Still Life Moving – A Boho Editorial

  • By Jen Hart
  • Backless Wedding Dresses, Wedding Editorials
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Boho is a place where time stands still, a love story, which spans a thousand years or more, a score of lifetimes. It’s a fairytale image so ephemeral and divine that it can’t be confined to one particular era, it’s poetry, it’s sculpture, it’s the sound of the sea. It’s not a fashion statement or a rule of thumb…it’s a still life of all that is feminine, all that is romance, all that is passion. It’s simply, breathtakingly bohemian.

No frills- to catch and fray, no sparkle- to tarnish and fade, no fuss- to frustrate and distract.

The essence of femininity is captured in a way that can never grow old, never become outdated. Long hair, silk and vintage lace catches the wind and the product is breathtaking to behold. No frills-to catch and fray, no sparkle-to tarnish and fade, no fuss-to frustrate and distract. Nothing but a continuation of the female form in easy, perfect lines, comfortable fits and exquisite fabrics.


We wanted to highlight the raw magnetism of our bespoke bohemian dresses by showcasing them in natural settings, against visually stunning backdrops which would hold a great many traditional styles to shame, from the hills around San Francisco and California to lovely Portland Oregon. These were laid back photo-shoots, of friends at the end of easy days out, with minimal to no makeup and no hairstyling or added accessories. The magical results were near to effortless, something achievable by any laid back girl who wears our carefully thought out dresses.

Our handmade designs are made to measure, to be worn free by those of us who are born free.

It’s clear to see that our designs are made to bring out the best of beautiful, to harmonize between vintage and modern elements, to wake up the old world romantic in every millennium girl. Our handmade designs are made to measure, to be worn free by those of us who are born free. Ease of movement, comfort and mesmeric visual balance are everything to us here at Dreamers and Lovers. We are free spirited women too, who know what you want your clothes to say about you and how you need them to make you feel.


We wanted you to see the effortless charm of our enchanting bohemian pieces, which require no more of you than to be worn with love in your heart and a spirit that’s free. Capturing the natural soul inside that is eternally youthful and timelessly elegant at the same time.

Boho is that place in your mind where time stands still, allowing you to express the most exquisite parts of your self, a self aware Lover, a childlike Dreamer, a gateway to everything beautiful.

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