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What Goes Through a Boho Bride’s Mind on Her Wedding Day

What Goes Through a Boho Bride’s Mind on Her Wedding Day

The Mind of the Boho Bride on her Wedding Day



You saw him from afar, the guy of your wildest dreams, you made a friend, you got a little closer than friends, you started to realize you couldn’t do without him, then he proposed. So you conquered the uncharted coasts of (insert name here), pretty much! Engagement ring on finger, preparation for the bohemian wedding of those same wildest dreams under way, it strikes you hard …there’s the wedding night to come, the moving in, the MARRIAGE, the walk into the sunset, it’s deep, it’s vast, it’s real life and it’s yours. You’re stoked.


Clearly, you’ve zoned in on the ‘ONE’ or maybe even the ‘TWO’ (bridal separates), as far as your gown is concerned, you’ve opted for a few customizations to make it just right and can’t wait to try on the final product. There’s no time to play the waiting game though, since a sweet ton of things need doing, including all your cray-cray DIY projects…and you’re more than a little worried about enlisting enough help from your busy collective F&F for that.



The fact is, you chose a laid back wedding, a boho wedding and a beautiful, simple wedding dress because you’re chill as a freakin’ ice cube…well, usually. At the mo, a strange panic is setting in, especially since you’ve given yourself exactly 3 months to plan absolutely everything, plus your boss decided to hit you with an extra couple of tasks, with a smile: say whaaaat?!


The fact is, you’re usually so chill that you half expect it’ll ice your windshield over, but now, your system is awash with a totally odd compilation of hormones, neurotransmitters and a trance party of conflicting emotions, What The Actual F? You feel like a walking sweating teepee. Um…are you seriously getting married?

The months before the wedding are jam packed, the feelings unusual, sorta like…premenstrual. Still, when the day finally arrives, it can be really intense, your laid back persona might even seem to have gone underground when you wake up from that nervous, probably pretty disrupted sleep. Let’s talk about some of the things that go through a bride’s mind on her wedding day: a day so full of action that it often speeds by far to fast to be fair. Maybe, knowing what to expect will help that special, once in a lifetime day tick by a little slower. Maybe, reading this will help you make the most of it, instead of stressing.


#1: “Okay, checklist item A, OMG, B, Oh no, C, what was it again?” The longest night of your life


Remember those December 24’s as a kid, biting your nails in almost unbearable anticipation…or the same, before your finger-displayable birthdays? There might only be one night, post-childhood, that could compare to that sort of insane sleeplessness. There’s one night that may well make you feel like an 8 year old again, exhausted as you are from a week of work, final, mad preparation dashes and nervous tequilas with the crew…and that’s the night before your wedding.

That totally necessary, desperately craved beauty slumber will likely be standing somewhere near Jupiter, laughing at you hysterically, no sheep in sight, just a still standing pasture fence and a gate… the gate to the rest of your life.

The night before your wedding, you will be running over every single aspect on your wedding schedule, looking at every corner of your ideal image to try to find something amiss. You’ll be wasting your time, that much goes without saying but the fact is that you won’t be able to help yourself.


Boho diva or no, remember, stress is a leading cause of outbreaks and God forbid you wake up after a 3 hour snooze with a whopper on your chin, your forehead, or even…your NOSE! Meditate, watch a movie that’ll draw your attention, drink some red wine but for goodness sake, get some sleep and eat so you don’t look like the boho chic walking dead.


#2 “No thanks, I’m too excited to eat.” The champagne pain


excited-bride-before-her-wedding-in-tulumGirl, don’t be cray. Studies have shown that the brain is responsible for burning 20% of your body’s energy. What happens when you’ve been stressing and worrying obsessively and you wake up with about 82 voices in your head is that that number goes up.

Even if you’re a careful eater and hunger is the very last thing on your mind; even if you’re terrified of bloating your tummy and being gaseous at the altar (just imagine), the fact is, now more than ever, you need a bigger than usual, high energy breakfast, along with about an hour to let it settle before you get too active.

No doubt you’ll be quick to accept that second champers and OJ but on a stomach that’s got no more than a small yogurt in it, all that you’ll get in return is a feeling of being wind-blown, in a place with no wind and legs that feel disinterested in the idea of keeping you moving.


#3 “It’s too much, it’s all too much!” The panic attack


It matters not how much you disapprove of time wasting, fluttering, near terminal glee, hugs and freakin’ expectations…that’s because, this morning, however many people RSVPed, well, that’s how many people will have you at or pretty dang close to their center of attention and there will be no escape.

What I’m saying is, basically, you just gotta chill like you’ve never chilled before and let folk fuss over you, don’t let them make you do anything unthinkable like wear a shade of pink lippy that makes you look 20 shades feminine-er that yourself . Otherwise, what’s gonna be going through this bride’s head is a whole lotta: “It’s too much, it’s too much…OMG, WTF?!!”

And seriously, bridechillas aka (dreamers & lovers brides), ladies of the times, don’t do panic attacks…how you gonna wear a laid back wedding dress, a totally groovy bohemian wedding dress and act like a high strung nut-case? That type of foolishness is for cupcakes, hello!


The Bohemian Wedding Day..and Dress

#4 “I feel ridiculous, walking slowly down this aisle like an airhead.” The princess parade

the-smile-on-bride-Carolina's-face-as-she-walks-with-her-dad-carrying-a-baby's breath-bouqet

The aisles walk; okay, think about this one. Try it out with whoever is handing you over, do rehearse. Don’t parade yourself for the guests, walking at the pace of a song which makes you feel constipated, in front of a smiling, awkward audience.

Choose music with a pace that’ll get you there in just enough time to think: “Well he is looking fine, and so am I, and this is really happening in 3, 2, 1.” The aisle walk is a special thing and too much of: “this is taking ages, I feel stupid smiling at everyone, oh shoot he must be wondering why he’s here” is gonna leave you flustered when you arrive at the altar.


You should be looking at your man all the way, making eye contact even, thinking “SCORE, SCORE!”




#5 “Um………………………………………….” Terror in virgin territory


Believe it, there are still a great many boho sistas who, for religious, cultural or moral reasons, will be getting their cherry picked for the first time on their wedding night. For those chaste chillitas, there will likely be one of two tracks of thought traversing their minds pretty incessantly all day (with variations, depending on what kind of intel they have, from whatever sources, about the Birds, Bees and things like Man-bottoms).

Track 1: I hope he still likes me once he’s seen my nipples, my lady bits and my extensive (and possibly not as bad as you think) cellulite…and I hope he doesn’t expect me to act like a porn star…oh, oh and …I hope I still love him once I’ve met Walter (ahem).

Track 2: Oh My Word, Can We Hurry This Reception Up Or What? As in, look how fine he is all clad in his blue suit, I cannot cope any longer?!


In Conclusion:


Not every girl grows up imagining every detail of her ideal wedding celebration, day in and day out. In fact, a good many sistas, especially those of the free-spirited, hair in the wind, soulful, boho persuasion…they get caught with a serious case of romance, unexpectedly and from the stars enough to have the whole idea of floral crown, crying moms and all the wedding proverbials be really, truly, fully, awkward…and every little traditional fluff can end up feeling a task for, depending on just how much of a hippie spirit you are: unless of course, you learn from our D&L brides, run over your bridechilla mantra at least every hour or so…

“Let me just, make the guy proud, instead of making him wonder”

“an easy wedding portends an easy marriage”……. or something to that effect, just relax, put your hands in your boho wedding gown with pockets, thank goodness this is 2018 and such things are possible….breathe, and savor the miracle of it all.


Wishing you love and freedom. xx



All photos of Bride Carolina + Groom Nate’s wedding was taken by the freakin talented Katie Edwards Photo

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Dreamy Destination Tulum Bohemian Wedding

Dreamy Destination Tulum Bohemian Wedding


Carolina & Nate’s Dream Destination Bohemian Wedding

Carolina and Nate’s love story and wedding is one for the books. Interestingly enough, first dates were done on Facetime before taking things 3D. As for the wedding, location really was everything for the couple. They chose to hold an intimate bohemian wedding in Tulum, Mexico.

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Carolina and Nate met outside their local hangout in Venice, CA. Interestingly enough, they shared a few dates on Facetime before taking things 3D. Carolina was out of town a lot with her job but they kept in touch via phone and web. Then on her return to Venice, she picked him up (in her car, silly) and they went to one of Venice’s most popular Mexican food spots, Oscar’s Cerveteca to enjoy a dinner on their first actual date.

The Paris Proposal

In the Fall of 2016, Carolina had a work trip scheduled to Paris, which wasn’t uncommon for her. Since Nate had never seen Paris, he announced that he was coming along for the ride…only; he had other, more sly plans. Carolina was completely bogged down with work, meetings and events every night, after full and busy days. The poor guy struggled day after day to find an opening to pop the Q and finally, the moment came.

One night, after dinner, Nate asked Carolina to walk back to the hotel with him (he’d been carrying a ring in his pocket for days BTW) and although she was cold, tired and annoyed she decided to oblige, knowing that it would be an experience for him, since he’d never been to Paris before. At one point they strolled on to a stunning Parisian bridge, to find that they were the only ones there, which, while being ever so slightly creepy, also afforded Nate just the opportunity he needed.

Pulling a lock from his pocket, Nate said he’d brought it from LA for them to lock onto the bridge (as is tradition for lovers visiting Paris). Still cold and annoyed, Carolina just wanted to get it over with and move on. He handed her the lock and asked “Aren’t you going to read what it says?” He’d written the words “Will you marry me?” on the lock…the answer, of course, was yes. After putting the very special lock on the bridge together, they walked back to the hotel to call their families with the good tidings.

The Search for the Bohemian Lace Wedding Dress

Now, although Carolina’s a bit of a minimalist tomboy when it comes to her dress sense, she had a clear image in her mind of a dress that was romantic, long sleeved and made of lace. She visited a string of boutiques in LA but she just didn’t seem to connect with anything. Luckily, after her engagement, she’d picked up the habit of following Instagram Wedding accounts and that’s where she had the pleasure of discovering D&L’s laid back wedding dresses.


She was immediately drawn to the lovely, boho Lisa dress and could hardly wait to come in and try it on for herself. Lucky for her, she’s an LA local so in short turn she visited the Dreamers and Lovers Studio and found that the dress lived up to all her dreams and more. No dress could have been better suited for the exotic destination wedding that Carolina had planned.

The Dream Destination Wedding Location

For this couple, location really was everything. They chose to hold an intimate wedding at Posada Margherita in Tulum, Mexico. The 8 room hotel is the pair’s all time favorite place on earth and they make a habit of vacationing there every year and when they do, the meals are always the highlight of the show. Strangely enough, it’s not a Mexican restaurant they frequent there but the hotel’s Italian Restaurant, which is part of the reason they keep going back.

Even before getting engaged, they’d sat at one of those tables eating home made pasta and dreaming about how wonderful it would be to get married there one day. Well, their dream came true. They invited 55 of their nearest and dearest to celebrate their love with a stay at their favorite spot on earth. Of course, Carolina had a chance to spend time with each of them during their stay, which was absolutely magical.

Carolina didn’t compromise any of her values and wishes during planning and she advises other brides to do the same with make up, style, decor, everything. After all, it’s about you and your man and should reflect who YOU are.

Being a destination wedding, Carolina didn’t get to check on and actually see things herself before the time, she just had to trust that the wedding, which she planned all by herself, would turn out as she dreamed. At least she knew she had the most special location booked and that the food would be awesome as usual. The element of surprise was invigorating but also stressful at times. When the time came to enjoy the results of her planning, she was proud, overjoyed and certainly relieved.

Wedding Details

Carolina’s favorite detail of the wedding was the fact that her groom and his friends built a Jewish Huppah from scratch, with driftwood and leaves they’d found in Mexico. She was admittedly a little nervous when the guys said they wanted to build it themselves because although she isn’t Jewish, the huppah symbolism was very important to her. It turned out beautifully and she was so grateful that not only did no one use it before them. The hands of the people that truly love them built it. Plus her best friend, Cami, sewed the loveliest tropical flowers to the DIY huppah her husband had helped build, on the day of the wedding.


The flowers were all Baby’s Breath, which is Carolina’s favorite and she couldn’t have imagined anything that would have suited the venue better… which has a very old European feel to it. She even brought her own blue mason jars all the way from LA to Mexico, which was rather a big effort, to say the least. Still, it was worth it and in combination with the Baby’s Breath, a sight for sore eyes.


The couple didn’t opt for any readings other than their own, self-written vows, which turned out so similar that it brought a tear to most eyes present. They were married by one of their closest friends, Noah, and it was extra special having someone so close to them share the story of their love with everyone there. Carolina’s favorite part of the vows was “I vow to always speak the truth and seek kindness in each word, moment and day we spend together, with this ring, I am forever yours.”


They ordered a two-layer coconut vanilla cake online, having absolutely no idea what it would taste like but they were pleasantly surprised! They also enjoyed some Tiramisu after the rest of their Italian feast. Jewish, Mexican, Italian…talk about eclectic! That’s what boho is all about.


The guests partied the night away beach style, barefoot in the sand and under a sea of stars, to the beats of Carolina’s brother, who was DJ for the night. It turned into the most mystical night of their lives, there was never a moment when they couldn’t stop and feel the gentle sea breeze on their skin or hear the ocean lapping against the Mexican shore.


With a wedding like that, perhaps an immediate honeymoon didn’t really seem necessary. The couple plans to take a honeymoon sometime in the near future and when they return, they might even look into starting a family to continue the tradition of love!!!

Photographer: Katie Edwards Photo

Dress: Dreamers & Lovers Lisa Dress
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A Soulful Love Story

A Soulful Love Story

A Soulful Love Story + Boho Hawaiian Wedding

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The story Emily and Caleb Grumling is one of those rare romances that you can’t really help but tear up over. The couple met in high school but weren’t even friends until they went to college, so they were definitely not high school sweethearts. Their friendship blossomed at a time when Emily was away at school in Pennsylvania and Caleb was on Maui. Both enjoyed each other’s company during the summers when they’d return to their mutual home island of Oahu.

They bonded over a shared love of the ocean, hiking, racquetball and euchre. After college, destiny saw them both returning to Oahu to live. That was when Emily began to notice Caleb’s finer qualities, such as his hard work ethic, his integrity and his strong relationship with God. As her respect for his character increased, she began to fall for him…only it seemed to her that he viewed her as nothing more than a friend.

She sat in her car in the parking lot and prayed to God, asking that He help her move past this and that her desires fall in line with God’s plan.

Knowing that she couldn’t spend her time pining away, Emily tried to focus her mind elsewhere. She applied for a job as a flight attendant, to be stationed on the mainland. She got the job but as her departure date drew near, she yearned to tell Caleb how she really felt about him. She felt it would save her from forever wondering what might have been. After church one night, she tried to tell him but couldn’t quite square herself. She sat in her car in the parking lot and prayed to God, asking that He help her move past this and that her desires fall in line with God’s plan.

Literally 10 seconds later, Caleb texted her, asking that she come back up to the church to help him with an errand. He asked her to accompany him as he drove to the store but, on the way back, he took a ‘wrong turn.’ He pulled over and poured out his heart, saying that he’d been praying for a while for them to get together. He said that he knew that he’d had to tell her that night. From that point on they were a couple. Although Emily moved, two months later, to Minneapolis and then to Los Angeles for her job, the long distance didn’t stop them from growing closer.

Caleb took a job in Maui for a year and Emily often flew down from California to visit him. On one such visit, Caleb suggested that they take a ferry to the island of Lanai. They spent a beautiful day exploring the island and, towards the end of the day, hiked to a secluded beach called Sweetheart Rock. That’s where Caleb got down on one knee and asked for her hand.

The Search for the Perfect Simple Bohemian Wedding Dress

Having scoured Hawaii dress shops for a dress that suited her laid back style, Emily was up to her temples in poof, sparkle and shine. Luckily for her, a friend in LA had heard about her struggle and clued her in about a brand she’d seen on Instagram, Dreamers and Lovers. The minute Emily saw the exquisite dresses online she was sold; they were the perfect match for her chic bohemian aesthetic.


Emily made a selection of dresses and visited the store the following week in order to try them on. Emily loved that the dresses were made to order, to suit any body type and when she first tried on her dress, she just knew that it was the one. Beautiful, comfortable and not fussy at all, all it needed was a personal twist, so Emily asked to add a small train and Voila!


Emily took it upon herself to do all the wedding planning, which wasn’t easy while living in LA part time. Although her time schedule as a flight attendant was flexible, the constant traveling between Hawaii and California became exhausting.

Wedding Planning for a Bohemian Wedding

 One aspect of planning that she did enjoy was working on some of the projects with Caleb, he’d teach her to use certain tools so that she could work alongside him as he built things for the reception. At times when the wedding planning seemed to be taking up all their thoughts they’d take breaks and just enjoy each other’s company without stressing over preparations.

Caleb built special planters for the table centerpieces and the pair went to a succulent nursery to find worthy candidates to plant in the boxes. The nursery babysat the planters for six months until the wedding and by then the boxes were full and luscious. All other floral arrangements included plenty of greens, whites and burgundy, just as Emily had requested.

The decision was made to hold the reception at Emily’s uncle’s ranch in Wahiawa. This was definitely Em’s favorite detail of the wedding. She loved that it was somewhere none of her 224 guests had ever been to before and that driving out there on the dirt road was an adventure all on its own.

While neither Emily or Caleb are the type to do things just because they’re traditional, they still appreciated the meaning behind the traditional wedding vows as used by their parents and grandparents. Neither of them liked the idea of being totally vulnerable with each other in front of the crowd so the letters that they wrote to each other were shared quietly, on their own before the wedding.

The couple’s youth pastor from when they were teenagers performed the ceremony, reading several bible passages, including Ephesians 5:22:23 which, while it does tell wives to submit to their husbands, also tells husbands to love their wives the way Christ loved the church and gave himself for her. The couple believe this to be a passage about mutual love and respect, together with self-sacrifice, all the while glorifying Christ through their marriage.

Because Neither Emily or Caleb are cake lovers, they opted for Acai Bowls at the reception. Each bowl had strawberries, bananas, honey and a scoop of cookie dough, yum!

Why Every Boho Bride Needs a Great Photographer

Even though both the pair is camera shy, their photographer, Tessa Tadlock, did an awesome job of making them feel comfortable and their pictures came out beautifully as a result. Their friend, Ashley DeMello also made a video of the event, which the couple couldn’t be happier with. The couple is forever grateful that the important business of documenting the day was taken care of by such superb artists.

If you’re wondering what the couple is up to these days, they’re both enjoying life in LA, spending tons of time together and also planning on doing some traveling in the near future. As for the long term, once they’ve finished exploring the mainland they’d love to move back to Hawaii to start a family but they are, of course, open to whatever God has planned for them.

Photographer: Tessa Tadlock

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Heidi + Kyle’s Magical Maryland Wedding

Heidi + Kyle’s Magical Maryland Wedding


Heidi’s older brother, Luke, actually went to college with Kyle…whose name was always casually thrown around by the family whenever Heidi’s dating prospects were being discussed. She always thought the whole idea to be pretty far-fetched, considering the fact that they had never met, were never in the same state and had not even been single at the same time. In fact, they only met for the first time almost a full decade after Kyle and Luke’s graduation, when Heidi moved from Pittsburgh, PA to Annapolis, Maryland, with Kyle living just miles away, in Baltimore.


Shortly after Heidi moved, Luke convinced her to join him for Baltimore’s famous ‘Baltimore Bike Party’, where thousands of cyclists dress up in costume and cruise the streets and neighborhoods of downtown Baltimore: Kyle would be there. He noticed her borrowed bike and was quick to offer his assistance in finding her a new ride. It didn’t take long for Heidi to discover that Kyle wasn’t just quick to help her but that helping others was essential to his way of life. Kyle dedicates his life to improving the lives of homeless high school students in Baltimore County. In her heart Heidi knew that her family’s suggestions had been well founded…this was the type of person she wanted to spend the rest of her life with! Well, it was only a matter of time before Heidi got exactly what she was hoping for.

When the young couple was visiting the ‘Wonder Exhibit’ at the Renwick Gallery in Washington DC, Heidi happened to mention how cool it would be to get married in the fist installation they viewed…I guess you could only call it fate because just a few moments later she found Kyle down on one knee, proposing, with both their sets of parents (who he had secretly invited) snapping pics and taking videos in the background. It was an incredible moment for the whole family.

She happened to come across the ‘Holly’ lace dress from Dreamers and Lovers and fell instantly in love. Nothing, however, could have made her decision more clear than when, a day later, her mom (who is also her best friend) sent her a picture of the exact same dress

Speaking of fate…I found this dress-shopping story to be more than a little star-touched… Heidi had wanted her dress shopping experience to be as casual and as laid back as possible so she avoided the big-box stores and chose instead to find her inspiration online. She happened to come across the ‘Holly’ lace dress from Dreamers and Lovers and fell instantly in love. Nothing, however, could have made her decision more clear than when, a day later, her mom (who is also her best friend) sent her a picture of the exact same dress. Holly was the first, last and only dress she ever tried on and for Heidi there was never a doubt that it was absolutely made for her!

Looking at photo’s of the pair on their wedding day, I can only agree with Heidi: she looked magnificent with her gorgeous golden skin and her exquisitely detailed flower crown perfectly matching the embroidered cotton of the Holly Dress, she honestly looked like she’d stepped out of a dream!


When it came to wedding planning, Kyle would have been quite happy just to have the birds, the bees and their families as witnesses, whereas Heidi would have liked to invite the entire world. Luckily they found a healthy compromise, with Kyle inviting one or two guests…and Heidi inviting all the rest! They ended up inviting 85 guests.

The wedding venue, being in Annapolis, Maryland, was crucial to the pair. That was where they had really fallen in love. Both of them being water lovers, the Bay was where they’d spent time together and gotten to know one another. So they decided to get married at Heidi’s parent’s community beach in Annapolis (Cape St. Clair Community Beach), overlooking the Chesapeake Bay. They got married looking out over the water, with a harpist playing a combination of old and new wedding songs. The reception followed immediately after, right across the street at the beach clubhouse.

To Heidi and Kyle, adding small, personal touches wherever they could was a part of their focus. They included pictures of deceased loved ones along side their wedding decorations. They also kept their eyes open for inexpensive ways to express themselves creatively. They tried to use only vendors that they knew personally. Heidi’s uncle Hoyte (Wilhelm) married them, her friend Sarah Saxon did the photography, and Kyle’s friend DJ Gurf provided a personalized musical experience. The wedding party consisted only of the twin girls (Harper and Teagan) for whom Heidi is a nanny. They made the most precious flower girls and being very dear to Heidi, it was a real blessing to have them feature on the day.

The only reading done was of Corinthians 13.4. It was also very important to the couple that they write their own vows:

His favorite line was: “I know that together, our hearts and minds can move mountains, and I cannot wait to make the world a better place with you.”

Heidi’s favorite line from Kyle’s vow was: “I vow to create a life with you filled with love, passion, acceptance, creativity, and peace.”


One of the most sentimental details of the day, for Heidi and Kyle, were the dream catchers, which they hand, made and hung from the ceiling of the reception. The couple spent many a night and afternoon putting their love, creativity and energy into crafting them and at the end of the reception they encouraged guests to take one down so that they could hang up a small piece of the happy newlyweds in their homes.

The personal touches didn’t stop there…even the flowers and wild berries for the guests were all hand picked! A day before the wedding, the couple and an intimate group headed to a local pick-your-own farm in Woodbine, MD: Larriland Farms. They picked ample raspberries and blackberries to place on the tables at the reception, and then they strolled the wildflower fields searching for the perfect blooms for bouquets and centerpieces. Next to the wedding day itself, Heidi says this day was the most magical. I think this this is such a wonderful idea and an ideal way to add a personal touch whilst spending that little bit of extra time with loved ones!

The couple opted for a very traditional cake with butter cream frosting from Main Ingredient in Annapolis, MD. They decorated it with beautiful handpicked wildflowers.

focus on why you’re getting married and know that, provided you’re marrying your best friend, the day is already a resounding success. Cost and complexity doesn’t make the day more special, the rest is all just details

Heidi’s advice to other chilled out brides is this: focus on why you’re getting married and know that, provided you’re marrying your best friend, the day is already a resounding success. Cost and complexity doesn’t make the day more special, the rest is all just details. In fact, the simpler the wedding, the more you can focus on your friends, family and the lover standing across from you. Heidi felt that because they did simple things, which meant a lot to them as a couple, their guests got the opportunity to really witness their love.


The couple has just purchased an adorable little beach cottage in Chesapeake Bay, their very first home together. As their list of home renovations grows, so does their appreciation for one another. Heidi still works as a nanny and Kyle as a homeless youth advocate. They both delight in spoiling their rescue dogs, Leon and Biggie. They make a point of constantly surrounding themselves with friends, family, music art and love. We definitely wish them all of the best and undoubtedly more of the same. It was a pleasure being a part of their magical lives, even if only for a day!

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Ashley & Matt’s Intimate San Diego Wedding

Ashley & Matt’s Intimate San Diego Wedding


Ashley & Matt’s wedding is just the kind of wedding that makes us married folks want to get married all over again. It is sweet and simple, and with a magical backdrop. Beach weddings gets us every time. This first photo gets us too, because at the end of the wedding planning, this is everything, this is what it is ALL about….

Here’s a recap of the wedding from the lovely bride:

How and when you and hubby met?

We met five years ago, we worked the same part time retail job and only ever saw each other in passing. One day we started talking and the rest is history!


Describe your wedding style, and the type of bride you were?

Our wedding was intimate, dreamy and romantic! I was definitely a laid back bride, we had a very short engagement and a very small wedding. I enjoyed letting things come together and fall naturally into place, not getting overly stressed about the unnecessary details.

How did you choose/decide on the dress?

I tried on a lot of different dresses, originally I pictured myself in a very modern, clean cut dress, I almost settled on one but it just didn’t feel special enough and didn’t fit the feeling I wanted my wedding to have. I came across Dreamers and Lovers while looking for more Boho style dresses and fell in love with the Catherine backless lace dress!! I loved how elegant it was, and created just the right amount of interest in the detail in the lace and the architecture of the gown. Not to mention it has pockets, which came in very handy to carry my husband’s ring and my vows, since I didn’t have any bridesmaids! 😉


Tell us about bridesmaid dresses?

We chose not to have a wedding party. We kept our ceremony and reception very small, only about 25 people. We liked the idea of the two of us (and the officiant of course), being the only ones at the altar and allowing our closest friends and family to sit back and enjoy the day!

What was the one thing you were not willing to compromise on for the day?

The dress! And also having my family there to share the day with us!

Did you skip tradition? If yes, which ones?

In some regards we skipped a lot of tradition and in other ways our wedding was very traditional. It was very important to us to have the Pastor of our church perform our ceremony, to have my dad walk me down the aisle, and to have Matt see me for the first time in my dress when I was walking down the aisle. I suppose our wedding was non traditional in the sense that for the majority of our guests it was a “destination wedding”.

We also chose to have a very small, very intimate restaurant reception. We didn’t have a DJ at the reception or any dancing. We loved celebrating by having a big family dinner. We wanted to take advantage of the time we had with family and friends that we don’t get to see as often anymore to talk, catch up and get to know each other, as most of our families hadn’t met prior to the big day!





What advise would you give to brides to be just starting the process?

Follow your instincts on what you feel is right for your day! A huge guest list, extravagant venues, and coordinating with five bridesmaids is a dream for some but definitely wasn’t right for me. I couldn’t be happier that I remained honest with myself about what I wanted for my wedding instead of trying to fit in a checklist of things you’re supposed to do on your wedding day.

What were you best sources of inspiration while planning your wedding?

Creative and talented friends, family, a lot of pinterest and Google searches!

Best memory of your wedding day?

That’s a tough one! The whole day was so much better than I could have ever imagined! I think the best memory of the day was meeting my husband at the end of the aisle, and exchanging our vows. We chose to write our own wedding vows, I remember being focused on just my vows and my husband, and really staying present in that moment.



Wedding Vendors

Photography: Hannah Barker (@hannah_barker on Instagram)

Flowers: Ashley Pike (@arenuart_pike on Instagram)

Ceremony Music: String Duo-Melodies by Madeline

Ceremony: Cuvier Park “The Wedding Bowl” in La Jolla

Reception: Savoie Eatery in Chula Vista

Dress: Dreamers & Lovers Catherine Dress