This Bride Met her Husband at 4 Years Old

  • By Jen Hart
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Take a second and remember what you were like at 4 and 5 years old. It was a great day if you had playtime, yummy snacks, and finding your sleeping mat. For Amanda and Derek, they were starting their journey of finding their soulmates. These love birds went from playing sports together to then reconnecting after high school. It’s safe to say they had a strong foundation with a lifetime of friendship and memories. Amanda and Derek’s love story is one for the books, as was their recent wedding at the Condor’s Nest in California. Their wedding feature is full of inspiration for the boho bride-to-be. We especially love all the DIY details from the flowers to the cake. Amanda wears her Ophelia two-piece wedding dress. We feel she couldn’t have chosen a more perfect dress to match her personality. She looks incredible.

A-laid-back-yet-elegant-and-intimate-wedding-in-California-at-the-Condor's Nest-Ranch
Photo: Erin Wiese Photography

The Proposal

Amanda loves hot air balloons, and was on a work trip in las vegas, and was surprised with a hot air balloon ride with a few of her co-workers… when she should up to the ride, Derek popped out of the hot air balloon basket to go on the trip with her. He proposed mid-air on the journey.

Photo: Erin Wiese Photography

The Wedding Dress

Before being engaged, I came across Dreamers & Lovers on instagram and had my wedding dress picked out before marriage was even talked about, haha. I know what I like when I see it 😉

Photo: Erin Wiese Photography
Ophelia 2-Piece Bohemian Wedding Dress

The Vows

Yes, we wrote our vows, I think my favorite line would be me telling Derek, “you are not only the best person in my life, but you are the best person in everyone’s life around you.” HE IS SO LOVED!!!

The Must-Have Detail

I dreamed of having a rug aisle for the ceremony that we were able to rent from witty rentals.

Photo: Erin Wiese Photography
A-Bohemian-Wedding-with-vintage-rug-aisle-at the Condor's Nest Ranch
Photo: Erin Wiese Photography

Advice for Future Brides

Make it as simple as possible for yourself, and take all the help you can get! LOL

The Guests

There were 140 guests!

wedding one-man-band -at-bride-Amanda's-wedding-at-Condors-nest-Ranch
Photo: Erin Wiese Photography

The Wedding Cake

The bride’s mother made both cupcakes and wedding cake. The wedding cake was carrot with cream cheese frosting, all homemade so yummy 🙂

Photo: Erin Wiese Photography

Favorite Details

Everything was perfect! More than we could’ve imagined, it was so awesome to see it all come together, knowing how much love went into every detail. Our thank you gifts were hand-painted rocks that we all helped out with; this took months to get done!

Photo: Erin Wiese Photography

The Next Chapter

We are ready to enjoy life! 2 weeks after the wedding, Amanda and Derek put together a brand new salon for the bride and her three business partners, then traveled to Bali for three weeks!! We are excited to enjoy each other.

The Flowers

All of our flowers and arrangements were artificial and silk! Besides the greenery. The bride’s cousin put them all together!

Photo: Erin Wiese Photography
Photo: Erin Wiese Photography

Final Details

It was the best day of our lives, and we partied all night with our friends and family!!!!We wish we could relive this day over and over again.

Boho-Bride-Amanda-first-dance-at-condor's-nest ranch
Photo: Erin Wiese Photography

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