A Bohemian Spanish Styled New Zealand Wedding

  • By Jen Hart
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Ellie & Liam’s wedding set in beautiful New Zealand is beyond gorgeous. We love the bohemian meets Spanish vibes thanks to the use of luxe deep reds. The reds seen throughout heightens the feel of romance and love.

The boho bride – Ellie – has shared some really great details about her days, and the important details surrounding her magical day. “It truly was the best day I have ever had and now I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend”.

More from the bride:


Liam and I met when I was about 13 and was friends with his younger sister. I remember going over to their place & he just wanted nothing to do with us – I assume we were just annoying little girls to him! A few years later my friends and I started hanging out with Liam’s group of friends, I started to develop a massive crush on him – then a few years after that when I was 17 & he was 19 I finally built up the courage to start expressing my feelings and luckily he felt the same! 6 years later here we are!




We had talked about marriage in the past and we both knew we wanted to get married. I remember coming home one night & Liam said he would cook dinner – to anyone who knows him that’s already strange behaviour because I always cook. I knew something was up. There were candles and the lights were off and after we had finished eating he started to talk about us & how far we had come, how much he loved me. By this time I was already holding in tears then he got up walked over to me & got down on one knee and proposed! It was nothing too dramatic or theatrical – but it was perfect, it was just what we are like as a couple. Intimate, chill & down to earth.




We aren’t religious, so I initially didn’t want to have the ceremony in a church, but we went out into Wellington one day to look at some venues and on the way home drove past Old St Paul’s in Wellington. We decided to go have a look and I just fell in love. It’s is just such a gorgeous building – I couldn’t not have it there! Luckily as it’s just classed as an historic building now, we were able to. It was breath taking. We decided to have the Reception at the Boatshed, we just loved the views on the waterfront and the big windows!




I knew I didn’t want you typical princess wedding dress. I wanted long sleeves (it was a winter wedding in Wellington after all!) I looked for a long time, then I was on etsy.com and I found a little boutique shop in LA called Dreamers and Lovers, all their dresses were just gorgeous, then I found mine! I send them my measurements and about 6 weeks later received it! Looked even better in person than the photos!





As it was a winter wedding I was really against any pastel colours, we decided to go for deep colours that would still stand out, so red roses felt perfect to me. I met with our florist Jane, at Bud Florists in Silverstream, Upper Hutt and pretty much just told her what flowers I wanted, what look I was going for and she came up with the most amazing bouquets and head pieces. They were beyond my expectations, just beautiful.




My bridesmaids and myself stayed at the Museum hotel the night before the wedding so we woke up early, went and got breakfast & then it was time to start getting ready! I was surprisingly calm the whole time, then as soon as we arrived at Old St Pauls & I was waiting in the lobby I started to get really nervous. As soon as I walked out and saw Liam the nerves went away, it was perfect. I loved the ceremony so much I want to do it again!




We went and got our photos done at the Botanical Gardens in Wellington, it was quite funny walking up to the duck pond and everyone staring at us! When we arrived at the Boatshed everyone was waiting and cheered for us, it was just so amazing seeing everyone we love there just to support us. The food was just amazing, we went with Nosh Catering and the just went above and beyond – they were just awesome. I truly had an amazing night.
We decided to go with Lumiere Studios (a very new company) for the photography, not just because they are amazing, but I used to work with one of them, so it felt more personal to me. They did such an amazing job at capturing the right moments, making the colours pop and just bringing the photos to life. They are all gorgeous that I can’t even pick a favourite. I was truly blown away by them.





We went to Bali for our honeymoon, a week before the wedding they had stopped all planes flying there due to the volcanic ash, so we were starting to worry that we wouldn’t be able to get there – but we must have had luck on our side as we got there & back just fine with no disruptions. I had an amazing time. We did all the touristy things like went to the Bali Safari Park, rode Elephants and went to the Monkey Forest – but we also went and saw the locals in their villages and learnt what they did for a living, we saw wood carvers, ladies making beautiful sarongs & scarfs and people who just sit and paint all day it was just such an experience. It’s an amazing place and I would definitely go back.