will guide them rather than pressuring or trying to sell them a dress.”

Where can I get a wedding dress fast?

Many brides visiting our shop is on a rush timeline. They may have decided to elope and need a dress next month. We are usually able to help brides with rush timelines. Because we are so local, we can offer quick turnarounds. Alterations are available to you, so no need to fuss over this. Our seamstresses fuss over the details, so you don’t have to. We take pride in how you show up on your wedding day.

What type of bridal styles does the bridal salon carry?

The Venice shop carries all of the wedding gowns listed on the brand’s website. Specializing in comfort and ease, get ready to see a plethora of ethereal lace and silk dresses, comfortable off-the-shoulder wedding dressesdreamy long-sleeved backless dresses, and loads of romantic flowy wedding dresses. All of Dreamers & Lover’s gowns are a work of art, without an ounce of bling. While you’ll find gently fitted trumpet lace wedding dresses, there are no restrictive mermaid styles. There are effortless and whimsical a-line and flowy wedding dresses, but no ball gowns. There are support and bra cups built into the dresses, but not the uncomfortable corseted dresses. There is an abundance of cotton laces here, but none of the itchy, crispy and shiny laces you’ll find in a traditional bridal warehouse. At Dreamers& Lover’s bohemian bridal showroom, you’ll find tons of dresses for the bride that value artisan craftsmanship. You’ll find designs that show off your personality. many details to daydream about over here. The Dreamers & Lovers bride embraces freedom, happiness, and self-confidence. With so many beautiful options to choose from when bridal dress shopping, how will you know you’ve found the one? You’ll know because you’ll feel free and like yourself at the same time. We invite you to dream. Private one-on-one appointments are now available. Our showroom is spacious, and celebratory bubbles are always on ice. Channel your individuality and express your freedom. We are here to help make your dreams come true. Thoroughly trained, our staff is ready to take all of your measurements. We will make your magical wedding dress, all custom-made to fit you perfectly. wedding-dress-shop-filled-with-bohemian-decor-los-angeles bidal-shops-los-angeles-bohemian-wedding-dresses The Once-in-a-lifetime custom fitted experience Our idea of customer service is offering our bride-to-be peace of mind when planning for her big day. From the time you’ve said yes to your dress to have your dress custom made, we understand that your measurements may change. Before your dress is ready, you will have the option of us remeasuring you. We offer a perfect-fit guarantee, so at your final fitting, you take your dress home once you are delighted. You will wear your wedding gown with ease. It is our job to make your life easier. Our team is looking forward to meeting you at our modern bohemian Los Angeles Bridal Shop. NNNN UUUU. Book an Appointment to have the best shopping experience, and find your dream dress. Our gowns range in price from $1500-$2400. See for yourself why so many friends recommend us to their engaged friends. Book now. Photos by California based wedding photographer For Love and Light

Dreamers & Lovers Los Angeles Bridal Showroom Address:

214 Lincoln Boulevard,

Venice, CA 90291

Dreamers & Lovers Los Angeles Bridal Showroom Phone Number:


Helpful Info

To shop the full range of bohemian wedding dresses, visit the Dreamers & Lovers website. Schedule your private appointment to either the Los Angeles or Torrance location. Not able to visit in-person, not to worry. Request a virtual appointment. Be sure to check out the super simple home try-on-at-home option. See what other boho brides are saying about their experience with Dreamers & Lovers. Please take a look at the photo album featuring real Dreamers & Lovers brides. Follow along on Instagram and Facebook and Pinterest wedding-dress-shopping-showroom-in-Venice-Los-Angeles Savannah-custom-fitted-rustic-lace-wedding-dress

Photo by For Love and Light

See what other happy brides who have visited our new LA flagship are saying about us over on google.

The Perfect Wedding Dress for a Mountain Wedding

The Perfect Wedding Dress for a Mountain Wedding

As a bride planning a mountain wedding, there are important things to consider, such as the rugged terrain, comfort, and finding a dress that aligns with the beauty of the outdoors. As a boho bridal brand, many of our brides plan adventure outdoor weddings, and we’ve had lots of brides with incredible mountainside weddings.

Heather, a Dreamy Boho Mountain Dress – Fitted but Comfortable

Alyssa got married at the picturesque Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, a mountainous and rugged part of the Central Coast of California, surrounded by the most spectacular panoramic views. She wore the Heather fringe lace wedding dress, on her wedding day. This dress works perfectly because of the bold patterns. The floral pattern of the lace blends harmoniously with the backdrop. The off-shoulder neckline ensured that she wouldn’t be hot, or worst yet worry about sweat stains, if planning a summer outdoor wedding. Her wedding was an adventure elopement style, so it was likely only her partner, photographer, and officiant present.

She chose a comfortable design that allowed her to move around freely. Although it was a fitted style, it was comfortable to walk around in. Comfort should be a staple when choosing a dress for your mountain wedding. Mermaid styles are not good options for a mountain wedding, because you will feel restrictive. Chances are your mountainside nuptials may include hiking, so your dress should allow you the freedom to climb over rocks, or even tread through the mud.

Finally, choose a well-fitting dress. We can guarantee that you want to look your best, while not worrying about a dress malfunction. Luckily, Alyssa used our complimentary made-to-measure service, so she received a perfectly fitting wedding dress without the need for alterations. She got it home and hung it safely until the wedding day. After receiving feedback from Alyssa, it is safe to say her dress was perfect for her destination wedding, and ceremony location.

Bride Alyssa Adventure Big Sur Mountain Wedding



Shop the Heather Fringe Wedding Dress

Simone, a Flowy Boho Mountain Wedding Dress

For the bride planning a mountain wedding in the colder months, a long sleeve dress option is a perfect choice. The Simone adds a flowy feel and will be easy to move around in. The earthy foliage of the lace will blend perfectly with the natural background of the mountain scenery. The stunning train makes for great photos. There is both a wristlet and a bustle for pinning up the train. The bustle comes in handy, especially if you’re planning on hiking.



Simone Elopement Wedding Dress |Jasper K Photos


Simone Dress| Chuy Photos

Shop the Simone Long Sleeves Boho Wedding Dress


Elopement Wedding Dresses to Love Now

Elopement Wedding Dresses to Love Now

Eloping is a Dream Come True.

Elopement wedding dress ideas for the bride planning an intimate, simple, and more casual wedding ceremony. Whether eloping in a national park, a friend’s backyard, or a vacation rental; don’t skimp on your wedding look. Most brides choosing an elopement wedding dress, opt for more casual wedding dresses. You should choose a dress that makes you feel empowered, confident, and your most beautiful, regardless of where you are choosing to elope. The beauty of eloping is the newfound freedom you will have to plan all aspects of your wedding. It’s your choice, so make your dreams come true.

Congrats on deciding to elope. We’re happy you’re here. Whether this was a last-minute decision as a result of plans changing, or you’ve never wanted a large wedding, know that elopements are at the height of popularity, and for a good reason. They are low-key, and best of all, you can focus solely on celebrating the love between you and your partner. With that said, it is still essential to look and feel your best self. Choose a dress that will set the stage for your story. It has to reflect your style and a reflection of your uncompromising good taste. The venue will also set the scene for the look and feel of the dress you choose.

If opting for an adventure elopement, be sure your dress is comfortable to hike in. If eloping in a courthouse, you may want to opt for a more low-key style that is more in line with the venue. Many of our brides have eloped wearing our dresses. It’s only natural because our gowns are low key but still dreamy and breathtaking for photos. I will repeat it, your dress is super important. You’ve most likely (and we think you should), invested in a talented photographer, and these are the images you will be sharing with your friends and families. Choose a dress that is YOU, comfortable, and breathtaking.


Simone Wedding Dress |Jasper K Photos


Simone Elopement Wedding Dress |Jasper K Photos


Simone Long Sleeve Backless Wedding Dress


Jasper K Photography

Should Your Dress Have a Train?

Many brides are usually concerned about wearing a dress that has a train. We always suggest choosing a dress that has a train. Trains make great photos, in fact, the dreamiest photos. The important thing is, be sure your dress has a bustle and a wristlet option. If you love any of the dresses on this page, or from our collection, all of these dresses come with both options, a bustle, and a wristlet. After the ceremony and photos, you can pin up the train. Don’t feel like doing the bustling, then use the wristlet to comfortably hold the train up while you hike or walk to your elopement destination. Might I add, the wristlet is cool for photos. It has a laidback elegant feel when brides have the dress held on their wrist and is an excellent, seemingly nonchalant photo.

In addition to bustling concern, we hear brides voicing the fears of the dress getting dirty. Our advice is, let it get dirty. Don’t even think about the dirt. Think only of the life-changing experience of your elopement, and being present in the seismic love of you and your partner. Think how lucky you are, to have found the love of your life, and what fun to have. You can always search up a good dry-cleaner later. The beauty of cotton laces is grass, and dirt stains will come out.


Violetta Wedding Dress | Elizabeth Wells Photo


Violetta Wedding Dress | Elizabeth Wells Photo


Violetta Long Sleeves Backless Wedding Dress


Elizabeth Wells Photo

The Correct Length of Your Dress

Another vital thing to consider is the length of your dress. While it should kiss the floor, you don’t want it being too long in the front or dragging. Too long, could easily be a hazard, so avoid this. Again, our wedding dresses are to your measurements, so this is something you would avoid by providing us the correct length measurement. While the train is bustled, there is no fix on the day for the front length being too long. It isn’t fun holding up your dress all day, so avoid this at all costs.

All the dresses featured are tagged below and are available for your elopement wedding.


Simone Dress| Chuy Photos


Simone Dress – Available Now| Chuy Photos


Simone Long Sleeves Wedding Dress


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Boho Elopement Dress for a National Park?

Eloping in a national park is a dream come true for so many brides. You get the most picturesque views and without an excess of rules. Win-win!! The same way a boho elopement dress allows you to show off your personality, a national park helps to tell your unique story as a couple. Many Dreamers & Lovers brides have eloped in national parks, and they echo the same sentiment; besides the beauty of the park, it was so easy and cost-effective. We love no-hassle elopements. Sign us up! You pay a small fee, usually less than $200, reserve the site, and Voila, dream elopement venue booked. If you’re planning to elope at Joshua Tree, here is the link to reserve your elopement site. The process would be the same for eloping in most national parks.

elopement dress ideas Joshua tree

boho elopement dress Joshua Tree


Samantha Bell Sleeves Backless Wedding Dress


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TLDR: Don’t Skimp On Your Elopement Wedding Dress

The key takeaway is, an elopement doesn’t mean you skimp on choosing a fantastic dress, or a photographer for that matter. Where you are eloping will set the stage for what type of gown to wear. Ultimately the dress you choose must reflect your style, and you must look like the best version of yourself wearing it. Think of what a fantastic day your elopement will be, and all the compliments you’ll receive from your fiance, friends, and loved ones! Congrats bride-to-be.


Hayley Wedding Dress | I-Coronado Photography


Hayley Wedding Dress | Amanda Vaelynn Photos


Hayley Backless Flowy Wedding Dress


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Short Wedding Dresses We Love for a Courthouse Elopement


Diana Midi Length Dress | For Love and Light

Halley-long-sleeve lace-mini-dress-open-back

Halley Lace Mini Dress | For Love and Light

Halley-lace-bodycon mini-dress-with-long-sleeves

Halley Lace Mini Dress | Photo: For Love and Light


Daniela Lace Mini Dress | Photos: For Love and Light



Diana Midi-Length Elopement Wedding Dress

Halley Bell Sleeve Mini Dress

Daniela Lace Mini Dress


For Love and Light