Preparing for Your Wedding Dress Appointment

  • By Jen Hart
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Bohemian brides who’re amping up for that first wedding dress appointment, with mom and sisters and ladies waiting in-tow: beware, you need to know what you’re in for. It’s not all shine and sparkles (although we’re not sure that you boho-brides want it to be) and chances are, if you don’t come prepared for that first appointment, it may all end in tears and disappointment.

So laid-back brides-to-be…I’ve been reading and listening to the rantings and ravings of wedding dress shoppers for quite some time now and I thought it about time that I do my bit. So here are some tips to hopefully save you a world of hassle and woe at your first wedding dress appointment:


By now you should have a wedding file prepared, with special dividers for all your vendors and planning details.

There should be a dress section where you keep all your do’s and don’ts, pictures of dresses you love, notes about your dream dress, budget and a list of possible vendors.

Know Your Budget:

Know your budget! Search the web for Bohemian Wedding Dresses, You’d be surprised at what you find.

Truly bohemian designers like Dreamers & Lovers don’t ask nearly as much for unique made to order boho-chic dresses as big chain stores (need we mention names?) might ask for glitzy-glammy, trampefied numbers.

Make a note of your true budget and write down a figure a few hundred dollars bellow that, that way if you’re offered something a little more expensive than your quoted budget, you’ll have room to maneuver.

Gather Clips and photos:

If you can’t find any photos of your dream dress style, don’t fret… Find your favorite outfits at home, put them on and use this as an excuse to take selfies!

Pics of you in your favorite gear will help your consultant to understand your unique style and what kind of cuts and vibes you feel the most comfortable in.

Add a few pics of decor and art that expresses the theme/style of your wedding, a clever consultant will be able to use this to really capture what it is you’re looking for. Remember to rock up for your appointment in something easy to change in and out of.

Keep Your Ladies in the Loop:

Show all your pics and ideas to your mom, your sisters and your ladies in waiting. That way they won’t go against your wishes by making crazy suggestions at your consultation.

Shop Niche not Chain:

If you’re planning on visiting the run-of-the-mill bridal store think again…Chances are you’ll have hundreds of dresses to choose from but will come away with the best of traditional glitzy garb, not with a simple bohemian wedding dress that’s uniquely expressive of your own style.

Consultants in a chain bridal shop might not treat you with the same kind of care and attention as a smaller boutique. Search the web for a niche store that will have a range which suits your style. The consultant in a store that specializes in your boho style will most likely be a laid-back Chiquita like yourself.

Bohemian designers like Dreamers & Lovers will understand your sense of style, there’s no other way for the laid-back bride. Book ahead to ensure yourself a full hour of exclusive consultation, that way you won’t be disappointed when there’s no place for you and the ladies to sit!

Know Yourself:

Know what parts of your body bother you and what parts you’d like to highlight. Make a note of these factors in your wedding file and share your do’s and don’ts with your consultant.

Get on friendly terms with your consultant by having a chat before the time, make sure she understands your dream and you’re sure to come out on top of the world!

Pack some Kleenex for mom and a selfie stick and have yourself an awesome time! This appointment is one of the most important ones you might ever make so be prepared and your memories of it will be perfect.