United by Adventure: Avery and Dom’s Journey from High School Sweethearts to Dream Wedding

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Avery and Dom’s love story started in high school, when they were acquaintances in history class. As they spent more time together, their friendship blossomed into a resilient, committed relationship. Avery found her dream wedding dress at Dreamers & Lovers, and the couple’s personal vows reflected their adventurous spirits and deep affection. Their wedding was a beautiful blend of heartfelt moments and breathtaking beauty, captured by their talented photographers. With 120 guests, the day was filled with love, laughter, and lifelong memories. Avery and Dom’s story is a testament to the enduring power of love and the beauty of life shared with one’s best friend and soulmate.


Photo Credits: Taylor Mccutchan




Tell us About the Proposal

We had set off in the fall on a long road trip through Idaho, Montana and all the way down to Utah. We lived out of my Landcruiser, exploring the National parks and trying to see what we could before the snow fell. We met up with some of our buddies in Zion National Park, car camping and hiking. We wanted to hike Angels Landing but discovered you had to enter a lottery to get permits. We were there for a couple of days so two of us entered the lottery for our whole group in hopes of increasing our chances. We didn’t get it our first day we tried, and only had one day and one chance left. Later that night we received the email that we had won the lottery and got the permit for our last day. The next morning we set out. We hiked it for sunrise and it was quite the experience holding onto the chains as we climbed to the top. The sun was popping off! One of my buddies and I are photographers so we had brought our cameras of course. I yelled at my buddy to walk down to the edge so I could take his photo in the morning light. He kept on leaving and I started to get frustrated at him. My other buddy, Ezra (the photographer) suggested that he would take Dom and I’s photo instead. So not thinking anything of it, I took off all my gear and followed Dom out to the edge. He snapped a couple photos of us and I started to walk away when Dom grabbed me. He said, “Wait, I have to ask you something.” I replied, “What! Are you gonna ask me to marry you or something, haha.” Dom got down on one knee and said “Ya, will you marry me?” Somehow Dom, throughout our whole roadtrip of living out of our car, had hid the ring and a whole bottle of champagne from me.

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Did you Write your Own vows?

We wrote our own vows and our favorite phrases are below.

Avery – “You are able to feel fear and not let it alter your decisions. You dropped everything even when our bank accounts and common sense said not to, so you could bike across a state with me. Whether it be biking hundreds of miles. jumping out of a plane, or off a 70 foot bridge. You always jump right into the deep end with me.”

Dom- “Until one day, my best friend Nathan pointed out a pretty girl in green overalls. This was the day my focus shifted to you. I look back at my endless effort to figure you out, and now I see that it was just a reflection of the reasons I love you. Such as the way you gravitate toward adventure, or the love you have for all people. It wasn’t until I got to know you further that I understood how many mysteries you hold. The one I love the most is how you could have so much love for the man standing with you today, leading me like a guiding light, on a journey closer to God.”


Tell us About Finding Your Wedding Dress

I first started searching on pinterest for the style of wedding dresses that I liked. I knew I liked more of a boho, flowy, lace style. On my first google search, I found Dreamers and Lovers and fell in love. I absolutely loved the Hayley dress and kept going back to it. After watching my sister find her dress the previous year, I knew it’s not always the one you like at first sight that looks good on you. So I went to a couple of local boutiques to try on some other styles. I felt like I looked awful in all of them and it made me feel pretty disheartened. I went ahead and ordered the Hayley and a couple other dresses to try on at home. The lace was so beautiful and I loved the way all the dresses looked. Out of all of them I didn’t want to take the Hayley off. However, I was so indecisive after hearing the input of my friends and family. A few more try-ons later and I knew for sure that the Hayley was my dress.



What was your Favorite Detail of the Wedding?

It’s so hard to choose my favorite detail of the wedding. But it’s between these three, we had a photo booth made out of a bronze-ish frame with flowers hung by fishing line creating the illusion that they were floating, our wedding welcome sign which was covered in flowers and made out of aspen wood that we found the weekend before the wedding, and lastly the way all the colors of my bridesmaids and bridesmen came together.

Share Other Detail about Your Wedding Day

Nothing went as planned, certain things did not get done or didn’t happen. But what came because of what went wrong I will cherish for the rest of my life. Originally we we’re supposed to only have two speeches but our schedule was so off put, that towards the end of the night we just let what was gonna happen, happen. Over 10 speeches were made and Dom and I agree that it was probably our favorite part of the wedding.


What Advice Do You Have for Future-Brides?

Hire a wedding planner! Start your wedding earlier than you think, double check your schedule with your vendors before finalizing the start time. Allow for more time in your schedule for everything because it will take longer than you think. It’s your wedding day and you don’t want to feel rushed. Choose the things that you want and make you feel the happiest not what others say will look best. What you see on pinterest is the vision not the final product so keep an open mind. No matter what happens on your day, just be present in every moment.

What’s Next for you as a Couple?

Grow deeper together and go wherever God calls us, and bikepack together all around the world. But one day we’d love to move somewhere deep in the mountains, start a little homestead and a little family.

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Photographer 1: Luke Treat

Photographer 2: Taylor McCuthchan

Wedding Dress: Dreamers & Lovers Hayley