Claire & Rob’s Love Story

  • By Jen Hart
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Claire and Rob’s French Connection: Claire wearing the Lisa backless long sleeved lace wedding dress, lined in nude colored silk.

Judging by wedding pics of this ultra-laid-back pair, chilling in a row-boat somewhere in the South of France, dressed to the boho nines…Ray-Bans and all: I can tell they’re a magical couple and clearly two of a kind, which is just as it should be, relishing every moment of each other’s company.


Claire and Rob met for the first time under the clock at Waterloo Station in London…sparks flew (and not from faulty clockworks!) and the seriously gorgeous young couple were soon madly in love. In fact, their romance was such a vibrant one that neither of them can remember how talk of marriage came about, it was just something that they knew they wanted to do: them being crazy-in-love and all.

So it happened that they started searching the world for a wedding venue and when they finally came across the Chateau in France, a beautifully moody and wildly romantic choice, they knew they were set. All that remained to be done was to choose the exact spot to hold the ceremony…a perfect opportunity for Rob to get down on one knee and unique because not a lot of people can say that they got engaged and married on the exact same spot! Claire actually wasn’t expecting a formal proposal so she was floored when Rob presented her with her forever jewel, an unforgettable experience.

Claire knew that the ‘normal’ dress shopping route of trying on everything in stores just to select the best of the bad was most certainly not for her

Claire knew that finding the dress she saw in her mind’s eye was going to be something of a problem. When she had dress hunted with her sister a few months before she’d found most bridal outlets in London to be either over-the-top expensive or just run-of-the-mill blah! Claire knew that the ‘normal’ dress shopping route of trying on everything in stores just to select the best of the bad was most certainly not for her. Claire’s friend happened to be a designer so she kept the option open of perhaps sourcing something better from China: that was when she came across Dreamers and Lovers online, T-G!

Claire ended up looking like a vision, straight out of an epic French romance novel in her laid-back, vintage-chic boho gown. She looks absolutely exquisite in the pics…and Rob was right alongside her on the bohemian style scale!



Well, getting married abroad was the first hurdle to overcome, what with the language barrier and all but the venue (and the love, of course) made up for any stress that went into planning. An intimate celebration with 60 close friends and family in one of the most breathtakingly romantic spots imaginable, who could possibly complain!

The couple rented the Chateau for the entire weekend and all their friends and family stayed there with them for the weekend, so it was personal, peaceful and long enough to really savor. The couple tied the knot under the exact same tree where rob proposed and they actually mentioned it in the self-written part of their vows: “Under this tree where Rob officially proposed to Claire. This spot represents beauty and fruitfulness. The garden is a sanctuary not just today but always. Today it is our chapel…”


Looking at pics of the beautiful pair dancing in the candlelight as the aged facade of the Chateau is lit up by rose tinted light in the background, I can just imagine the heady scent of roses, gypsophila and jasmine infusing the warm evening air and I can believe it when Claire says that every little detail worked out utterly perfect. Even the cake was ultra-French: delicious cheesecake (real cheese) to be exact, yum!

Now, considering the fact that Claire had to plan a wedding abroad, brides would do well to heed some advice from this gorgeous example of the quintessential boho bride: Relax, for goodness sake and don’t stress. It’s going to be the best day of your life so chill about the organizing and just enjoy it! Go with your gut feeling on all your ideas and then the outcome is bound to feel a whole lot more personal.


We’re delighted to hear that the couple is loving their time together as always and enjoying the holidays and free time they’re lucky enough to have at the moment. We wish them decades of good fortune and may their lifetime together be filled with the bountiful joys of travel, family and romance.