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Shay + Tony’s Elopement Wedding

Shay + Tony’s Elopement Wedding

Shay and Tony’s Elopement Wedding At The Top Of The World


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love at first sight exists and life can be very, very good indeed

Looking at pics of Shay and Tony on their wedding day, gazing out over a sea of green and rolling hills, with the cotton wool clouds in the distance almost in line with where they’re standing…I can hardly believe this doesn’t come from a magazine photo-shoot. The fairytale doesn’t end with the mountain top wedding venue they picked, it’s full of crazy romance that goes to prove, love at first sight exists and life can be very, very good indeed.

The couple met because of a coworker of Shay’s, Travis. Their circle of friends was mostly female, since they’re all elementary school teachers. Shay wanted to help find some buddies for her friend and chose to do it in a rather odd way, through Tinder! Tony’s profile listed him as an elementary school teacher who was new to their area and since Shay’s friend group was visiting the state fair that weekend, she asked if he’d be interested in joining, for Travis’s sake, of course. Tony was keen on meeting new people and happy to oblige. His condition though, was that he and Shay first meet in person, the next day, at a coffee shop.

With the suspicious smell of a ‘date’ in the air, Shay was about ready to back out last minute but her friends managed to convince her otherwise and thank goodness for that! The first thing Shay remembers thinking on seeing Tony waiting for her at the coffee shop was, “oh my gosh, I’m in SO much trouble.

Shay had the distinct feeling she’d just experienced LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT

A cup of coffee turned into two and the hours seemed just to slip away with Shay feeling as if she’d been reunited with a long lost best friend. They discovered a wealth of parallels between them, in their pasts and their future plans and when they finally parted at day’s end, Shay had the distinct feeling she’d just experienced LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. From there on out, the pair was inseparable.

Interestingly, Shay said yes to the boho dress even before an official proposal had happened. The summer after they met, the couple was traveling in Ecuador and it was then that Tony shared the fact that he did, indeed, plan to marry Shay and since that was her hope too, she decided she might as well be prepared. She’s spotted a laid back wedding dress on Pinterest and began scouring the net for its like; it didn’t occur to her to follow the pinned link, hehe; but when nothing came up after a couple of weeks searching, she finally clicked it and wham!

Shay describes her Dreamers & Lovers experience as one of the most ‘no-fuss’ processes she’s ever been a part of

After that it was smooth sailing and Shay describes her Dreamers & Lovers experience as one of the most ‘no-fuss’ processes she’s ever been a part of. First she ordered a sample dress to try on and after that, she picked her own colors for the lace and underlay, got her measurements taken and ordered her custom boho wedding gown. When the final product arrived, she let it stay in its packaging for weeks without peeking because she wanted to try it on for the first time when her mother and best friend were with her in Charlotte, over the holidays.

Then, when the couple was driving to Charlotte, Shay mused that she was disappointed to not be having one of those Hollywood ‘yes to the dress’ moments. So, unbeknownst to her, the afternoon of the reveal, Tony orchestrated a distraction to get her out of the family home for a few hours. While she was out, he gave her childhood bedroom a dress shop makeover, with white sheets, a tri-fold mirror and a mimosa bar! I’m sorry but…what, whaaat, whaaaaattt???!!! Needless to say, the family support and the unearthly romantic whim displayed by her soon-to-be, made for an absolutely unforgettable day. We think you made the right decision with this one, Shay.

The official proposal happened when Tony took her out on a special date night, first to the coffee shop where they met, then to their favorite restaurant and then to the first brewery they’d visited together (since they’re both craft beer mad). Everywhere they went, Shay was sure he’d propose but when they kept ordering the check with no ring, She started to think she’s been mistaken. At last, they visited their favorite ice-cream parlor to order a take-home pint and then headed home to relax after a long work week.

Shay was putting a record on in the living room when she heard Tony groan, “oh man!” She called to find out what was amiss and he told her there was something wrong with the ice cream. She was quite incredulous, since their favorite parlor is the bizznizz and their snow, absolutely flawless.

That’s when he cried, “Really, there’s something in it!” Shay was a wreck, not only was she not going to be proposed to tonight…her favorite treat was now ruined. She ventured to the kitchen to investigate and when he handed her the tub to open, there it was! She looked up to find him down on one knee, making a speech about Love which she can’t remember since she was so consumed with love and joy that she couldn’t pay attention. Even though she’s not a girl that squeals, she squealed then…and the answer was YES! Once Tony had licked the ice-cream off the ring and they’d both had a proper laugh, it was time for more scrumptious ice-cream!

Rings were a very special aspect of this couple’s wedding and even though they chose to elope, the rings were a way for them to pay tribute to their families. Shay’s engagement ring is a solitaire containing the diamond from her parents’ engagement ring, which they gave to him when he asked for their blessing. Shay’s wedding band contains diamonds from Tony’s grandmother, symbolic of September, the month when they met, while paying homage to his Gran. Tony designed Shay’s wedding band, taking inspiration from the band Shay’s parents had had designed for them, which wraps the solitaire to resemble petals. For the couple, seeing those truly precious stones was incredibly poignant, as was knowing that they’d always carry their families with them.

During college, Shay had discovered a special hiking spot, overlooking the hills, where she’d done plenty soul searching. A few weeks after meeting, with the leaves in peak season, they took a day trip from Ashville up the parkway. They packed a picnic and made their way to the breathtaking spot, realizing they’d never enjoyed adventuring with any one else quite as much. They made many memories there, visiting it on weekends, but the biggest memory of all was when they had their ceremony there.

The only people in attendance were the maid and man of honor (cum officiant), Elle and Joe, as well as their photographer. They kept their elopement secret, everyone thought they were marrying in September but that was in fact to be their reception only, to which everyone dear to them (about 75 people) had been invited.

Shay’s ‘bachelorette’ party consisted of her MOH and her running around their college town in the misty rain, collecting wildflowers for their bouquets and the boys’ boutonnieres. They even did a few park, jump and run moves, thieving blooms from their old campus gardens and scouring the fields and parks all night, reminiscing about old times and contemplating the future. They ended up using Queen Anne’s Lace, fern leaves and some little, red, bell shaped flowers they’d found on their way up the Blue Ridge Parkway to reach their cabin.

The boys’ ‘bachelor’s’ was a similar mission, hiking the trail to the wedding site to open up foliage on route between the clearing where Shay and her Elle would be getting changed (so awesome!) and the ‘top of the world’ rock face where they’d have the first look and ceremony. While the boys were up there preparing, a huge cloud had rolled in and completely enveloped them. Indeed, Shay had been on her toes all week with thunderstorm warnings for the area but they were in luck when shortly afterwards, at sunrise, they got married overlooking a million hills with no rain, yet!

Picture this…they hiked up before dawn, the girls changing into their dresses in the dew-damp forest and carefully removing the bandanas that had covered their hair just before it was time. Up on the rock face the best friends shared an intimate and touching ceremony, telling tales of both their friendships between them and the new love that was being officiated.

Shay, we are going to get VERY old together, and I vow to let you grow and change as we do. Our lives will change and so will we.

The couple wrote their own vows to one another, affirming each other and making some quirky promises in the process, such as not stealing the sheets, for example. Shay’s favorite line from his letter was “Shay, we are going to get VERY old together, and I vow to let you grow and change as we do. Our lives will change and so will we.” Tony’s favorite from her’s was: “I love how we explore and learn and play… the way you hold my hand when we fall asleep. And I love all your amazing dance moves. You have brought so much laughter and fun and light into my life.”

After taking the pictures that still catch their breath when they look through them, the crew drank champagne and took in the incredible view. Lucky for them, the promised rains only came once they’d reached the clearing and changed back into their hiking clothes. Shay was delighted to not have to get her D&L dress wet!

Time for their reception came a few months later and they were thrilled to have the opportunity to share that experience with family and friends but also felt really affirmed in their decision to have an intimate elopement at their favorite place in the world rather than a crowded ceremony…it had been a sacred joining between just them.

For the reception, Shay’s MOH (a professional baker) created a spectacular cake as one of her gifts to them. It was almond vanilla with a delicious buttercream frosting. There were three tiers and encircling each tier were sprigs of rosemary. Rosemary s a special herb for the couple and something they used a lot at their reception, it was on their invites and in a delicious lemonade drink they served their happy guests. The top tier of the cake was crowned with a bulb of Queen Anne’s Lace which, being Shay’s favorite flower, was present at both the wedding and the reception.

All I can say is, wow. That is an untraditional bohemian wedding story for the books! For the future…since the couple discovered their shared dream to teach internationally on their very first date, they’re in the process of applying for teaching jobs abroad. They plan to travel for 5 years and then settle in the states to raise a family. We couldn’t be happier for this beautiful couple and we’ve no doubt at all that their every dream is bound to come true.

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Photos by MorningWild Photography here at




Dancing on Cloud Nine

Dancing on Cloud Nine

Dancing On Cloud Nine – The Vision Behind our New Collection

Some time ago, I happened to come across an early photograph of that unforgettable and seemingly ageless icon of fashion and music, the outspoken, daring and exquisite Cher. She was flaunting a statuesque, paneled gown and had an air about her: as if she felt that she owned the room. More than usual in that old photograph, she conveyed a timeless elegance, in a style so extra-ordinary but still so complimentary. You could never put Cher in a box, she was and remains undeniably her own.


I want you to feel like you’re walking on Cloud Nine: that photograph was the inspiration that stirred this new Dreamers and Lovers Collection into being

The spirit of boho is a lot like the one I saw shining from her…laid back, authentic, creative and timeless. For me as a designer and kindred free spirit, I want our brides to be able to walk the aisle with the same confidence that Cher walked that red carpet all those years ago. I want you to feel like you’re walking on Cloud Nine: that photograph was the inspiration that stirred this new Dreamers and Lovers Collection into being.


this time I’ve focused on adding a touch of something extra, something that’s just as much a part of love: the element of seduction



We know that love is a multifaceted gem and probably the single most important emotion we’ll ever have the pleasure of experiencing. It’s a kind of light that I keep in my mind’s eye as I focus on my designs and when they’re finally worn by our brides, I hope that they’ll somehow convey my vision of that eternal diamond, of love. Beauty, youthfulness, comfort, freedom all these elements of love are elements incorporated into each of our Dreamers and Lovers Collections and Cloud Nine is no different…except that this time I’ve focused on adding a touch of something extra, something that’s just as much a part of love: the element of seduction.




The feeling of walking on Cloud Nine is the feeling being that much in love, seducing and being seduced by it’s colored luster, the intimacy love allows and the confidence we feel as a result of it. Seductiveness, confidence, intimacy…I expect you’ll see these elements shining through in this new line of boho wedding gowns. Embrace that confidence, be unapologetically feminine…that’s what this collection asks of you, become your own icon and express yourself, even if it’s just for one very special day.




Cloud Nine delivers that same attention to detail, the same top quality, lightweight and luxurious fabrics, the same consideration for comfort and the simplicity that has become synonymous with boho and Dreamers and Lovers. This time round though, we’re letting you flaunt a touch more of that shape that makes you a boho goddess and, of course, that skin which your groom-to-be can’t seem to get his hands off!



we’ve paid that little bit of extra consideration to the female form, it’s graceful curves and subtleties; it’s eternal spirit of seduction

With this collection, more so than our previous lines…we’ve paid that little bit of extra consideration to the female form, it’s graceful curves and subtleties; it’s eternal spirit of seduction.





Fine Art Photographer : Lara Lam
Creative Florist: Amy Nicole Floral
Boutique Vintage Rentals: Etablir

Still Life Moving – A Boho Editorial

Still Life Moving – A Boho Editorial


Boho is a place where time stands still, a love story, which spans a thousand years or more, a score of lifetimes. It’s a fairytale image so ephemeral and divine that it can’t be confined to one particular era, it’s poetry, it’s sculpture, it’s the sound of the sea. It’s not a fashion statement or a rule of thumb…it’s a still life of all that is feminine, all that is romance, all that is passion. It’s simply, breathtakingly bohemian.

No frills- to catch and fray, no sparkle- to tarnish and fade, no fuss- to frustrate and distract.

The essence of femininity is captured in a way that can never grow old, never become outdated. Long hair, silk and vintage lace catches the wind and the product is breathtaking to behold. No frills-to catch and fray, no sparkle-to tarnish and fade, no fuss-to frustrate and distract. Nothing but a continuation of the female form in easy, perfect lines, comfortable fits and exquisite fabrics.


We wanted to highlight the raw magnetism of our bespoke bohemian dresses by showcasing them in natural settings, against visually stunning backdrops which would hold a great many traditional styles to shame, from the hills around San Francisco and California to lovely Portland Oregon. These were laid back photo-shoots, of friends at the end of easy days out, with minimal to no makeup and no hairstyling or added accessories. The magical results were near to effortless, something achievable by any laid back girl who wears our carefully thought out dresses.

Our handmade designs are made to measure, to be worn free by those of us who are born free.

It’s clear to see that our designs are made to bring out the best of beautiful, to harmonize between vintage and modern elements, to wake up the old world romantic in every millennium girl. Our handmade designs are made to measure, to be worn free by those of us who are born free. Ease of movement, comfort and mesmeric visual balance are everything to us here at Dreamers and Lovers. We are free spirited women too, who know what you want your clothes to say about you and how you need them to make you feel.


We wanted you to see the effortless charm of our enchanting bohemian pieces, which require no more of you than to be worn with love in your heart and a spirit that’s free. Capturing the natural soul inside that is eternally youthful and timelessly elegant at the same time.

Boho is that place in your mind where time stands still, allowing you to express the most exquisite parts of your self, a self aware Lover, a childlike Dreamer, a gateway to everything beautiful.

See our full line of bohemian wedding dresses here.

Rhapsody Collection – For the Boho bride

Rhapsody Collection – For the Boho bride


Rhapsody, the new line of simple boho wedding dresses from Dreamers and Lovers, is all about capturing the timeless feminine spirit in a way that’s unassuming, not contrived. It’s about romance and free will, the ability to run barefoot through the waves or even in the mud on your wedding day. ‘Anywhere the wind blows…’ just as the song says.


It’s a truly harmonious marriage of simplistic modern tailoring and the romance of classic bohemian elements, all handmade with luxurious vintage style boho fabrics. We’ve kept the laid back bride firmly in mind while designing this range, it’s all about lightweight, soft fabrics and cuts which enhance the features but allow for ultimate freedom of movement. We want our brides breathing and dancing and delighting in the ease and romance of it all, no constriction, scratchiness or discomfort.



These dresses aren’t glam or showy but beautifully feminine, in luxurious silks and flowing laces, just light enough to catch the wind and look enchanting doing so. We’ve spared our brides the excessive, oh-so-overdone detailing that’s standard traditional fare in bridal stores, detailing is focused on fit and figure enhancement, with delicate fabrics and clever cuts doing all the talking. Less is truly more and we know that your husband to be want’s to see you as you really are, an incandescent boho princess, born to be free and in love.




The campaign for the line was shot on the beach, because we know that our laid back brides love nature and the chances are they’ll be spending at least part of their special day feeling the cool breeze in their hair, with the sun on their skin and their feet firmly planted on the earth. We want these dresses to be the stuff of dreams, what you’d see yourself wearing in a real fairytale, dresses that are perfectly at home in the hills, in the forest or next to the waves. That’s the essence of timelessness for us here at Dreamers and Lovers.



We want you to have your dream dress but more than anything we want you to be yourself on your wedding day, so often a bride will arrive at her venue feeling awkward and totally overdone. Rhapsody is about expressing your boho self, a laid back, free thinking romantic who wants to be unforgettably beautiful (but comfortable!) for her husband to be and herself on her wedding day!






In the dark,

Found light

Brighter than many ever see.


Within herself,

Found loveliness,

Through the souls own mastery.

And now the world receives

From her dower:

The message of the strength

Of inner power.

-Langston Hughes







Photography: Yuri Yatel

Florals : Amy Nicole Florals

HMUA : Makeup By Taryn Feldt

Film: Atomic Orange : check out the rhapsody video



Dreamy Luna by the Sea Editorial

Dreamy Luna by the Sea Editorial


We are feasting our eyes on this incredible romantic wedding inspiration editorial, set in dreamy Palos Verdes, California. We at Dreamers & Lovers believe this editorial will be a gorgeous inspiration for you laid-back brides who love simplicity and soft romantic looks, in her dress, hair, makeup, floral, and venue. There is absolutely zero fluff, just a natural beauty throughout.  The venue – the Neighborhood Church of Palos Verdes is breathtaking and filled with history, charm, and romance, in a no-fuss type of way. For future brides in California, this church sits on a bluff, and overlooks the Pacific Ocean, a true gem.

Titled Luna by the Sea, this editorial evokes a feeling of a carefree, independent, and confident bride-to-be. Her upswept hair, with delicate adornments and her dewy face adds to this confident and fresh vibe. The delicate floral with a pop of color unites the simple and elegant theme and caps the look. Captured by Southern California based Fine Art Wedding Photographer – Jes Workman, with a roster of other fine vendors all listed below.

Featured are two of our dresses, the Alice and the Amber – two of our ultra feminine and simple backless wedding dresses. These dresses are the perfect addition to this shoot. They are both timeless, romantic and understated sexy designs that need very little adornments. They are the perfect blend of simple and romantic.

Isn’t this editorial a perfect lesson in simplicity – how the perfect dress, setting, and a few careful details can just result in magic?

Forever Young
May God bless and keep you always,
May your wishes all come true,
May you always do for others
And let others do for you.
May you build a ladder to the stars
And climb on every rung,
May you stay forever young,
Forever young, forever young,
May you stay forever young.
May you grow up to be righteous,
May you grow up to be true,
May you always know the truth
And see the lights surrounding you.
May you always be courageous,
Stand upright and be strong,
May you stay forever young,
Forever young, forever young,
May you stay forever young.
May your hands always be busy,
May your feet always be swift,
May you have a strong foundation
When the winds of changes shift.
May your heart always be joyful,
May your song always be sung,
May you stay forever young,
Forever young, forever young,
May you stay forever young. Bob Dylan



Model: Jessica Draven

Flowers: Brie’s Honeybees & Flowers |

Gown: Dreamers + Lovers |

HMUA: Vivian Tran Hair-Makeup Artistry |

Accessories: January Rose Bridal |

Venue: Neighborhood Church of Palos Verdes |

Photographer: Jes Workman |

We hope you found this editorial inspirational.