A Fab Bohemian Bride + Non-Traditional Wedding Vows

  • By Jen Hart
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Our bohemian bride, Tara, marry the love of her life, Jimmy at the Malibu Phoenix, here in California. She is a stunning bride, and looks beautiful wearing our Adelaide gown in white.  Tara opted to add long fitted sleeves to her gown, an option available to all of our brides-to-be. We also like the look of the veil with the Adelaide gown; it is a great addition for the ceremony. For non-traditional brides, many opt out of wearing a veil, but we do like the idea of adding a veil to a nontraditional wedding dress, as it lends just a small dose of ‘tradition’ to the look and to the day. Our Cindy veil available in our online shop is a stunning choice, as it is soft and drapes well, with the same scallop trim used on the gown, and available in two lengths.

We also decided to add wedding vows to this post, as next to wedding dresses, our next favorite thing about the day is the vows. Vows articulate so well what marriage means, and personalizes that meaning to the specific couple. We love the vows we have incorporated here, and would be a great inspiration for our more laid-back bohemian brides.






I vow to love you
To be your partner in all things
To build a home with you and fill it with family
To support you in your goals
To be your biggest fan
To stand up for you
To take deep breaths and be kind
To be there when you laugh, and when you cry
To be present
To share with you
To let you help me
To wake you every morning
To kiss you every night
To appreciate you, always
To choose you every day
To never give up
To never ever give up
To work every day, to be the man you deserve
To work every day, to be the woman you deserve




Until I met you, marriage -type love was an abstract thing that I only read about in poems, heard sung in romantic love songs, or read about in books. But when I met you I knew for the first time what it was to experience this type of love within my heart. You have made me a believer in the real thing, in the promise of a love that will last a lifetime. There is nothing more important to me in my life than your love. I value, it above money, power, or position. I rejoice in our love, and I promise to walk by your side with a constancy that only comes from unreserved commitment, and it is this commitment I make to you now as I take you as my husband/wife, from this day forward and so long as we both shall live.


Photos by Anna Delores Photography. You can see more of her work at http://www.annadelores.com/