Laura and Ryan’s Countryside Wedding

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Looking at wedding pics of these two lovebirds’ day, I’m reminded of just why it is that we love boho. A. Ryan and Laura met while attending a Sign Language Interpreting Program at college in North Carolina. Ryan was a few years ahead of her and, as fate would have it, he ended up grading her video projects. Finally, a program event put them in the same place at the same time and while they locked eyes for a rather extended moment, they didn’t share a word. The wheel, however, was a-turning and a year later, they went out on their first date. They were absolutely inseparable from that date onward and because of that, they mark that day every year as their true anniversary.

Laura was taken totally by surprise as she turned to find Ryan down on one knee

Sharing a great love for the outdoors, the couple packed up one day and headed off into the mountains for a quiet weekend away. En-route to the cabin they decided they had time to do a little impromptu exploration of Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Admiring the pristine view from Clingman’s Dome, they decided to walk along a small portion of the Appalachian Trail…a trail they plan to return to one day to experience the full length of it. When, at one point, the couple decided to stop for a photo op…Laura was taken totally by surprise as she turned to find Ryan down on one knee. And that, of course, was that.


Now, Laura is what you’d have to call ‘extremely picky’ when it comes to dresses. Her prom dress had to be specially made for her and as you’d expect, having the perfect wedding dress was even more of a big deal…Laura knew it would be a challenge. Which is why it was such a pleasure for her when she typed ‘boho wedding dress’ into the search panel and bam! up popped Dreamers and Lovers. Laura fell instantly in love and knew she’d be ordering her dress from the D&L site. Trying dresses on at home turned out to be a really fun experience and she was impressed by how simple it was to add little details, like sleeves, to her gown with D&L.


Laura, when asked about her favorite vendor, actually assured us that it was, in fact, Dreamers and Lovers because EVERYONE at the wedding had something to say about how gorgeous she looked and how unique the dress was. Not just that, she was utterly comfortable throughout the day and when it came to take the dress off at the end of the night, she didn’t even want to. She also praised her photographers, Connection Photography, for making the beauty of that dress and that perfect day shine through so truly.


So, the event was planned for 90 guests but in fact, there were 92…two special friends were not about to be left out of their humans’ special day. Jobey, a black miniature labradoodle, was Best Dog and Breck, a boxer/hound mix, was Dog of Honor! They looked scrumptious and adorable and can be seen in most of the pics right there, by their owners’ sides.


I promise I will try to leave the light on for you when you’re coming home late from work

The couple’s vows were self written, Laura recalled her favorite line from Ryan’s vows: “I promise I will try to leave the light on for you when you’re coming home late from work.” She said that it might not seem like much but it’s those small things that really mean the most. The reading was something both fun and beautiful:

An Awesome Book of Love:

If I was a dinosaur and you were a jet

There’s a good chance that we’d have never met.

If I was a river and you were the sky

If I was down low and you were up high

Or if I was an apple and you were a Sunday

If you were a Wednesday and I was a Monday

If you were spring seasons and I was the fall

We might never have gotten together at all


But we aren’t all of those things

You’re you and I’m me

And we’re together as together can be

And you know I’m aglow with a smile on my face

When I wonder what magic you’ll make of this place
Of this town, of this world,

You’ll transform your surroundings

That sprit inside you is truly astounding


And when I’m beside you

I’m leaping and bounding

So proud I can hardly contain my heart pounding


I love you

I love you in so many ways

Over thousands of years

Over billions of days…


The wedding cake was the most delicious Naked Vegan Cake they could ever have imagined…the top and bottom layer were chocolate with raspberry icing and the middle layer was vanilla with blueberry icing…yuuuurm!!!


Laura’s advice to future brides is simple and concise…don’t stress, the only thing that’s important is that you’re surrounded by wonderful people to celebrate an even more wonderful moment with your best friend.

And as for what’s next on the cards for this beautifully boho couple…enjoying each moment they have together, every day…for the rest of their lives and more! Much love, you two and may your lives be filled with wholesome goodness, just the right balance of adventure and all the cuddles you can cope with!




Photographer: Connection Photography

Wedding Dress: Modified Catherine Dress : Front Slit Added + Long Sleeves