A Modern Boho Wedding for An Adventurous Couple

  • By Jen Hart
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Modern boho weddings are the perfect blend of neutrals and earth tones. Jessica and John’s Midwestern background was keenly matched to this modern bohemian wedding in California.


Jessica is a boho bride who values simplicity. Whether it’s a first date at a taco shop or dreaming of a lifetime relaxing on the patio with her husband, simple and meaningful is more important to her than extravagant and impersonal. That’s why the artsy, laid-back vibe suited her perfectly.

Jessica and John met through the family, but the story has an unexpected twist. 


“My brother and his sister are married, so it’s a funny and unlikely love story!”




Take the Leap or Lose the Chance

Jessica and John’s first date was “modest. It was at our favorite local taco place in our hometown. Both of us had never left the Midwest, and we were starry-eyed romantics. I remember so many thoughts racing through my mind, and I can only assume the same was true for my thoughtful partner.”

But soon after, the couple was faced with a big decision. 

“He was given the opportunity to move to sunny California from our home state of Michigan. We had just started seeing each other, which was a huge step to consider. It was either take the leap or lose the chance. So I took the messy chance to chase a feeling. I have never been happier about a crazy decision in my life.”


The Proposal

So Jessica chose to move to California! They enjoyed their lives together as boyfriend and girlfriend until they took a memorable trip back home to Michigan.

“John and I were in Michigan for a dear friend’s wedding. We had so much fun celebrating a beautiful relationship. The next morning we woke up, and John had a look in his eye. He said, ‘let’s go for a drive before we head back to my parents’.” 

“So we drove by the lake coast and were making our way to a beach, but we stopped somewhere different along the way. We stopped near a church, where we found a small pond with a floating dock surrounded by geese, ducks, and dragonflies. 

We walked out on it, and just as I turned around to say something to him, he was on his knee. I thought he was joking, but as he started to talk, I realized this was the real deal, and I burst out, “yes.” I don’t know exactly what was said, but we stood there for a while and enjoyed the warmth of a June day in Michigan.”


Finding her Dream Modern Boho Wedding Dress

This boho bride knew she wanted a long-sleeved boho wedding dress, so Dreamers & Lovers was the perfect option for her! Her boho lace dreams are completed by her perfect-fit bohemian dress.

“Like many brides, I looked online at different designers, and I wasn’t sure where to begin. I found an adorable boutique right out my back door, and I felt drawn to make an appointment. I knew as soon as I heard handmade right here in LA that I had found the right place for me. I am all about sustainable fashion and supporting true creatives. 

I tried on a couple of dresses and loved all of them; the delicate lace and long-sleeved designs were just what I had in mind. When I finally put the dress on I had been eyeing online, all my dreams came true, and the rest is history.”


Sentimental Treasures

But the outfit didn’t stop there. Jessica had another special element to wrap up her bohemian style. 

“I wore a piece of jewelry from each of my parent’s mothers, neither of which could join us for the big day, but I needed them there in spirit. I wore a turquoise ring that my grandmother wore every day of her life that I can remember. My grandma passed away shortly after our wedding day, and having a piece of her there that day only became more special looking back. She was a pioneer of women in science and math. 

My mom’s mother gave me her favorite earrings that dazzled in all the pictures. She is a firecracker- filled with life and inspires me daily to do extraordinary things.”

Future Advice to Brides

“Figure out what is most important to you about your special day and make that happen. Don’t get too hung up on traditions. Ultimately, as long as you find the one you are meant to be with, everything else will fall into place. You are genuinely one of the lucky ones in life.”


The Adventure Awaits

After this special wedding, we wondered what was next for this couple. Jessica said, “We are taking off in our new van as a couple and living a nomadic life for a while. We look forward to indulging in the here and now of life on the road. We can’t wait to learn from an alternative lifestyle and see the beauties around us.”

John and Jessica’s personalities came through in this wedding, capturing their unique pairing. A modern boho wedding is great for a free-spirited couple looking to have some elements of tradition at their wedding while still being unique. Congratulations, Jessica and John, on a beautiful boho wedding!


Photography: @codyandallisonphoto

Florist: @magiedefleur

Venue: Morten Botanical Gardens

Reception: Omni Rancho Las Palmas 

Hair & Makeup: @manelovebeauty

Dress: Violetta Lace Wedding Dress