Austin & Shannon Rustic Texas Wedding

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We absolutely love everything about bride Shannon and her groom Austin, wedding photos. The photos have an organic, wild, rustic and romantic feel to them, and captured in Texas where the couple recently wed.

Shannon wears our Catherine dress, with added custom long sleeves.


Shannon is so lovely and took the time to give us an in-depth look at the planning stage, and the magic of their wedding day. We are such a sucker for love stories, and this one does not disappoint. She said yes over a fire and s’mores….yup, we love it!! Read on:

How her and hubby (Austin) met:

My Husband, Austin, and I were introduced to each other by a mutual college friend in the beginning of summer 2013. We became friends and spent the summer days getting coffee, and getting to know each other. In late December we started to see each other more often. This included more coffee dates, and even Austin ice skating with my family. Sparks flew whenever Nacogdoches, TX got a miracle amount of snow, and we spent the evening geocaching in the park. He asked me to be his girlfriend on February 8, 2014 over a perfect fire and s’mores, on a chilly evening by the lake.

Her Wedding Style & The Type of Bride she was:

I was a bohemian-woodland bride. We both really enjoy nature. He has a forestry degree, and loves trees. I have a bohemian style, and am into a natural aesthetic. Our wedding was a mixture of these styles. I had a lot of neutral colors and the flowers were the pop of color.

How she decided on the dress:

This is probably one of my favorites parts of the wedding planning process. It all started with the search for the perfect dress to fit my style. I knew from the start that I would have a hard time trying to find what I wanted in stores. The pressure was on from family to go shopping. In my search for the dress, my sister found dreamers and lovers and sent me the website. The first time I looked through the dresses, I saw the Catherine dress and was immediately in love. I knew it was the one and I eyed it for months! I finally ordered the sample, and just as I expected it was indeed the one. Up until the wedding, I would pull it out and try it on weekly. It was so unique and beautifully made.

Her Bridesmaids:

I knew I wanted my bridesmaids to pick their dresses from the start. I wanted their dresses to accentuate their figures. Everyone is shaped so differently, and I just wanted them to be comfortable. The color scheme that I picked for their dresses were neutrals of cream, white, brown and light brown. I think that it looked so beautiful! My mini bridesmaids (flower girls) wore white dresses and brown moccasins.


The one thing she would not compromise on:

One thing I was not wiling to compromise on were the wooden tables and beeswax candles at my reception. So many people tried to talk me out of paying the extra price for them. I was not willing to budge. They looked gorgeous at the reception and perfectly captured the look that I was going for.

The traditions she left out:

I was an untraditional bride. I wanted our wedding to capture our personalities and style. I stayed away from traditional wedding music. We made a Spotify wedding playlist of songs that were much more fun, and our guests loved it! Vampire weekend and the Lumineers were much more fun to dance to than the Cha Cha slide.

Advice for brides to be just starting out:

Try to stay as organized as possible. Lists are your friend. Budget. Try to keep your stress levels low. I took yoga classes through out the planning process,and it was so wonderful! I highly recommend it.

Best memory of the day:

The best memory of the day was seeing our guests drinking coffee, eating Chipotle, and having a great time.


Main inspiration:

Pinerest helped a lot to inspire the look that I wanted. I would pin things that inspired me which helped the ideas in my head come to life.






Photographer- Allix Ruby Photography –
Cakes and Flowers- Whole Foods, The Woodlands
Venue- Raven Lodge, Huntsville State Park
Catering- Chipotle