Rhapsody Collection – For the Boho bride

  • By Jen Hart
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Rhapsody, the new line of simple boho wedding dresses from Dreamers and Lovers, is all about capturing the timeless feminine spirit in a way that’s unassuming, not contrived. It’s about romance and free will, the ability to run barefoot through the waves or even in the mud on your wedding day. ‘Anywhere the wind blows…’ just as the song says.


It’s a truly harmonious marriage of simplistic modern tailoring and the romance of classic bohemian elements, all handmade with luxurious vintage style boho fabrics. We’ve kept the laid back bride firmly in mind while designing this range, it’s all about lightweight, soft fabrics and cuts which enhance the features but allow for ultimate freedom of movement. We want our brides breathing and dancing and delighting in the ease and romance of it all, no constriction, scratchiness or discomfort.



These dresses aren’t glam or showy but beautifully feminine, in luxurious silks and flowing laces, just light enough to catch the wind and look enchanting doing so. We’ve spared our brides the excessive, oh-so-overdone detailing that’s standard traditional fare in bridal stores, detailing is focused on fit and figure enhancement, with delicate fabrics and clever cuts doing all the talking. Less is truly more and we know that your husband to be want’s to see you as you really are, an incandescent boho princess, born to be free and in love.




The campaign for the line was shot on the beach, because we know that our laid back brides love nature and the chances are they’ll be spending at least part of their special day feeling the cool breeze in their hair, with the sun on their skin and their feet firmly planted on the earth. We want these dresses to be the stuff of dreams, what you’d see yourself wearing in a real fairytale, dresses that are perfectly at home in the hills, in the forest or next to the waves. That’s the essence of timelessness for us here at Dreamers and Lovers.



We want you to have your dream dress but more than anything we want you to be yourself on your wedding day, so often a bride will arrive at her venue feeling awkward and totally overdone. Rhapsody is about expressing your boho self, a laid back, free thinking romantic who wants to be unforgettably beautiful (but comfortable!) for her husband to be and herself on her wedding day!






In the dark,

Found light

Brighter than many ever see.


Within herself,

Found loveliness,

Through the souls own mastery.

And now the world receives

From her dower:

The message of the strength

Of inner power.

-Langston Hughes







Photography: Yuri Yatel

Florals : Amy Nicole Florals

HMUA : Makeup By Taryn Feldt

Film: Atomic Orange : check out the rhapsody video