A Dreamy Bohemian California Ranch Wedding

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Megan + Scott’s Boho California Ranch Wedding 

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Some of our bride stories are all rose tinted from the start, a crush, a sweeping off the feet and then at last the big day…but some, like Megan’s story, start a little differently. In fact, Megan and Scott found each other somewhat annoying in high school, to say the least. Scott (in Megan’s words) displayed a pompous cool musician guy attitude that she simply didn’t care for and Megan well lets just say that a giggling troop of younger girls might not have been Scotts cup of tea.

Their mutual friend in high school, Garrett, knew their distaste for one another and took it upon himself to place them in tight quarters as often as he could muster. After graduating in 2009, Garrett took Megan to a small college church group where Scott played worship music. A small friendship group was formed, made up of community college kids left behind by those who’d ventured elsewhere to study.

Tight bonds were formed throughout the small circle, with the exception, of course, of Scott and Megan, they just didn’t see eye to eye. After more than a year of hanging out in this close knit group and a couple of really snug houseboat trips…things finally began to change. On one such houseboat trip in 2010 the would-be pair decided to settle their differences by floating out into the water for an extended talk. Three hours later, burned to prune status, they had finally started to develop an understanding of one another and that’s when their friendship began. Megan remembers being amazed at how loyal, honest and trustworthy Scott was, wondering why she hadn’t noticed it before.

Megan started dating one of the guys from the church group and not long after he left for the air force, he cheated on her

After a while, Megan started dating one of the guys from the church group and not long after he left for the air force, he cheated on her. It had only been a few months but Megan was devastated. Scott, having been through a really hard breakup a year before, didn’t give Megan a chance to be alone with her thoughts. He was there for her every day for weeks, until, at last, the friendship began to turn into something more. The first night they kissed was on the couch watching an endless stream of John Mayer in concert YouTube videos. Scott still insists on watching such things almost 5 years later: if you ask me, he seems to be a bit of a romantic.

Having talked about the importance of traveling and spending quality time together when they started dating, Scott and Megan began an annual Christmas tradition of driving up the coast together, using the money they’d otherwise have spent on gifts for each other on an adventure instead. It was during one such trip that Scott decided to pop the question. After a day’s wine tasting in Paso Robles, they were on their way back to Cambria when they stopped at a beautiful lookout point on route 46.

Scott had bought a nice camera along for this specific trip, with a tripod and everything…so, in hindsight, Megan should have known something was up. He’d used the camera all day at the winery and so Megan didn’t question him setting it up the minute they stopped at the outlook point. The next thing she knew he was down on one knee, after something about “and now for the grand finale…”. All that Megan could say was “are you kidding, is this real life, is this real life, are you serious?!”

Her Search for a Boho Wedding Dress Found the One

Megan knew from the get go that a boho dress was the only way for her. No fluffy, huge, expensive monstrosity for this free spirit. She started by doing the old Pinterest and Internet search but all the bohemian dresses seemed to be made in New York with price tags that weren’t exactly boho. Finally, Megan typed in the words ‘boho wedding dress Southern California’ and that’s when she first laid eyes on what Dreamers and Lovers had to offer. Seeing the Lisa dress, Megan’s heart was set and she was through the roof that the store was so close to home.

Showing up for her appointment at D&L Megan decided to try on a bunch of other dresses, saving lovely Lisa for last. When the moment finally came to step into Lisa, everyone with her, family and friends, were all in awe. There was just no doubt in anyone’s mind that this was the wedding dress for Megan. Megan say’s she’s ever grateful to Yanique for making her feel so beautiful on her special day.

So, planning a wedding for 160 guests was no mean feat for the couple and the biggest challenge they encountered was money, as is so often the case. They knew they wouldn’t be able to afford everything they wanted and set about narrowing down their list to only what they could afford.

the venue owners went above and beyond and built a 175-person deck under the oaks from scratch

The venue, Highland Oaks Ranch, naturally caught the attention of the couple when Megan fell in love with the exquisite oaks they had growing beyond the grass. The couple asked whether there was anyway they could have their ceremony beneath the trees and to their amazement the venue owners, Jim and Amber, agreed to build a deck especially for them. It was to be no mere platform for the couple to stand on as they took their vows; the venue owners went above and beyond and built a 175-person deck under the oaks from scratch! It was a dream come true for the both of them.

A friend’s mom did flowers; they were a vision all in fall colors. Greens, dark burgundy with hues of tangerine and white intermixed in the bouquet and centerpieces. The bridesmaids had green bouquets with flowing ribbons. The centerpiece flowers were in gold terrariums and the tables were long rows that were laced with more greenery.

Dessert time made history and is now referred to as no less than Cakemageddon, with the last of California’s great cake mobs being to blame for the whole fiasco. The ‘nothing bundt cakes’ were amazing, to say the least but due to some oversight, there weren’t enough of them. The couple never even got to cut their own cake, let alone eat it…the guests got to it first. All to be expected when you put a sign on the dessert table that reads ‘treat yo self.’ And so they did indeed. The bundtinies disappeared as if they were never there.

The couple’s vows consisted of three affirmations each that the pastor had enlisted them to write to each other as reasons why they loved each other. When it came time for the pastor to recite them, the couple was amazed by just how similar they were.

Scott is the one I choose to journey through life with in its greatest moments and hardest trials

Megan to Scott: One of my favorite qualities about Scott is his intentionality within his friendships. He constantly tends to his relationship not only with me, but with others as well. He is loyal in the sense that once you are in his life; you are in it for good. It doesn’t matter if you have been friends with him since childhood, met him in more recent years, have the same things in common, or see each other very often, he is always there if you need him. Scott is consistent, trustworthy, and compassionate. To me, he is the definition of a good friend, which leads me into the next thing I love (probably the most) about Scott; that he is my best friend. I feel so lucky (and cliché at the same time) to say that I am marrying my best friend, but the reality is that I am. As most of you know, he was my friend long before we started dating. We built our relationship on the foundation of friendship, and because of that I get to love him in different ways. He is my partner, my best friend, my true counterpart. The one I want to come home to every night and tell everything to. The one I want to tackle marriage and parenthood with. Scott is the one I choose to journey through life with in its greatest moments and hardest trials.

She is my comfort food, my calm in the storm, and my forever-best friend

Scott to Megan: Her friendship…there’s not a single moment in the past 5 years that I have questioned the strength of our friendship. She gets me, I get her, and it’s really as simple as that. She’s the person I tell everything to, the person I’m most excited to come home to, and the most of all, the only person I can’t imagine living my life without. She is my comfort food, my calm in the storm, and my forever-best friend.

The pastor talked about the book of Genesis, when God created Adam and Eve:

“Because It was in the quiet beauty of the Garden of Eden that God made man in His image. But the Bible tells us that God saw that it was not good for man to be alone. So with loving care he removed the bone from Adams side from which to fashion Eve. And God Brought Eve to Adam. Thus, the scripture suggests that God specifically made Eve for Adam, and Adam for Eve. Scott & Megan, You have both affirmed that you believe you were purposed to share life together. As an acknowledgment that you do receive one another as God’s gift, please join hands. Scott, it is important for a husband to learn something about receiving his wife by observing the manner in Which God created Eve. God did not use Bone from Adams foot to suggest that he should Rule over the wife. Nor did He take a bone from his head suggest the Eve should Rule over the husband. In choosing to use Adams rib it is suggested that Eve was created to share life at Adam’s side, close to his heart…. to live life together, side by side….”

One of Megan’s favorite aspects of the wedding was the paper goods, save the dates, bridal shower and wedding invites. They were truly unique and it was all thanks to Megan’s friend and wedding coordinator Tianna, who was an absolute dream to work with and made everything, come to life. Every aspect of the creative process was a success with Tianna’s help and Megan highly recommends Tianna Friend Creative for any wedding planning tat needs doing in the Southern California area.

The one piece of advice Megan offers for brides to be is this: Slow down and enjoy the engagement, being engaged and planning a wedding is fun. Don’t stress yourself out too much or you’ll miss the beauty of this special time.

What’s on the cards for this beautiful boho couple? Megan just got accepted into UCI’s masters of teaching and credential program and she’ll be starting this summer. Scott is a musician and is working on songs for release and the couple has a long list of places they plan to travel to in the next few years. They want to spend their twenties traveling and enjoying their time together and after that, maybe kids!

We wish this couple of lovers and best friends all the adventure they could hope for and many, many years of laughter, fun and family to come. Bless!

Dress Featured: Dreamers & Lovers Lisa Backless Bohemian Wedding Dress

Venue: Highland Oaks Ranch in Murietta, CA

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