Andrea’s Journey to Self Expression with Dreamers & Lovers

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In an intimate interview with Dreamers & Lovers, our radiant bride, Andrea, shares her journey of self-discovery, authenticity, and love, all beautifully encapsulated in her choice of the Savannah dress for her wedding day. Describing herself as empathetic, loving, and thoughtful, she reflects on her life’s moments of empowerment, particularly when helping others, and how these qualities resonate with her spirituality and deep connection to Christ’s teachings. Her story of meeting and falling in love with her husband, Sylas, is a testament to the power of love, forgiveness, and redemption, with their relationship enduring long distances and temporary separations. The unconventional proposal, where Sylas asks for her hand in marriage at the very spot where they had once parted ways, symbolizes a new beginning and the healing power of love.

Her wedding day was a true reflection of her personality and values. The Savannah dress from Dreamers & Lovers, chosen amidst a whirlwind five-month wedding planning, perfectly mirrored her eclectic, free-spirited nature and desire for a timeless piece that could be passed down to future generations. The dress, embodying comfort and individuality, allowed her to express her true self, feeling confident and undeniably authentic as she married her best friend.

The bride’s advice to future brides is heartfelt and empowering: be unapologetic in your choices, stay true to yourself and your partner, and remember that the wedding is a celebration of your unique love story. She encourages embracing individuality in today’s wedding culture, stepping away from traditional norms, and infusing personal touches that truly represent the couple. Her experience with Dreamers & Lovers was not just about finding the perfect dress but also about embracing her journey of authenticity, love, and self-expression, a message she passionately shares with women embarking on their journey to find the perfect wedding dress. Read more from the interview below.



Their Love Story

This love story begins with a chance meeting through a mutual friend, leading to an inseparable bond despite a brief period of long-distance dating. Their relationship, marked by a unique proposal at the site of their temporary breakup, symbolizes forgiveness and the healing power of love. The couple’s commitment to each other was further solidified by writing and privately reading their vows in an unconventional setting – a Dutch Bros. drive-thru. The groom’s joyous reaction to his bride in her wedding dress, perfectly reflecting her personality, was a highlight of their special day. Looking ahead, the newlyweds embarked on a new adventure, moving from California to Chicago for further studies and career pursuits, eagerly anticipating this new chapter in their lives as a married couple.

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Andrea’s Self -Reflection

Andrea describes herself using three words: empathetic, loving, and thoughtful. These traits stem from their deep appreciation for the small details in life and a tendency to empathize deeply with others. Authenticity in daily life is defined by staying true to personal values and spreading love and light despite the challenges posed by a technology-driven world that often obscures genuine interactions. Empowerment is felt most profoundly when helping others, reinforcing the belief in the strength of support and upliftment. The most authentic self-expression is found in spirituality, particularly in embodying the teachings of Jesus Christ, such as patience, kindness, forgiveness, and grace, even in challenging interactions. This spiritual foundation is central to Andrea’s identity and guides her interactions with others.


The Journey to Find Her Dream Dress

The bride’s attraction to Dreamers and Lovers for her wedding dress stemmed from a tight five-month wedding planning schedule and her desire for a unique, comfortable dress that deviated from traditional styles. She was drawn to the brand’s attention to detail and its ethos of catering to unconventional brides. The chosen dress reflected her eclectic, free-spirited nature and desire for a timeless piece, feeling like an extension of her identity and allowing her to express her individuality authentically on her wedding day. The first time she tried on the dress, she experienced an overwhelming sense of rightness and emotional connection, which was only heightened on her wedding day. The perfectly fitting and comfortable dress enhanced her wedding experience, making her feel beautiful, free, and authentic to herself. It now evokes nostalgia and represents the love and journey she shares with her partner, Sylas. The experience with Dreamers and Lovers was seamless and fulfilling, contributing significantly to the joy and comfort of her special day.

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What message would you like to leave for women embarking on their journey of finding the perfect wedding dress?

“Whatever you do or choose, do it with your heart forward.
Be true to yourself and what you love because only you will know what’s best for you. Be unapologetic. Be opinionated. Be open to trying new things. Be present and allow yourself to slow down and feel your emotions. When you quiet all your racing thoughts, the decision will come to you.”



Andrea’s Advice to Future Brides.

The key advice for future brides is to remain true to themselves during wedding preparations. They are encouraged to make unapologetic decisions that reflect their and their partner’s preferences, emphasizing that the wedding is a celebration of their unique love and happiness. Understanding and considering others’ opinions is important, but ultimately, prioritizing personal desires is crucial.

Regarding individuality and self-expression in modern wedding culture, the influence of social media and the prevalence of wedding trends are acknowledged. However, there’s a growing trend towards personalization and breaking away from traditional norms. Today’s brides are increasingly confident in infusing their personality and desires into their weddings, making each celebration a unique and intimate reflection of the couple’s relationship. This shift towards individuality in weddings is seen as a positive and exciting development, promising even more diverse and personalized weddings in the future.